9 Commune life

Kitty flipping

by LydiaSalia

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Doug Crawford is my husband today. He started as a cocky male trying to get in my pants. He seduced me then I seduced him. Our strange courtship is chronicled in Beware of Wallflowers . He became my thrall. I eventually released him from servitude and he became my husband. He always wanted to start a commune, so he did. The Bohemian lifestyle. Not really my idea of fun, but I'm willing to try new things. Then Doug saw an opportunity to escape my control. The bull escaped it's pen. What do bulls like to do? Inseminate. What was I and Julie and the other girls in the commune? Cows.

This story contains scenes of explicit sexuality. It is not intended for viewing by minors. If you have not reached the age of majority in your area then please do not proceed.

All characters and situations depicted in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright @ 2021 Lydia Salia

Kitty flipping

By Lydia Salia Crawford

January 26

These are my journal entries transformed into a story with Doug’s oversight and approval.

My little experiment of hooking up with Julie was delayed because of a little stroke I had from COVID. No big deal… Yeah, right. Fortunately, it was mild, and I have recovered almost completely. I can speak almost normally. It is harder for me to always find the right (the best) words to use when I write my stories. Google helps with that; it just takes longer. Doug helped me find the right words for parts of this story. I am slowly regaining my vocabulary, but I still have my creative spark to tell good stories. This paragraph is 100% me, no help from Doug. My right hand is taking a bit longer to come back.

Doug wants me to keep a journal of my progress with therapy and my life in the commune we started. He said this would make a good short story all by itself. Julie is coming back for a few days of snowmobiling, hiking and cross-country skiing. The fresh air and exercise will do us both good.  I already record everything of consequence, so why not just write a little more stylistically and call it a day? Writing has become my new speech therapy.

As everyone should know by now, Julie and I are both hypnotists. We started a game of hypno-pranks on each other in early December that spiraled out of control and we are now in the process of doing damage control. Her goal in our little game of 'mental masturbation' was noble. Mine, not so much. Julie had hypnotized me to send revealing photos of myself masturbating to teach me a lesson - this was the same thing I was doing to my many thralls on EMCSA. She was trying to make a point. I was forcing my thralls to humble themselves before me in order to firmly establish my dominance in their minds. She probably did not expect, or did not think, I would do the same to her. I am very good at manipulating the subconscious of my subjects in trance (well, I used to be anyway). I sometimes scare myself at what I can make people do. Soon I had her unknowingly emailing nude pictures of herself masturbating. Tit for tat... The negative hallucination command makes this possible. It’s a real thing. Google it.

We quickly realized this was a no-win situation and agreed to stop it. We removed all hypnotic triggers from one another. Before this game played out, I could not risk Julie contacting me, possibly trancing me. I blocked her, but I missed talking to my friend. Normally I would call Julie when I was having a bad day. She would always listen to me patiently. And I was her shoulder to cry on when she needed someone. We love one another. Not in a sexual way. Well, maybe a little sexual. But Julie has gently spurned me in the past when I probed her for similar feelings. Julie did, however, admit she found the love scene between us in Trafficked to be very hot.

Very hot? Good to know. That is my hook into her subconscious. She does have sexual attraction to me, but her puritan upbringing blocks her from enjoying or expressing these feelings. I love Julie like a sister (or lover). I want her to be happy. I have finally reconciled with myself that I am bisexual.

I invited Julie back to Colorado to do some hiking and snowmobiling and maybe try some shrooms. She was just here, helping me after my stroke only 4 weeks ago. Now it was my turn to make her stay enjoyable. She has mentioned in the past she would like to try a hallucinogen in 'controlled circumstances' - her words, not mine. She sounds really excited. Both of her recent visits were to help me with my health issues. Now its time to return the favor and offer her a fantastic experience.

I suggested when she came back, the three of us would get some fresh mountain air and exercise. My plan is to sneak a little covert induction in at some point and convince her that 'she wants' me to make love to her. Trust me, she will like it. I know she will even if she is not so sure. I am just not sure how I will do this. She has erected rather good defenses. I did discover a problem – my problem. I have a sleep trigger planted in Julie’s subconscious. Except while writing this entry when I 'thought' of using the sleep trigger on her I went temporarily blank. She has placed a block in me to prevent me from using the sleep trigger on her. Clever girl. She is a much better hypnotist than she allows herself. I have to remove this block if I hope to hypnotize her. Who has the skills to remove the block? Maybe someone on EMCSA, although most everyone I text with would probably compel me to do something lude while hypnotized. What is she up to? And the answer popped into my head. Julie must be protecting me from myself. You see, I'm part saint, part succubus. I need to rid myself of my demons. I'm working on it. Medication helps. And I suppose the stroke might have been God’s way of telling me to shut it the fuck down. I’ve also discovered, much to my chagrin, that my sleep trigger is not working on Doug. Same thing happens. I think to trigger him and I forget what I was doing. It is very disconcerting.

So if I can't hypnotize her or Doug what is a girl to do? The solution escapes me at this moment, but I'm anything if not clever. I will figure something out.

January 27

Julie left her house at 2 am this morning. She should arrive by midafternoon. It's a 14 hour drive with stops. Doug went into town to stock up on my favorite party drugs. He added Alien Dream and Opium (weed) to my stock of medicinal botanicals. I have enough Molly and Vitamin K. Then he stopped at Trader Joe's to get ingredients for the various recipes I have planned.

Julie arrived at 3:35. She made good time. I gave her a long hug. I put out crisp corn chips and a crockpot with a three-cheese beer dip of sharp cheddar, gruyere, and mozzarella. She was ravished and dove in. I pulled out a bottle of chardonnay and we sat down next to the fire. We laughed about the antics we got into with our hypno-pranks.

A real life contest of hypno-pranks to see who was the better hypnotist ended in a draw of sorts. I conceded defeat in the hypno-war, but Julie volunteered that I was the better hypnotist. It turns out that I am way the better subject, so taking control of me was easy for her to accomplish. I guess I should be happy. I’m the best at two things. Best hypnotist and the best hypnotic subject.

Back to our game. I thought I had prevailed in our little contest. I figured out how to install a renewing trigger (each morning) in her subconscious that caused her to send nude photos of herself. The negative hallucination was also reinstalled so she would remain oblivious to what she was doing. Then she knocked me for a loop with a sneaky little waking trance hidden in an email. What I failed to recognize (more accurately, acknowledge), and what Julie now likes to point out to everyone is there is a fatal flaw in my strategy to dominate her mind. I go extremely deep when someone succeeds in hypnotizing me. Not that I can be hypnotized very easily if I set my mind not to be. Julie once said to me, "When you go deep you become a Stepford wife. Your brain chemistry is different from the rest of the human species." Then she added, "Are you sure you're human?" 

Thank you, Julie, “No Julie, I’m a lizard person from the planet Xanadu”

But Julie throws out the compliments too. I think she is trying to boost my self-esteem. She says I’m smartest person she has ever known. Maybe not anymore since I had the stroke. Anyway, she says only someone of my caliber could make her do the things I have made her do under hypnosis.  The thing is, neither of us is mad at the other. It was all good fun. Although, thinking back on this, we both should be furious at the other. Our pictures are now on the internet forever. The suggestions in our hypno-prank war really were over the top. It was nice that we both had a 'chill' trigger in place. Still, making me send pictures of myself masturbating? Punishment is due. I decided I would have to kill Julie. And I did. Killed her in a story. Not for real!

So back to play time. I pulled out my bong and let Julie pick from my assortment of goodies. She selected Blue Dream. It's an old favorite. I looked over at my friend. She was laughing at some joke Doug had made. She was giddy and she hadn't even taken a hit yet. I think she has a little crush on my husband.

I passed Julie the bong. I think one of the reasons Julie likes to visit is to partake in some good Ganja. I'm not a big pothead, but Julie seems to like it. I don't believe she has access to legal weed in Texas. We each took a drag of Blue Dream. Julie is very susceptible to this. Maybe this was my lead in to trance. I started talking to her about taking a deep breath and relaxing for me. She held her hand up to my face and laughed at me. "A hit on the bong isn't going to be enough to hypnotize me Lydia". I felt kind of stupid.

We took another drag each and we had to eat something. I had this little meatball plate that was suddenly the most incredible, amazing thing I had ever eaten. Doug joined us in the kitchen. Again, I noticed how Julie looks at him. I'm pretty sure she is infatuated with my husband, at least on a subconscious level. That little bitch, I smiled.  Perhaps I can use Doug as leverage to get her to lower her guard. I think Doug would be ok with that. The last time I hypnotized Julie I rewarded her with sex. Specifically, sex with my husband Doug. She had a lot of guilt over that so I turned it into a dream for her. Even now she will argue with me. "I would never do something like that for real. It was just a dream Lydia! Don’t pretend otherwise. You're a good hypnotist, but not that good." I am that good of a hypnotist. Julie still doesn’t ‘remember’ all the little things I have made her do under hypnosis… Although she did discover a previously unpublished story on my computer named ‘Swinging isn’t Just for Swingers’. I hypnotized her to get freaky then, but that was at least 6 years ago. She says she has forgiven me. And I have forgiven myself. I had a come to Jesus moment after my stroke, so I am trying to be a better person. Temptation though likes to fuck with me whenever it gets the chance. Somedays that seems every waking moment.

Blue Dream is making me sleepy. I think we are all ready for bed.

January 28

Doug decided I could handle cross country skiing, so that is what we did. I did ok, but Julie didn't make it one mile before she was complaining. I guess she was using muscles that she wasn't used to using. We decided to go back to the house and get in the hot tub. Doug offered to massage Julie's sore thigh muscles. I watched her face light up. Am I jealous? What is wrong with me? I want Julie as much as she wants Doug. Doug is good at everything he touches, and that includes massage. Julie let out some audible moans as he rubbed her inner thighs. I think he was purposely toying with her. She will never admit it though and he did steer clear of her sex. I made sure of that.

After Julie’s massage, husband selected a bottle of pinot noir and we laid back, luxuriating in the spa jets. Afterwards another movie, some Ganja and we went to bed early.

January 29

I was up first and started the coffee. Doug wandered in next and poured himself a cup of Joe but handed it to Julie as she came into the breakfast room. He is so considerate. He didn't used to be. That is the good side of hypnotic control. Doug is my husband, but he is also my thrall. He knows it and I know it. But I do need to figure out what is wrong with my sleep trigger in him.

For breakfast, I cranked out crisp, hot waffles from my waffle iron. I already had a plate of hickory smoked bacon ready. Maple syrup and fresh fruit completed the medley. I just about had an oral orgasm eating my bacon and waffle. They were so good.

Doug loaded up the snowmobiles and we headed for Grand Lake. The trails are easy to access and the views are incredible. It's perfect for Julie's first time. Doug decided it was best if I road with him until he was sure I would be safe on my own. We had great fun and Julie got lots of pictures. Julie did take a tumble when taking a turn too fast, but the only thing harmed was her ego. Lunch was at Sagebrush BBQ. All and all a good day.

We had a quiet evening and watched a movie about the end of the world, ‘Greenland’, on Amazon. It was pretty good.

January 30

I informed Julie that the weather today was forecast to take a turn for the worse. It wasn’t, but she wouldn’t know that. This was to be an indoor playtime day. What to do, what to do? I knew what to do.

Lying in bed last night I had time to ponder ways I might breach Julie's defenses. And I developed a plan. For today's fun I was going to dip into my stash of assorted hallucinogens and see if I had the ingredients, I needed for a little concoction that was, well, mind blowing. I needed to alter Julie's mind to make her susceptible to trance. I didn’t have any shrooms left, but I had Ketamine and X. Showtime!

My plan was to partake in a little kitty flipping with Julie. Doug thought that would be ok and he agreed to be the referee. If he wanted to join us, I didn't think Julie would mind. Julie had asked before what it was like to take shrooms. I would introduce her to something even better.

Kitty flipping is mixing ketamine with MDMA

I taught Doug how to hypnotize people last year. With his indomitable confidence, he is a natural at it. Earlier in our marriage, I had it in my mind to try a little role reversal in our marriage to liven up our sex life. I let Doug hypnotize me. I would be submissive, and he would be dominant. I had safeguards in place and a good thing I did. Doug got a little greedy. He liked being in charge. I expanded on those safeguards and blocks in him so that he did not try to turn me into his little bitch.... again. After my stroke I had to relinquish some control. Julie saw to it that my sleep trigger no longer worked. That effectively neutered me. I couldn’t use it on Doug or Julie, but I wouldn’t need to once we started flipping kitty. Julie, under the influence of Molly, would not be expecting Doug to hypnotize her. She could stop me, but I suspected Doug would be able to surprise her with a covert induction. She did not know that he was a great hypnotist in his own right.

Julie has a wild side. That is probably why we get along so well. But she is clearly more straight than bi. I decided to start us both on a low dose of X. Doug will give us our vitamin K about 30 minutes later and have us both begin a deep breathing, relaxation exercise. We are well hydrated so Doug can hypnotize us both safely.

Molly is hard to describe to the nonuser. You love everyone. And if you're like me, you want to make love to everyone. It was a remarkable drug. K took that feeling and made it multidimensional. I was certain Julie would have no chance to resist Doug.

I looked over at her. She was smiling, her eyes closed. My evil plan might just work.

"Girls", Doug interrupted our reverie. "Place this under your tongue." I took the K and closed my eyes. I reached over and grabbed Julie's hand in mine. She looked over at me and said, "I love you, you know." That brought a smile to me.

I think the Molly is working. Doug began with a gentle relaxation induction. He encouraged us both to take deep breaths. "Deep breaths are just as important as hydration." he intoned. "I want to make sure you do not go too deep with the kitty flip. I will be instructing you both to take deep breaths at regular intervals to oxygenate your blood."

At Doug’s direction, I’m chronicling everything that happened next, that I remember. It was hot. It makes me hot all over again writing about it.

The last thing I remembered was taking a deep breath. Then I was opening my eyes. I was lying on the bed naked. Julie was naked as well. I had no idea when this had happened. And Doug was naked. Party time!

I was awake, but not necessarily alert. Reality seemed to twist and distort in slow motion. Julie was holding her hand in front of her, staring at it intently. "Wow. Do you see that?" she asked. I suppressed a laugh.

“What does it look like?” I asked.

Julie cooed, “My hand looks like it’s in a mirage. Like its shimmering. So cool!”

Uh, oh. Maybe a little too much ‘K’ I thought to myself.

Doug interrupted my daydream, commanding me. "Lydia, I want you to orally satisfy Julie. Do it now."

I describe our sexcapades in great detail. It gets me off. Enjoy.

One moment I was lying on the bed, next I was inches from Julie's snatch with no memory of how I got there. Time does strange things when you are on K. Her aroma was hypnotic... or was that the K? Time had fast forwarded 30 seconds and I became aware that I was munching between her legs. I was kissing and licking near her slit, then gently teasing her clit with my lips. I licked her labia taking care not to enter her sex. She raised her hips to meet me. I judged she was ready and dipped my tongue into her cavern. I was met with a delicious elixir. She was dripping wet. She was gyrating her hips now, trying to get more of my tongue where it mattered. She was close to orgasm. I quickened my pace, began inserting my tongue into her pussy as far as it would go. My face was covered in her juices. She let out a squeal and started cumming hard. Then she nearly suffocated me holding my mouth against her cave.

Doug instructed Julie to release me. Then he told her to pleasure me. There was no hesitation. She turned over onto her stomach and pushed me onto my back. She parted my legs and inserted her fingers into my pussy. I imagined a penis teasing me. That was probably the K again. Julie was licking me expertly. When did she become an expert at this? And then I felt her mouth being bumped against my pussy repeatedly, rhythmically in a slow, steady manner. Doug had mounted her from behind and was slowly pumping her into me. She was overcome with the pleasure. She stopped pleasuring me, contorted her head to the side and started moaning loudly, too distracted to keep her focus on me. I notice that just before Julie cums, she fully rotates her head to the side. I suspect this is an involuntary response whether in trance or not.

Educational moment. I have a theory. Hypnotized people, when sexually stimulated, often act like a non-hypnotized person having sex. I believe this is either akin to a waking trance or when someone is in the ‘throes of sex’, it is, in itself, a form of trance. I’ve previously described how an orgasm will often bring people out of trance.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Julie had ‘cum’ out of trance but was too aroused to stop herself. She looked sideways at me right after cumming, briefly locking eyes, which suggests to me that she might have dropped out of trance.  Whatever Julie was, she was certainly very aroused. She was enjoying Doug's penis immensely. Julie had agreed to try kitty flipping with me. And now she was getting her kitty flipped - literally. I was glad for her that she was getting off. If she enjoyed it this much, it seemed to me, it was consensual, and no moral boundary had been crossed.

Something was different for me though. I most definitely was in a waking trance. I felt compelled to obey Doug. He told me to get ready. Ready for what? Doug was grinding himself against Julie and she was loving it. It was so erotic, watching the two of them. He started groaning loudly and then planted himself firmly in Julie's pussy. He was holding her hips tightly against him so that she could not pull away. As he started to orgasm, he pulled out about halfway. I watched in fascination as his penis pumped out the sperm. I could see his sac contracting and imagined a fluid wave traveling through the shaft of his penis and being deposited into Julie's pussy. He was pumping her full of sperm. When he was done ejaculating, he told me "Lydia, your job is to collect all my sperm. Do not let any of it leak out. You are to drink it all down. It will be the most delicious thing you have ever tasted."

I remember I was so eager to drink his sperm. I got on my back and scooted the best I could into position.

"Julie, I am going to pull out and you will tilt your vagina to let Lydia drink my sperm. Do you understand?"

"Yes master."

Oh Lord. Doug has decided to play the master-slave name game with Julie. She was still in a waking trance… like me, I decided. Or she was responding to a post hypnotic command.

Doug pulled out slowly. Milk white sperm followed in abundance. Most of it dripped into my mouth and I swallowed. Imagine the best milkshake you have ever had. It was better than that. Julie tilted her pelvis and more poured out. I couldn't get enough of it. When it slowed down to a dribble I hopped up and positioned my mouth over her opening. I reached in with my fingers to scoop any remaining sperm into my mouth and I darted my tongue into her, rolling it around her entrance. Satisfied there was no more to be had I sat back up and looked over at Doug. "I think I got it all master."

Fuck. Now he has me saying it.

"Lydia, now it’s your turn to make Julie cum. Here is your jack rabbit vibrator. You will use that to give her the most powerful orgasm she has ever experienced."

Doug instructed Julie, "Julie, you will soon have the most powerful orgasm you have ever had. You will realize that anything that feels this good is a gift from God that should be cherished. And you will cherish this time we have had together. You will know that only I can bring you this much pleasure. Do you understand?"

Julie nodded but did not say master this time. Good for her. She was resisting his charm.

I knew how to use this vibrator. It was my personal favorite. I used bunny to pleasure myself when Doug wasn't around. I turned it on at its lowest setting and began to tease around Julie's entrance. It wasn't long before she was moaning. She rubbed her breasts while I worked my magic bunny. I increased the level and pushed the artificial penis halfway in. Julie was edging very close. She raised her hips, beckoning for more penis. I increased the level of penetration. The clit stimulator was just touching her clitoris. I activated the clit vibration, and a loud gasp escaped her lips. "Oh fuck. Ummmm, that’s good!"

I turned up the level of the vibrator against her clit and began to draw the dildo in and out of her, twisting sideways as I reached full penetration so that the vibrator just brushed against her clit.

She couldn't last. She was howling, bucking wildly.

Doug then said matter of factly, "Julie, would you like to cum?"

"Yes master, please, yes, pleeeezeeeeee!" she screamed urgently.

"Cum now."

"Julie was bucking wildly. I could barely hold the dildo in her. She was belching out screams of pleasure. Like a growl… or a howl? The K was messing with my senses. As she achieved orgasm, the pitch and volume increased considerably. "Oh God!, it's so goddamn good...” A long, drawn out groan followed as she orgasmed.

Julie had been using muscles she wasn't used to using and doing so much more violently than she probably ever had before. I remember thinking to myself, "she is going to be one sore bitch tomorrow."

And the next thing I remember, I was sitting in our den with Doug and Julie. We were all fully dressed. It was as if nothing happened. But I remembered the sex clearly.

Julie was leaning back against the couch with her eyes closed. "Julie, are you ok?"

"I'm just very tired. I think maybe I need to sleep." Julie excused herself and went off to her room, a dreamy look on her face.

"Doug?" I asked. He knew what I was asking.

Doug began, "Julie became very pensive after we finished. I asked her what was wrong. I had just dropped you back into trance, but she had come out of trance and was now feeling guilty. She admitted to me that she woke up after the first orgasm but was too turned on to stop herself.  I believe she remained in light trance as she called me master when she had her second orgasm. I decided to use the sleep trigger on her that I had just implanted. She is not quite ready psychologically to accept that she had sex with both of us. She will believe this is a dream that she had while under the influence of X and K.

"Doug, I don't remember getting to have my own orgasm. I'm still horny. Are you going to do something about that?"

"I thought you'd never ask." He looked over at me mischievously and uttered two words. "Orgasm now!"

"Holy shit!" my brain exploded. I could barely contain myself. My pelvis was rocking against my hand as I had a powerful orgasm. I must have held my breath because I was gasping for air. Awareness slowly returned. "Jesus Christ Doug. Oh my God. That was good." Doug smiled at me. "Glad to be of service."

I reminded him, "You know, before I had this stroke I was completely in charge of you. What hex did you and Julie put on me to keep me from activating my sleep trigger on you?”

As I thought about this I felt an overwhelming need to close my eyes, just for a moment. I kind of went blank. My blocks should prevent Doug from taking this control thing too far.

I never went all the way out, but it took me, I estimate, 10 seconds to reset and continue writing this. I will have to address this with both of them later.

Julie returned to the living a few hours later, freshly showered and ready to tackle the afternoon. Doug wanted to talk to her in private, so they went into the other room. They returned after about 30 minutes. Julie seemed very relaxed and…, happy. Really happy. What did Doug say to her? Or did they fuck again? I could use some of that happiness.

We went for a short hike and then we helped Julie pack up her car. She wanted to pull an all-nighter on her drive back to Texas. All in all, it was a most memorable trip. Julie thanked us both warmly as she got ready to leave.

I leaned into my husband as she drove off. "Do you think she suspects this was more than a dream?"

"I don't think it matters. I think she is going to find that she can't stop thinking of how much fun she had and how badly she wants to come back and stay with us. I think maybe for a very long time."

I looked up at my husband. “Have you planted a trigger in her subconscious?”

He looked at me and smiled but did not answer. Silence answers that question. But I was ok with that.

I kissed Doug on the cheek and thanked him for playing with us. Doug brought up the issue of my submissive side. "Lydia, you know that you have a very strong submissive side to your personality. That is why it is so easy for me to influence your subconscious. And maybe the stroke makes it a little easier to bypass your defenses. I think you would rather be submissive than dominant."

“What are you saying? You want to be in charge?” I asked him. Rather than answer, he asked me "Ready to orgasm again?"

I was mildly irritated. He was avoiding my question "Not right now. I’d rather you answer my ques...” I heard Doug say something, but before my conscious mind could register the words, I was cut off mid-sentence, and having another powerful orgasm. The intensity was off the scale. I was aware only of the intense carnal pleasure. Nothing else in the world mattered. And then I slowly began to emerge from this orgasm induced fugue. Where was I? Oh yeah, I was at my front door. I had been standing. Now I was sitting, leaning against the door with my legs spread. My dress was hiked up, and my panties were down around my left ankle. My fingers were slippery wet. I brought them up to my nose to smell. That was my excitement I was smelling. I looked around. Doug was standing, looking down at me with an impish grin on his face.

I decided he had gained a little too much power and I would need to do something to break his control and do something soon. I could no longer invoke his sleep trigger. I tried, but it knocked me for a loop again. Shit! This was a block like Julie had placed in me to prevent me from dropping her and now, apparently Doug also. Now what do I do? Was Julie part of this? They had both put restrictions on me after my stroke to keep me from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous fans/hypnotists on mcstories.com. I am in a pickle…

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