Mars Mania

by KonradKurze

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #aliens #CW:dubious_consent #f/f #happy_slaves #mass_hypnosis #scifi #subliminal

A mysterious PR campaign sweeps the globe, with women the world over becoming enamored with a certain red planet and its inhabitants. They also start warming to the idea of alien abduction.

Charleston SC college student Linda Burns can't get the newest hit pop song out of her head and it's starting to wake her up to new ideas.

Every once in a while, you get one of those songs that just takes forever to get out of your head. A country tune, metal song, classical piece, whatever. I've got something like that. Right now, I've got the song 'Mars On My Mind' from the girl band Kryme. It got released around three weeks ago and I've been hearing it played at least twice a day. It's just one of who knows how many songs about Mars or space aliens being made right now.

The chorus is catchy though, not gonna lie. I don't care about the grind. I've left all my woes behind. Thinkin' about all the joy I'll find. Cause baby, I've got Mars on my mind. Damn right I've got Mars on my mind. It's been on my mind since 'Mars Mania' first started two months back. 

It's still so fuckin' surreal. One day, the world's as 'normal' as it can possibly be and the next day there's at least three songs at the top of the charts worldwide all about Mars. Then the billboards came a few day later. Then the t-shirts, then the badges, then...well...everything else. Girls all over the world were just going nuts about Mars.

And I think I'm going nuts about too. I think I've got Mars Mania. Not sure that's a bad thing though. The shirts are cool, I guess. I've got a few of em. The songs are pretty decent too and the girls in the community seem nice enough. But it's thinking about martians and human girls together that really gets me going. It seems so sweet and so spicy at the same time. It'd be cute seeing one of my friends out on the town with a little green guy in a spacesuit for a date. I could see Blaire walking around the beachfront and the Martian with her's got a rayon in his holster to make sure no one tries anything fishy. I'd trust a martian to keep her safe.

No lie, seeing a human woman with an alien guy who's just tall enough to reach her stomach'd make me smile. The height difference makes it so cute. And it's also what makes it so spicy too. I could see myself being the sub in a relationship with a martian and something tells me that I'd really enjoy having him be in charge. God, I can just picture it now, him walking me through the city market with his hand on my butt in front of everybody to show them I was his Earth-girl. I'd bet the sex'd be amazing too. 

Speaking of sex, I added "Sexy Silver Saucer" to my music playlist but I could use a few more songs. Maybe "Little Green Men Are A Girl's Best Friends" and "Ray Beam Of Love.*" Yeah, those two will do.

Readers notes: If you'd like, I can make a chapter that lists the lyrics of these songs I mentioned.


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