Chapter 6

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female

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As Trinity stared up at Radiance, looming over her, it was difficult not to feel as though she was looking into the face of an angry goddess. For a moment there, backed up against the bar with a seductive Daisy in her face, she had seemed mortal. But now, she was clad in power and fury again, and her invincible divinity was beyond doubt. Trinity, who prided herself on never giving up and never taking anything lying down, didn’t bother trying to run, much less fight. What was the point? A golden chain was wrapped around her neck, and it led up to Radiance’s hand. With that chain binding her, all it would take was a single word and she’d be defeated.

And from the look on Radiance’s face, it was obvious she had a lot more than just a single word in mind.

Trinity trembled.

“God,” Radiance spat, so angry she could barely speak. “Every time - every time - I think I’ve seen the worst of you, you manage to sink even lower. Fucking with Daisy’s head for… what? For fun? Don’t tell me it was just so you could sneak away. I know your type. I know you were getting off on it.”

She wasn’t exactly wrong about that.

“Like you’re not?” Trinity retorted. “Look at what you’re doing to me, right now! This whole evening!”

“I’m not a fucking supervillain.” Radiance seemed to be steadily working herself into an even greater fury. “And you know what? Neither is Daisy! What did she do to deserve this? Sure, she’s a little full of herself. Does that mean she deserves to get her mind scrambled by a pervert with a superpower? Fuck no!”

“She…” Trinity, admittedly, didn’t have a great answer to that one.

“Are you proud of your handiwork?” Radiance demanded. “Huh?”

Unwillingly, Trinity felt her gaze drawn over to the bar, where Daisy was being comforted by Ruby and Casey. She looked like a husk. Just moments ago, she had been so tall and proud; now, she looked utterly defeated.

A hot blush of shame hit Trinity’s cheeks, but right on its heels came anger. Was she proud? No, of course not. But what gave Radiance any right to judge her? She didn’t have to worry about a thing. She was just some rich, privileged girl from downtown, who got off on enforcing all the shitty rules and laws that big corporations made for everyone but themselves. Trinity was just trying to get by, and maybe have a little fun along the way, and she tried not to hurt anyone unless she was really backed into a corner. Was that so wrong?

In Radiance’s eyes, it was. And that was exactly the problem.

Trinity let out the breath she’d been gathering, long and slow. There was no point trying to argue back.

“Whatever,” the supervillain said sullenly. “Do whatever you want. That’s what you’re gonna do anyway, right?”

“Oh, I will,” Radiance replied, with a nasty expression on her face.

“Hey… uh… are you two… doing OK over there?”

At the same moment, both Trinity and Radiance looked across to the bar, where Ruby was standing and calling out to them, a wary look on her face. It wasn’t hard to see why. Even though there was no way she could have heard the pair’s hushed, furious conversation, the looks on their faces undoubtedly made it clear something unpleasant was going on.

“We’re fine,” Radiance called back. She didn’t sound convincing, exactly, but she did sound far too authoritative to disagree with, so Ruby just nodded.

The superhero turned back to Trinity, and started roughly hauling her back to her feet, taking a pointedly tight grip on her magical chain in the process. “You tripped,” Radiance told her. “And that’s exactly what you’re going to tell them. Nice and apologetic. Understand? Not a hint of what’s really going on.”

As she spoke, Trinity could feel invisible chains settling heavily around her mind and her thoughts, binding her just tightly enough that she could never quite forget about them.

“So, uh,” Ruby continued slowly, as Trinity was dragged back over to the bar, “what happened there?”

It was plain enough that she was referring to the way Trinity had ended up on the ground, with Radiance standing over her menacingly and holding her leash. They’d all been too busy staring at Daisy to see Trinity make a break for it, but still. It was a bad look. Rather than explain herself, Radiance just looked expectantly at Trinity.

“I just tripped, that’s all,” Trinity found herself. She was helpless to stop herself, and helpless to even control her tone. Radiance’s instructions forced her to make herself sound light and breezy, like it really was as innocent as that. “Just got, um… a little startled, I guess.”

Ruby nodded, seemingly mollified. “Makes sense, I think we all were. Speaking of…” She glanced towards Daisy, sitting huddled on a barstool. “Vi, what do you think is going on with her?”

Radiance made a big show of sighing. “She told me she took something. Probably why she was acting so… well, you know. Guess it turned into a bad trip.”

Ruby sighed too. “Yeah, that sounds like Daisy alright.” She ran a hand through her hair, stressed. “You think we should call someone?”

“Why don’t you give me and Trinity a moment with her?” Radiance suggested. “You and Casey give us some room, and we’ll see if we can get through to her.”

“Sure thing.” Trinity couldn’t blame her for deferring to Radiance. Who wouldn’t? Even out of her superhero guise, she radiated authority.

Ruby took Casey’s hand, and they shuffled a few paces away. Casey looked, if anything, even more stressed. Her makeup was looking a little less than impeccable now. Daisy didn’t seem to notice either of them leave.

“Come here,” Radiance said, and pulled Trinity along with her as they huddled around the crestfallen girl.

Daisy looked distinctly unhappy to see Radiance approach. One look at her was all Trinity needed to know that the dense blanket of brainwashing she’d given her was in tatters. The remnants were still clinging to her, but it wasn’t quite enough to keep her going, and until more of her original personality resurfaced, she was probably feeling seriously out of it. As she glanced up at Radiance, she wore her wounded pride on her face, and it was obvious she was torn between that feeling and one of intense, bitter embarrassment.

“Hey,” said Radiance, as softly as she could muster given her mood. “How are you feeling?”

“Hey.” Daisy’s voice was so heavy. Trinity couldn’t help feeling bad for her. “I’m… uh…”

She trailed off, looking utterly lost.

“That figures.” Radiance reached out and gave Daisy’s shoulder a comforting little squeeze. It was kind of a corny gesture, but the superhero pulled it off. Trinity figured she’d had a lot of practice. “But you’ll be OK. I promise.”

She made it sound believable.

When Daisy didn’t respond, Radiance pulled Trinity aside a short way. “What did you do to her?” she hissed. “Answer.”

Trinity resented the command. It hardly seemed necessary. “I turned her dominant streak up to eleven,” she explained. “Or… more like fifteen. So after how things went down with you, she’s dealing with some major cognitive backlash.”

“Can you undo it?”

Trinity sighed. “Messing with her head some more? Does that sound like a good idea to you?”

“So you can fuck people up, but not fix them? Typical.”

Trinity resented that even more.

Radiance returned to Daisy’s side, and as Trinity watched, she surreptitiously conjured another of her magical, golden chains out of the air and fixed it around Daisy’s wrist. Daisy was too out of it to notice. Radiance double-checked to make sure no-one was watching too closely, and then put her lips to Daisy’s ear.

“Listen,” she said quietly. “You are going to be OK. You’re going to calm down and be back to your usual self in no time. This? This doesn’t matter. You know that. Just a weird night. You had too much to drink. That’s all. So, you’re going to sit here and take a bunch of nice, deep breaths and sip some water, until you feel more like yourself again. Understand?”

Daisy nodded. There was a slight stiffness to her posture which betrayed Radiance’s mind-control at work. Trinity wasn’t quite sure how she’d respond to suggestions like that, but it was interesting. Not least because now she knew that Radiance could manage two chains at once.

When Radiance looked back round at Trinity, she caught the look in the captured supervillain’s eye. “Look, I know what I’m doing,” she insisted. “Unlike you.”

Trinity rolled her eyes.

“You really shouldn’t look so smug,” Radiance added, irritated. “I told you. You’re going to pay for this. Starting now.”

At that, Trinity went still. “What does that-”

“Shut up,” Radiance spat, silencing her. All the calm and tenderness she’d employed with Daisy was gone, replaced by that simmering anger Trinity had seen boil over so many times. “All you need to do is remember your rules. Go with the flow. But I’m going to add one more: whatever happens tonight, whatever I do, whatever anyone else says or does, you’re going to be nice and eager and enthusiastic about it. Got that?”

Trinity couldn’t help but nod, even as she was overcome with a very, very bad feeling about what that might mean.

Just as she had been each time before, though, she was helpless to do anything about her situation. Her one shot at an escape had failed utterly. So, Trinity simply let Radiance take her by the hand and lead her back over to where Ruby and Casey were waiting.

“How’s she doing, Vi?” asked Casey immediately.

“She’s fine,” Radiance replied confidently. “Just a little dazed. She was having a weird day, and clearly overdid it more than a little.”

Casey nodded, seemingly satisfied with that. “Should we call her a ride home?”

“I think it’s better she stays here, where we can keep an eye on her,” Radiance assured her. “And… anyway, weren’t we meant to be having some fun here?”

All eyes turned to Trinity.

Ruby and Casey seemed surprised. After what had happened, they had probably figured the party was over. But equally, they had both been looking forward to having some fun with Trinity, and at the suggestion it was still on the table, smiles started to return to their faces.

“Well,” Ruby said to Trinity. “Are you up for it, babe?”

Trinity paled as she contemplated what that might involve. But she also knew she had no choice in the matter, and so, to avoid doing something worse, she reluctantly nodded.

And then she discovered that, thanks to Radiance’s newest command, that wasn’t enough anymore.

“Yes!” The word forced itself out of her mouth in a way that made her sound breathless and eager. “Yes please.”

Yes please? What the fuck.

Casey seemed to read the shocked, embarrassed look on her face as one of submissive excitement, and drew herself up into a proud, swaggering posture. “Ruby, surely we’re not gonna disappoint this sweet little thing? She asked so nicely.”

“Of course not.” Trinity could see that Ruby’s competitive fire was already burning. She wasn’t Daisy, but she also wasn’t about to be left behind. “How could I resist?”

“Great,” Casey replied. Trinity was left staring helplessly between the two women as they discussed her fate. “Then, why don’t we head back to the bar, get a couple more drinks, and then maybe-”

“Wait,” Radiance interrupted. Trinity didn’t like the look in her eye. Not one bit. “I have a better idea.” She pointed towards the back of the bar. “The pool table is free.”

Ruby whistled. “She’s down for that?”

Trinity tried to hold herself back from speaking. It was hard - very hard - but she managed it. Her only reward for her exertion, though, was that she ended up nodding rapidly and emphatically, conveying nothing but meek eagerness.

Ruby and Casey both giggled.

“Damn,” Casey offered. “Guess this is going to be a good night after all.”

Trinity couldn’t help but whimper as Radiance took her by the wrist and firmly pulled her along, leading her, with the others, over to the pool table at the back of the bar. It didn’t look like a lot of pool happened there. It was perfectly clean, but there was no sign of any balls or cue sticks. Trinity didn’t have to work very hard to imagine what they were about to do to her.

As soon as Radiance let go of her and stepped back, leaving only her chain connecting them, Ruby and Casey were by her side. Trinity trembled as she found that, whichever way she looked, there was a smug, smiling face, eyes filled with wicked possibilities. She yearned desperately to be able to use her power on them and put them in their place, or even just to be able to flex her sharp, snarky tongue. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t do a thing. She was trapped by Radiance’s words in her head. It was torment.

Her sense of powerlessness only grew as she felt one of them rest their hand on her back, taking a moment to trace over her form. Even through her clothes, it felt intimate and teasing. A moment later, though, she felt herself being sharply and suddenly pushed forward. With the pool table right in front of her, Trinity was sent sprawling against it, bent double, just barely managing to get her hands up to brace herself against the green cloth.

There were more giggles, and then a hand on her ass. Trinity froze instinctively, like a deer in headlights. Then, as the hand started squeezing and groping, none too subtly, she couldn’t help but whimper.

“Wow,” cooed Ruby in an amused, shameless voice that was clearly meant to tease Trinity as much as it was to express her sincere appreciation. “Yeah, this position is much better. Now we can get a real look at what she’s got going on down here.”

Trinity felt her face start to burn as she realized Ruby was right. She was bent over a table, with her ass pushed out. And she couldn’t move. She couldn’t hide herself, or pull away from Ruby’s groping.

“Damn, you’re right,” Casey added as she joined Ruby in feeling up Trinity’s soft, round butt. “I love girls with a little meat on their bones, if you know what I mean. It’s a shame she’s been hiding it under these clothes.”

“We can fix that,” replied Ruby, and before Trinity could process it, she felt Ruby’s hand reach underneath her, unfastening her belt and starting to pull down her jeans.

Trinity couldn’t think. She literally could not think. Her mind was screaming at her that she should do something, but there was nothing. She couldn’t move, couldn’t protest. The whole situation had her on edge enough that her fight-or-flight instincts were firing, but in light of her total helplessness, she was left short-circuiting. It didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel fair. Trinity was The Shimmer. She knew she wasn’t some kind of big scary badass, but still. She’d intimidated people, stolen from people, and bent people to her will. People were scared of her. But here she was, being treated like nothing more than a plaything. Somehow, it stung even worse that it wasn’t Radiance doing it. Radiance was a superhero, at least. A worthy rival, and a worthy tormentor. Ruby and Casey were nothing. Just civilians. Letting them toy with her was stomach-churningly humiliating.

“Oh my god!” Casey giggled. “Look how wet she is!”


Trinity’s eyes bulged, and she gripped her hands into tight fists because that was the only way she had to express her utter outrage. She wanted to scream at these women. It wasn’t because of them! It was because of Daisy. Trinity had gotten turned on and wet from brainwashing her in the bathroom stall. She always got hot from bending a pretty girl to her will, especially when it involved taking someone down a few pegs. But of course, she couldn’t tell them that. Radiance’s infernal rules stopped her. So she was forced to let them go on believing that she was wet because she was being groped in public at a dyke bar.

And the worst part was, they weren’t completely wrong.

As much as Trinity hated to admit it to herself, she couldn’t deny that not all of the wet stain in her panties had been there before. Once again, Radiance’s mind control was doing something to her. The dexterous, insistent fingertips groping her ass were bringing heat to more than just her cheeks. Each time Ruby or Casey squeezed, fingers digging into her embarrassingly plump ass, it sent shocks of pleasure running all the way through her. Why? Why did she have to be so damn sensitive right now? The satisfaction she hadn’t received earlier, when she’d been across Radiance’s lap, was only making matters worse. Between that and everything else, her body was dangerously pent up, and was responding greedily to every little touch.

Traitor, Trinity thought at her dripping cunt.

“You’re right,” Ruby said, slowly running a single tip along the front of Trinity’s soaked panties. “You’re enjoying this, huh, babygirl?”

This time, Trinity didn’t have the focus to restrict herself to mere nodding.

“Y-yes!” she whimpered, and the only thing more awful than saying that was how genuinely needy and eager her voice sounded. She sounded truly pathetic.

Radiance, though, wasn’t satisfied with that.

“’Yes’ what?” the superheroine demanded coolly, from the sidelines.

Trinity whined in futile desperation, even as she felt the answer rising within her throat. “Yes!” she answered pathetically. “I’m e-enjoying it!”

Ruby and Casey both giggled yet again. Radiance didn’t. Trinity managed to turn her head and get a long at her captor. Radiance wasn’t smiling. She wasn’t amused, or even satisfied. The look in her eyes was nothing but hungry. She wanted more, and this wasn’t enough. Not yet. Not even close.

That look made Trinity shiver just as much as anything Ruby and Casey were doing.

The two of them, though, were impossible to ignore for more than a moment. Radiance’s desire for retribution was scarier, but the hands currently running over her body were much, much more pressing. Ruby was pulling her panties aside so she could touch Trinity more directly, and Casey’s hands were moving up her body, pulling off her jacket and starting to lift the hem of her t-shirt. And all the while, they were taking plenty of liberties, groping and feeling her up as much as they wanted, making plenty of mocking, appreciative noises. They were both good tops, too. Trinity could tell that at once. They knew just how and where to touch her, responding effortlessly to all the little ways she squirmed and moaned, and they knew how to draw everything out a little, letting Trinity shiver in anticipation without ever leaving her alone long enough for her to catch her breath.

It was torment. Incredibly pleasurable torment.

As her t-shirt and her bra were removed, leaving her totally naked, Trinity tried in desperation to look around, hoping to find something else to take her attention away from the humiliating pleasure wracking her body. That was a mistake. Everywhere she looked, she was met with watching, amused eyes. Almost everyone in the bar was looking, with varying degrees of interest, and most of them wore amused or envious smirks on their faces. Evidently, this kind of spectacle wasn’t anything out-of-the-ordinary for this particular bar. Trinity wasn’t sure if that made it better or worse. She resented the idea of being treated like nothing more than the evening’s entertainment. But more than anything, she hated that people were seeing her this way at all.

“That’s right, princess,” Casey cooed, when she noticed where Trinity was looking. “You’re the star of the show. How’s that feel?”

“G-good!” Trinity whined, her voice turning perilously high-pitched. Her stomach churned when the words forced themselves out of her, and her pussy throbbed all the harder. “F-feels fucking good!”

Casey whistled. “You got a real slut here, Vi,” she announced. “She’s a fun one.”

At that word, Trinity was permitted to let out a whiny little protest. Ruby seized on it at once.

“Oh? What’s that?” Ruby’s voice was dripping with honey and sweetness as she lowered her face to Trinity’s level. She pressed a couple of fingertips past the lips of Trinity’s pussy forth, and the captive supervillain couldn’t stop herself from moaning. “Let’s see. You’re dripping wet while we fuck you bent over on a pool table, while everyone watches. What kind of girl does that, huh?”

“A…” Try as she might, Trinity couldn’t stop herself from providing the expected answer. “A s-slut!”

“Very good!” Ruby praised mockingly. “So what does that make you, huh?”

“I- ah!” This time, Trinity didn’t bother trying. Her struggle was merely to get her words out through her own breathless moaning. “I’m a slut! I’m a fucking slut!”

“You sure are,” Casey interjected. She was reaching underneath Trinity to grope her tits, every bit as sensitive and weak as her pussy. “A needy, submissive, exhibitionist slut.”

“Yes!” Trinity found herself agreeing, in a voice that made it sound completely true. “A fucking p-pathetic, exhibitionist slut!”

At that, Casey and Ruby exchanged an amused look. “You’re really getting in the mood, huh girl?” Ruby said. “From the way Vi was talking you up, I figured you had to warm up pretty good. Guess I was right.”

To her horror Trinity realized that her mind was her own worst enemy. Radiance had demanded ‘enthusiasm’. And, as someone who’d had plenty of toppy, kinky sex, Trinity knew exactly what enthusiasm looked like. Her own interpretation of Radiance’s orders was driving her to provide exactly the kind of response Ruby and Casey were looked for.

Fuck, that was devious.

And it was so hot she almost came on the spot.

Trinity couldn’t understand what Radiance had done to her that made it feel fucking good, but clearly her body knew something her mind didn’t. Her overwhelming sense of helplessness was curdling inside her, and becoming something altogether different: pleasure. More than even the way Ruby and Casey were groping at her, she couldn’t stop thinking about the way Radiance had her bound in a multitude of mental knots, controlling her behavior, limiting her speech, and forcing her to play the role of an enthusiastic, desperate submissive. The realization of her totally and utterly she was being controlled burned through her like a fireball, further helping to reduce her into a mewling, drooling mess.

There was no doubt about it. Nothing compared to this. She’d never been so turned on before in her life. Nothing had ever been so wickedly hot, or so viscerally pleasurable. Trinity wanted to tell herself she hated it, but that felt like a lie.

What was happening to her?

“Wait a moment,” Radiance called out, breaking Trinity’s train of thought. “I’ve got someone else here who wants to join in.”

Ruby and Casey backed off momentarily, allowing Trinity to turn and look. She gasped. Radiance had extended the chain connecting them - was there anything she couldn’t do with that power of hers? - and was back over at the bar, and standing next to her, looking much, much better, was Daisy.

Oh no.

“Woah,” Casey exclaimed. “Daisy, I’m glad you’re feeling better, but are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Completely,” Daisy assured her, with smooth, easy confidence. “Don’t you worry. I’ve never been better. Vi has got me completely evened out. She gave me… um… something, I think.” Her eyes turned glassy for an instant, but only an instant. “It really helped. Plus, hearing the fun you’ve all been having has got me really, really riled up.”

Looking closer, Trinity could really see it. Daisy was still blazing with a bit of the urgent dominance she had worked so hard to instill. It was just pointed in another direction: straight at her.

“Fuck,” Trinity whimpered quietly.

Radiance really was smarter than she’d given her credit for. Trinity realized what she must have done. With a combination of words and her power, she had turned the unraveling of Trinity’s mind control to her own advantage. It was all a matter of what to discourage, and what to reinforce. Radiance had already proven she couldn’t be dominated. That particular impulse was already dashed against the rocks, in Daisy’s mind. But the desire to dominate and the need to crown herself queen bitch through deed? That all remained. And Trinity would be willing to bet plenty that Radiance had sold her on the idea that the best way to prove her top cred was to put on the best possible show of dominating and fucking the bar’s current resident exhibitionist slut.

It was exactly what Trinity would have done, anyway.

Ruby and Casey exchanged a look. “You know what they say,” Ruby said brightly, after a moment. “The more, the merrier!”

Daisy wasted no time crossing the room to Trinity’s side. Her movements were graceful and sure, and there was no hint of the broken girl Trinity had seen just a few minutes ago. She rested one hand on Trinity’s head, petting her like an animal whilst keeping her firmly pressed down against the pool table at the same time, and used the other to start massaging Trinity’s ass, squeezing her plump cheeks and rolling them between her fingers. Trinity felt like nothing but a piece of meat.

“Delightful,” Daisy purred. “Thank you so much. I would have hated to miss out on this. She’s gorgeous.”

Somehow, the praise made Trinity blush just as hard as being called a slut had. She’d never been good with praise, and the arrogant, condescending note in Daisy’s voice made it that much worse. It wasn’t fair! She’d been the one in control. She’d had Daisy bent to her will. Now, it was all completely flipped. Her own pathetic inability to so much as protest left her gasping in outrage and arousal.

“And you got her all warmed up for me? Even better.” Daisy’s hand moved from cupping Trinity’s ass to feeling at her cunt, pulling her panties all the way down to around her thighs. The stimulation was already almost more than Trinity could bear. She’d spent so much of the day worked up. She couldn’t take much more of this. “You girls mind if I have the honor?”

“By all means,” Casey replied, clearly pleased with Daisy’s recovery.

Trinity turned her head from side to side, trying to get a look at what was going on behind her. Once she managed it, though, she went very, very still. Daisy had lifted the hem of her sundress above her hips and was swiftly fixing into a place a long, large strap-on dildo. Just looking at it made Trinity’s mouth water, and had her clenching her thighs together so she could rub them against one another for stimulation.

“Now, now,” Daisy chided. “None of that, princess.”

Trinity hated how much being called that made her cunt drip.

A sharp spank on her ass robbed her of her ability to feel indignant.

Trinity yelped, the force of the blow pressing her against the table. Daisy hadn’t struck her too hard, but her ass was still deliciously tender from the punishment Radiance had inflicted on her earlier. The pain, sweet and bitter and pleasurable all at once, was like a spark setting kindling ablaze. Trinity couldn’t stop moaning now.

“My, my,” Daisy mused. “Someone’s already been having some fun, hm? These bruises are only just starting to come in.”

She looked to Radiance for confirmation. The superhero remained impassive.

“Anyway.” Daisy delivered another slap to Trinity’s soft, sensitive ass, and then reached down to begin slipping her fingers between Trinity’s thighs. “Apart.”

With a whimper, Trinity obeyed. It was all she could do.

“Wider,” Daisy commanded.

Trinity did her best to widen her stance, leaving her resting heavily against the pool table for support.

“Oh, come on!” Daisy jeered. “You can do better than that, whore.”

With a groan that was both arousal and humiliation, Trinity splayed her legs apart as wide as they would go. She wasn’t sure why she was obeying anymore; if it was Radiance’s mind control, or simply her own will, beaten into submission. It was all the same. It all felt the same. She was nothing. Powerless. A slut, a whore. How could she be anything else when she was so turned on?

“Good girl,” Daisy purred. “I knew you’d be good for me, once I showed you how. Isn’t that right?”

The supervillain nodded furiously. The wetness from her pussy was leaking all the way down her leg to the floor, and the cloth beneath her face was damp with her own drool. She knew that with her legs spread so wide, she was showing everything to everyone. She looked utterly shameless. It felt so fucking good.

But that was nothing compared to how good it felt when Daisy pressed the tip of the strap-on against her pussy lips.

“You want this?” Daisy laughed in response to Trinity’s keening moans. “Huh?”

Trinity wanted it. What was pride? What was pride compared to the absolute pleasure of getting filled and fucked? She could feel herself breaking, but she was past the point of being able to care.

“No, no, no,” Daisy mocked. “You gotta say it, babygirl.”

Trinity tried to tell herself that the words pouring out of her mouth were driven more by Radiance than by her own lust.

“Fuck me!” she babbled. “Fuck me, please, please fuck me. I want it! I want your strap-on! You gotta fuck me, I want it, I want it.”

She collapsed into moans. Laughter echoed around the bar, and Daisy’s laughter was loudest of all.

“Well, when you ask so nicely…”

With one single thrust, Daisy pushed her plastic cock all the way inside Trinity’s wet, welcoming cunt.

Immediately, Trinity saw white, and she screamed with joy. It was exactly what her body had been longing for. Trinity was used to being the dominant one, but she was no stranger to the joys of being penetrated. After being denied release for so long, it all crashed over her at once. Trinity came, every muscle in her body clenching and squeezing as she did. Then Daisy pulled back, and then ploughed her once more, and Trinity came again. And then again. And then again.

It was pure, humiliating bliss.

Trinity could almost stop caring about how degrading it was. The pleasure was almost overwhelming enough to drown everything. Almost. But not quite. Trinity couldn’t quite forget about where she was, out in public, being watched by dozens of people. She couldn’t quite forget about how powerless she was, or about all the things Daisy, Ruby and Casey had called her. And most of all, she couldn’t forget about Radiance, standing close by, connected to her by a chain, eyes burning on her skin. Instead, all those things were churning around inside her, taking her pleasure to greater, more intense heights. The idea that she wasn’t a masochist or a submissive, that she didn’t enjoy being treated this way, seemed utterly absurd given that she was cumming over and over again around Daisy’s strap.

Radiance had done this to her. Radiance had made her this way. Radiance had broken her.

That one thought, more than any other, echoed in her head as she lost count of her own orgasms.

“Fuck,” Casey breathed from close by, voice thick with lust. “That looks good. I’m almost jealous.”

Daisy didn’t reply. She was just grunting rhythmically as she ploughed into Trinity, all her concentration devoting to riding the captive supervillain as hard and as perfectly as she could.

“No need for us to just stand here and watch,” Ruby mused.

And with that, two more pairs of hands started ravaging Trinity’s exposed, naked body.

They were everywhere. Her tits, her ass, her face, her belly, her hips. Trinity couldn’t tell them apart. It was all too much. Each sensation blended into the next, into the next, into the next, and greater than all of them was the feeling of that amazing artificial cock pounding in and out of her pussy, turning her thoughts to slush and melting every last little bit of her willpower. Nothing Trinity had ever felt before came close.

“Open up, whore,” someone said, as Trinity was panting through gritted teeth - Trinity couldn’t tell who, she was past being able to distinguish voices. When Trinity didn’t react quickly enough, a hand squeezed at her tits, cruelly twisting her nipple so that she opened her mouth to yelp. As soon as she did, her cries of pleasure and pain were stifled by multiple fingers shoved into her mouth. Trinity started sucking immediately. Everyone laughed.

“Holy shit,” said someone else - Ruby, maybe. “She really is a slut. You like this, huh?”

Trinity couldn’t answer, so she just nodded. Apparently, that wasn’t enough. “Answer me,” Ruby demanded, and slapped Trinity across the face.

The blow, though not serious, had Trinity seeing stars. She whimpered, and tried to force herself to speak. All that came out around the fingers were a series of incoherent babbles. Everyone laughed again, more cruelly than before. It was clear they were all goading one another into a frenzy.

“P-p-please!” Trinity moaned, when the fingers retreated from her mouth to give her a chance to breathe. She wasn’t sure what she was pleading for. She just wanted more. She was running off pure pleasure and adrenaline. She’d had too many orgasms. Her vision was turning white.

“You gotta bring this one back another night for a second round,” commented Daisy, her arrogant, feminine voice clear above the din. “She’s perfect. I can’t believe you found yourself a submissive like this.”

Trinity kept nodding. She couldn’t process Daisy’s words, but she had to be eager. She had to. She was helpless. Powerless. Just a toy, just a slut. She couldn’t think. She could barely breathe.

“Wait!” came a different voice, concerned and authoritative. “Stop. I think she’s had enough.”

Trinity whined again, this time in protest. She had to be eager. Enthusiastic. She didn’t want this to stop.

Clearly, neither did anyone else. They were all too caught up in the ecstasy of the act. Daisy, in particular, kept pounding her strap in and out of Trinity, driving her to fresh heights of bliss.

“I said stop!” the voice repeated, and to her shock, Trinity realized it was Radiance.

The superhero’s voice brought her back to reality, just a little. Just enough to realize the fact that she was right. She was feeling dangerously light-headed, and her nerves were being driven to their limit. She needed air. But it wasn’t happening.

“Fine,” Daisy replied petulantly, as Ruby and Casey backed off. “Let me just…”

There was one more thrust, and then nothing. Trinity whined tearfully as Daisy pulled out of her. But then Daisy’s fingers were right there, furiously finger-fucking her cunt. Trinity humped and gyrated against them like an animal heat, desperately for just one last taste.

It proved to be too much.

As Trinity blacked out, the last thing she saw was Radiance scooping her up in her strong, perfect arms.

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