Government Issue

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/nb #femboy #femdom #pov:top #robots #scifi

A senator falls victim to a government programme to assign people mind-warping femboyfriends

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2022, do not repost without explicit permission

‘Wake up, America!’ announced the radio anchor, his loud, brash voice made tinny by the car’s cheap speakers.

‘As long-time listeners will know, this show isn’t just called ‘Wake Up, America’ because it’s the DC area’s favorite morning drive time news show! It’s also because that’s what this country needs. America needs to wake up! The people, the pundits, and most of all, the politicians! Well, folks, they’re gonna get a rude awakening soon enough, if these midterm projections are anything to go by. Support for the establishment is at an all-time low - something that comes as no surprise to anyone who’s checked out the price of gas lately, or who’s been caught up in any of the trucker protests currently encircling America’s major cities. It’s real bad out there, people. I won’t lie to you - experts are concerned about possible outbreaks of violence leading up to election day. Stay safe, because God knows, we can’t count on the cops to look after anyone anymore. We’ll be hearing more about-’

“Turn that crap off, would you?” Senator Sarah Caraway snapped. “I hear enough about gas prices from my constituents.”

“Yes, ma’am,” her driver replied, switching off the radio. Once the anchor’s voice died away, Senator Caraway could take a moment to sigh, yawn, and enjoy the quiet.

There was precious little of it to be enjoyed, these days.

In truth, the state of the nation was every bit as bad as the radio made it sound. With the outlook for the midterms looking bleak, the senator was in an irritable mood. She wished she could at least be out campaigning. It was a miserable task in these times, but at least then she’d be doing something to help salvage the establishment’s popularity. Anything was better than the ridiculous errand her senate committee was forcing her to run.

“Please tell me we’re almost there,” Senator Caraway said, checking her phone for the thousandth time. “I hate being late, and those trucker idiots held us up for far too long.”

“Our exit is right here, ma’am,” her driver answered, professional as ever. Just as promised, moments later they turned off the highway and started heading down a back road towards a large, nondescript facility nestled in the Appalachian mountains’ rolling Virginia foothills.

Several months ago, Sarah Caraway, as a senator who’d served a couple of terms, had been appointed to the newly-formed and top secret Senate Committee for Public Stability and Legitimacy. It had been convened in light of the concerning and unstable political climate, and its task was to solicit new, outside-the-box, high-tech solutions to the impending crisis. In Senator Caraway’s eyes, it was little more than a waste of time - especially since, as ever, some of her colleagues were insistent that they settle for the lowest possible bidder on the private-sector contract they were offering.

Now, Senator Caraway has been called out to visit the headquarters of the lowest bidder in question - a corporation called ‘Information Solutions Ltd’ - and oversee a supposed landmark in the project’s development.

So far, she wasn’t impressed.

Superficially, the facility was little more than a set of gray warehouses with a large office building crudely attached to the front. It wouldn’t have looked out of place in any city in America. Senator Caraway’s driver pulled up outside the front entrance, where a two-person welcoming committee was already waiting. One of her hosts opened the car door for the senator and, once she’d stepped out, her driver departed to find a space in the car park.

“Welcome, Madam Senator!” greeted one of the men waiting for her. “We’re so glad you could make it. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Doug Evans, the president here at InfoSol.” He gestured to his companion. “This is Jeff Dunn, our head of R&D.”

Senator Caraway eyed them both distastefully as they exchanged customary handshakes. They both looked to be men in their forties, and both of them had settled on the same, dismal manner of dress: a shabby suit jacket worn over a graphic t-shirt and jeans. They looked like exactly the knock-off Silicon Valley types the senator had been expecting.

“It’s an honor, ma’am,” Jeff assured her, as she shook his hand. His palm was sweaty.

“Let’s get on with it,” Senator Caraway said tersely. “I’m already running late.”

“Of course,” Doug said smoothly. “We know you’re an important woman. Right this way, please.”

He and the researcher ushered the senator inside, past the lobby and into a labyrinth of corridors with gray, linoleum floors and suspended tile ceilings. Most of the staff they passed as they headed deeper into the building were dressed even worse than Doug and Jeff, and many of them seemed a little shocked by the presence of someone like Senator Caraway. She didn’t mind that one bit. It was always nice to receive confirmation that she could cut an intimidating figure, when she chose to - and she had most certainly chosen to.

Her recent hair appointment had left her layered, cropped, dirty-blonde hair in a perfectly neat bob, and she’d selected her most formidable, navy blue pant suit for the occasion. She looked like a powerful woman who meant business, yet, as she’d aged gracefully into her late-thirties, she’d acquired a full figure and a mature, attractive look that often gave her an edge when it came to dealing with men - not that she needed it.

“Senator, how much do you know about our work here at InfoSol?” Doug asked, as they walked.

“I’ve read the committee reports,” she answered. “They aren’t as detailed as I would have liked.”

“No problem!” Doug replied jovially. “I’m more than happy to give you the run-down.”

Senator Caraway nodded curtly.

“Here at InfoSol, our goal is contentment.” Doug sounded like someone who had given this spiel many times before. He’d probably practiced it in front of a mirror. “So far, humanity has only ever been able to promise the pursuit of happiness. That’s what it says in the Declaration of Independence. But with our new technologies, we believe we can make happiness guaranteed!”

When Senator Caraway didn’t look as impressed as he had hoped, he continued:

“As you may know, recent advances in quantum technology allow for the reconfiguration of physical matter by mere computing algorithms. However, so far this has only been achievable on a microscopic scale. We’ve managed to go much, much bigger. Jeff?”

“R-right.” The head researcher seemed nervous, but soon warmed to his own technobabble. “Well, um, as our proposal to the committee outlined, we’ve designed a machine learning algorithm that instructs a microscopic quantum computer to improve itself, by using all of its computational power to design upgrades and then its quantum matter manipulation capabilities to put those upgrades into practice.”

“What does that mean?” Senator Caraway demanded bluntly.

“Um…” Jeff thought for a moment. “It’s a computer that can change the world around it and that keeps making itself an even better computer.”

“I see.”

“The process has been running for several months now,” Doug put in. “We’ve been monitoring it carefully, of course. We’ve made sure the computer always takes the best interests of humanity into account. It can’t harm anybody, and we’ve ensured its core programming includes all the ethical stipulations requested by the senate committee.”

“Uh-huh.” Senator Caraway folded her arms. “And where is this miracle supercomputer?”

Doug flashed a broad, artificially-whitened smile. “Right here!”

He opened a door leading off to one side of the corridor, and for the first time, Senator Caraway’s jaw dropped.

The door opened out into a chamber so large it put the senate chamber to shame. It was many stories tall, and big enough that the whole facility seemed to have been constructed around it. But that wasn’t nearly as impressive as what occupied it.

At the heart of the chamber was a colossal, black monolith. It was a huge, impossibly black slab of some kind of vaguely metallic substance, and while it dominated the chamber from floor to ceiling, it somehow seemed even bigger than its physical dimensions. Senator Caraway had never seen anything quite like it. Her eyes seemed to slide upwards off of its surface, until she found herself straining to stare directly at the mysterious obelisk’s ominous peek. She was seized with the odd feeling that the monolith was looking back at her, too.

“This… is a computer?” she asked incredulously, as they stepped towards its base.

Doug nodded. “The most powerful on Earth.”

“How does it work?”

At that, Jeff looked faintly embarrassed. “We… have no idea.”

Senator Caraway glanced over at him. “How is that possible?”

He shrugged. “Long ago, the computer became more complex than we can possibly comprehend. It doesn’t need a power source. It doesn’t have any recognizable components. We really don’t know very much about it at all.”

That didn’t sit right with the senator, and as she looked around, she noticed something that bothered her even more. “Shouldn’t you be studying, then? Where are all the people?”

The massive chamber was completely empty, except for the three of them.

“That’s a safety measure,” Doug explained apologetically.

Senator Caraway’s eyes narrowed. “Oh yes?”

“We’ve observed that the computer can have some unpleasant effects on people who spend too long around it. Nothing serious, of course. But just in case, we monitor it remotely and keep direct exposure to a minimum.”

To Senator Caraway that seemed absurd, but it started to seem far less absurd once she noticed the odd humming noise that seemed to be coming from all around her. It was like the steady buzz of electronics, but somehow much deeper and much, much louder. The back of her skull seemed to vibrate along with it, at the same frequency, and that deeply disconcerting sensation was making her head throb painfully.

“Why don’t we move on?” Doug suggested quickly, once he noticed her discomfort. He and Jeff ushered Senator Caraway out of the room. “You get used to it,” he added helpfully.

Mercifully, once the door closed behind them, the senator’s headache abated.

“You’re going to have to explain to me how that… thing is supposed to help stabilize the political climate,” she growled.

At that, Doug flashed another grin. “That brings us to the next, and most innovative part of our project! Follow me, if you please.”

Senator Caraway’s legs were starting to protest against all this unanticipated walking around, but she obliged. As they walked, Jeff began to explain:

“The supercomputer on its own doesn’t solve all our problems,” he droned. “It has a limited range, and no matter how much data we try to give it, it isn’t going to be able to create the perfect world for everyone. After all, happiness is individual. Everyone wants something different. Everyone has different complaints, different wants, different needs. What we needed was a way for everyone, individually, to be able to interface with the supercomputer in a way that’s most conducive to contenting them.”

“Think of it like Siri.” Doug jumped in to help translate. “There’s only one Apple mainframe, but everyone has their own little personal version of Siri on their iPhone. Someone they can talk to, someone they can ask questions of, someone they can ask to do things for them. We had the mainframe. Next, we needed a Siri.”

“Naturally, we put our new supercomputer to the task,” Jeff added. “Taking into account a wide range of preferences and emotional responses, we instructed it to create and manifest a physical avatar to serve as its primary means of interacting with service users - for figuring out what they want, and servicing their immediate needs.”

“And here it is!” Doug was all smiles as he opened the door to the next room with a flourish.

The room that they stepped into was completely different from the monolith’s vast chamber, but no less ominous. It was far smaller - no bigger than Senator Caraway’s office, in fact - and was well lit and well cleaned, with every part of the walls, ceiling and floor covered in gleaming white tiles. What sent a shiver down the senator’s spine, however, was the huge pane of glass that divided the two halves of the room, like it was some kind of futuristic prison cell.

Beyond the glass, there was a person.

Except, on closer inspection, it wasn’t a person at all. No actual human could have looked quite as perfect as this. The thing standing before Senator Caraway didn’t have a hair out of place, or a single blemish on its pale, perfect, poreless, unusually shiny skin. It was attractive, though; that was hard to deny. It had these huge, wide eyes that were so cute they bordered on unnerving, matched with luscious lashes and a set of full, pouty lips. The senator struggled to judge what gender the avatar was supposed to be modeling. It had an androgynous mop of hair, swept to the side to expose a large forehead, free of wrinkles and blemishes. It was certainly pretty enough to be a girl, although its totally flat chest suggested otherwise. It was dressed very simply, in an oversized, gray hoodie that didn’t quite fall low enough to completely cover its wide hips and voluptuous ass. Besides that, all it wore were a pair of thigh-high socks, similarly gray.

The avatar greeted Senator Caraway’s confused stare with nothing more than an eager, pleasing smile.

“Senator Caraway, meet AviFem!” Doug announced. He sounded awfully proud of himself.

“AviFem?” the senator queried.

“Avatar: Femboy,” Jeff supplied helpfully.

“Christ.” Senator Caraway rolled her eyes. “Why does it look like that?”

“It’s as I was saying,” the researcher replied. “According to all the data we collected, this is, universally, the most pleasing form for the computer’s avatar to take. A femboy met with far better responses than either a conventionally masculine man or a conventionally feminine woman, from all genders.”

“I see.” Senator Caraway was loath to admit she knew what a femboy was, but their presence in political memes were inescapable for a sitting politician. “And… what do you want to do with it, exactly?”

“Once we get the committee’s final green light, we can begin construction on a network of repeater pylons, allowing our supercomputer to construct an avatar exactly like this in millions of homes, all across America,” Jeff explained. “With a personal femboy avatar to help service them and interface with the matter-rearranging capabilities of the computer, we predict that approval ratings for the administration and the United States in general will shoot through the roof.”

“A government-issued femboyfriend for everyone!” Doug declared with a flourish.

Both of them looked hopefully to Senator Caraway, awaiting her response. They paled a little, once they saw that she was shaking with fury.

“This - this - is what you’ve been spending public money on?” she hissed. “This is ridiculous! It’s like something out of a bad sci-fi movie. You can’t really expect anyone to believe that this is the solution to the country’s woes, can you?”

“Well-” Doug began, before she cut him off.

“The senate committee put our hopes and trust in you,” Senator Caraway ranted. “I knew going with the lowest bidder was a mistake! You’re just a bunch of budget tech-bros who’ve wasted millions on your infantile jerk-off fantasy.”

“It’s not just a jerk-off fantasy!” Jeff protested indignantly. “Sex is a perfectly legitimate human need. The most important for satisfaction, in some ways, so we needed AviFem to be able to cater to that. In fact-”

“Sex is out of the question!” Senator Caraway shrieked. “I thought Senator Wallace was being his usual ridiculous, Alabaman, evangelical self when he insisted on a ‘no-sex’ clause in the contract. Plainly, you’ve broken it. We’ll sue!”

“We haven’t broken anything!” Jeff retorted. “In fact, that clause is one of the reasons it had to be a femboy! We consulted a small army of lawyers and religious scholars about it. You see, anal doesn’t count.”

Senator Caraway threw up her hands and started walking away. “I’m done here! Violation or no, I’ll see your contract terminated if it’s the last thing I ever do! The gravy train ends here, you mark my words.”

With that, she swept out of the room. Doug and Jeff looked at one another nervously.

“What are we going to do?” Jeff asked desperately. “We needed this to go right! We’ll all be out of a job!”

“There’s only one thing we can do,” Doug replied slowly. He turned his head, and looked meaningfully at AviFem.

“What?” Jeff paled, when he caught his boss’s meaning. “No, you can’t! AviFem isn’t ready! There are still all kinds of issues to be worked out. The sex-fixation is a problem, and so is the literalism, not to mention the-”

“Look,” Doug interrupted. “I know that, and you know that. But if we can’t bring Senator Caraway around, it all ends here. Is that what you want?” Jeff shook his head. “Then there’s only one option.”

Hesitantly, Jeff nodded. He stepped over to a small control panel on the wall, and tapped a few keys.

The glass plate keeping AviFem contained disappeared into the floor.


Several minutes later, Senator Caraway was regretting her decision to storm off. Not because she’d changed her mind about AviFem - no, she just wished she’d insisted that Doug or Jeff show her out. Retracing their steps hadn’t been as easy as the senator had thought. InfoSol was like a maze inside, and every corridor looked the same. She had absolutely no idea where she was or which way she should be going, and she’d yet to encounter anyone she could ask for directions.

What was it you were supposed to do in a maze? Follow the left-hand wall?

“Excuse me, miss. Are you in need of assistance?”

Senator Caraway wheeled, startled, at being addressed. She hadn’t heard anyone walk up behind her. It didn’t help that the voice sounded faintly inhuman. It didn’t sound electronic exactly, but it had a synthetic, too-perfect edge, like the voice of a pop star with the slightest hint of autotune.

It was AviFem.

“What are you doing here?” the senator sniffed.

“My role as your femboyfriend is to help you achieve contentment by helping to fulfill all of your wants and needs.” AviFem answered her with a bland, placid smile on its perfect, androgynous face. “What can I assist you with?”

“Oh, I see.” Senator Caraway rolled her eyes. “They’re hoping I’ll be impressed by seeing you in action, huh? Nice try.”

AviFem simply kept looking at her expectantly. Senator Caraway was strongly tempted to tell it to go fuck itself, but she held back. She did need someone to show her to the exit, after all. And, moreover, she couldn’t help feeling a little drawn to AviFem. It looked like humanity perfected, and it wasn’t often that you got to experience perfection. Its flawless skin, its brilliant eyes, its dreamy bone structure - they were all a little hypnotic, and the slight hint that such perfection was unnatural made AviFem all the more fascinating to behold.

What was the harm in marveling at the spectacle? Especially since she was going to get this whole enterprise shut down.

“Fine,” Senator Caraway said curtly, careful not to betray her interest. “As it happens, I was struggling to find the way out. So, if you insist, sure, you can hold my hand and lead me around.”

Her words were chosen flippantly and her tone was plenty sarcastic, but AviFem didn’t seem to notice. Before Senator Caraway had a chance to clarify, it stepped up next to her and interlaced its slender, feminine fingers with hers. “Gladly,” it said, beaming.

Senator Caraway found she couldn’t quite bring herself to pull her hand away from AviFem. Instead, she simply allowed it to guide her along through the building. AviFem’s hand was incredibly soft and pleasant, without a hint of sweat or stickiness. Each of its fingers was like velvet as they stroked across hers, yet there was enough warmth to make AviFem feel like more than just an object. Now that it was so close at hand, Senator Caraway could detect a faint scent hanging near it; something pleasant and alluring, like the freshest of perfumes, combined with all the promise and expectation of a present, newly unwrapped. It was quite something.

And then there was AviFem’s body.

After just a few steps, out of the corner of her eye, Senator Caraway caught sight of the strange being’s prodigious ass, bouncing and bobbing with each step that it took. Once she noticed it, she couldn’t stop noticing it. Its wide hips lent it a distinctive, feminine gait, with its hips swinging impressively from side to side with each step. The hypnotic motion made its plump, soft ass cheeks bounce high enough to peak out from under the hem of its hoodie. The nerds working here really ought to have given it some less provocative clothes, Senator Caraway mused.

Not that she necessarily minded. Even a no-nonsense senator like her wasn’t made of stone, after all. It was nice to have something to stare at as she walked besides gray, featureless walls.

As nice as the sight was, though, after a few more minutes she couldn’t help but notice that they still weren’t back at the lobby, or in sight of anything that looked familiar. There were no windows that might allow her to judge how close they were to the outside. Just how big was this place?

“Are we almost at the exit?” Senator Caraway complained. “I’m a busy woman.”

“The exit is just a little further.” AviFem sounded apologetic, but utterly calm. “I am afraid you were traveling in the wrong direction, before I found you.”

Senator Caraway nodded. “It’d better be close,” she muttered to herself. “I didn’t expect all this walking. I could really use a massage.”

Abruptly, AviFem came to a halt. “Of course!” it said brightly. “Anything you need.”

The senator started to laugh, before she realized that AviFem was being serious. “No, I didn’t mean-”

She paused.

AviFem was sincerely offering her a massage.

Why not take it?

It seemed like an absurd offer. Her driver was waiting for her, and she’d already made it clear that she wasn’t interested in InfoSol’s preposterous creations. But on the other hand, her legs really were aching a little, and it wasn’t like she couldn’t reschedule her afternoon meetings.

More than that, though, the sight of AviFem’s big, deep eyes, filled with such eagerness to please, stirred something within Senator Caraway. As a politician, she was used to having to fight tooth and claw for every thankless little victory. Someone who seemed eager to give her anything - anything - she wanted made her yearn to reach out and take whatever was on offer. It helped that AviFem was such a cute little thing. Passion and desire flared within the middle-aged senator, drowning out the ominous buzzing that she hadn’t noticed she was feeling in the back of her head.

“Yes,” Senator Caraway commanded. She smiled, settling into a domineering mood. “Massage my legs.”

AviFem nodded submissively.

“Where can we sit down?” Senator Caraway asked. “In one of those rooms? Do you-”

Her voice died on her lips when, with a single gesture, AviFem caused a nice, comfortable chair to manifest out of thin air, right beside her. Her jaw dropped. It was really true. This thing could rewrite reality itself.

The earth-shattering implications of that washed over her for a moment, before she found herself completely distracted by how much she wanted this super-advanced femboy to give her a massage.

The senator settled down into the chair, grateful for the opportunity to take the weight off her feet. AviFem swiftly knelt in front of her, and reached out to remove her shoes. It looked up at her with the same earnest eyes and placid smile as ever.

“May I remove your pants?” it asked.

Clearly, agreeing to that would have been a mistake. They were practically in public, after all. At any moment, someone could come along and see them. Disrobing was out of the question. But somehow, to Senator Caraway, that seemed less important than the way this nice, eager femboy was kneeling in front of her, ready to serve. Something about the AviFem’s presence roused something in her. She didn’t feel like herself - she felt more powerful, more demanding.

She felt better.

“Yes,” she replied, without a second thought. “Go ahead.”

With a grateful nod, AviFem reached up and unfastened her pants, then started tugging them down over her legs. Once it had them off, it folded them carefully and set them aside, next to the senator’s shoes. Senator Caraway didn’t mind letting AviFem see her legs one bit. It was just a computer avatar - and besides, she always made sure to stay in shape. Her body was something to be proud of.

“Please do not hesitate to instruct me, if I displease you,” AviFem said, and started massaging her.

The moment AviFem started touching her, Senator Caraway was purring with satisfaction. She couldn’t possibly imagine how anyone could be displeased with a massage like that. It was perfect - literally. AviFem seemed to know exactly where her muscles were aching, and exactly how much pressure to use to alleviate her discomfort. After only a few moments, Senator Caraway was feeling better than she had done in years. Small, tired, old pains she’d long since accepted as part of life were dissolving underneath the femboy’s fingertips.

Senator Caraway let her weight sink into the chair, and let out a long, pleased sigh that turned into a low, gradual moan.

Maybe AviFem wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

The senator soon decided she wasn’t in any hurry. Her driver could wait. She let the minutes drag on, as AviFem kept dutifully running its skillful hands over her skin. As time passed, she became aware of something else, too.

She was turned on.

Partly, it was a natural, physiological reaction. AviFem’s soft, gentle, slender fingertips kept stroking her inner thighs, reaching higher and higher bit by bit as it worked. Her body couldn’t help but respond when she was being touched in such intimate, sensitive places. Partly, it was also attraction. Senator Caraway wasn’t immune to the charms of such a piece of perfectly-sculpted, boyish femininity. Even if AviFem didn’t resemble the kinds of guys she usually went for, she couldn’t help but appreciate its pretty face, its slender figure, and its incredibly juicy ass. Anyone would have been turned on by the sight of such a plump, gropable butt, increasingly peeking out from under the femboy’s hoodie as it bent over to service her. Clearly, that universal appeal was part of the point.

But it was something else, too. Something less natural.

The way AviFem was servicing her needs, with such total eagerness and submissiveness, was awakening something in Senator Caraway. Deep, primitive desires were starting to rise to the surface. The pleasure of AviFem’s massage had filled her whole body with a light, airy warmth that rose into her head and smothered her common sense, her rational thought, and her creeping awareness of the strange, unnatural buzzing in the back of her mind. Her thoughts started to turn in one, increasingly lewd direction.

She wanted to use AviFem to get off.

As if sensing her thoughts, AviFem paused its massage and looked up at her hopefully.

“It looks like you’ve become aroused,” it said, its voice as sweet and simpering as ever. “Do you need me to provide gratification?”

Senator Caraway wasn’t thinking about her position as a senator, or about her modesty, or about anything else except how much she suddenly wanted to rail this femboy stupid.

“Yes!” she growled.

AviFem beamed up at her, evidently pleased. “Please be aware that PIV sex is against my programming,” it chirruped. “However, I am skilled in the use of all other parts of my anatomy: my mouth, my hands, my rear, my feet, my thighs, my arm-”

“I need to fuck that tight ass,” Senator Caraway demanded. She had no idea what was coming over her, but she wasn’t going to stop to think about it. Her own arousal was the only thing on her mind.

“Of course!”

AviFem looked rapturously happy to be of service. In a single, smooth motion, it crossed its arms in front of itself so that it could take its oversized hoodie off over its head. Doing so revealed a body every bit as perfect and supple as Senator Caraway had hoped. Its torso was a thing of beauty; almost perfectly androgynous in a way that strayed towards boyish except for the faint, teasing hint of softness around its puffy nipples. The senator took a moment to admire AviFem’s cock, too. Completely smooth and hairless, it grew to hardness as if in response to Senator Caraway’s lustful gaze. It was an impressive size - all the better for keeping people satisfied, she supposed.

Right now, though, the only thing she was interested in was AviFem’s glorious ass.

“God,” she growled. “If only I had a-”

She didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence before AviFem worked its magic for a second time. Almost like it was performing a trick, it plucked a newly-manifested object out of thin air. This time, though, it wasn’t a chair.

It was a strap-on.

Senator Caraway had never actually seen one before, but that didn’t stop her from standing up and snatching it out of AvniFem’s hands as quickly as she could. After a few seconds of desperate fumbling, she had the large, silicone cock hanging between her legs. The sight made her feel powerful, and the way the base of the strap-on rubbing against her clit was amazing.

She couldn’t wait to put her new toy to use.

“Would you like to specify a position?” AviFem asked helpfully. Senator Caraway nodded.

“Get up,” she ordered. “And bend over.”

She gestured towards the chair, and AviFem took the hint. Rising to its feet, it planted its hands on the seat of the chair and bent over at its hips, thrusting its fantastic ass out behind it in a way that made Senator Caraway drool.

The senator wasn’t going to waste any more time. She stood behind AviFem and grabbed it by its hips, pulling it back towards her and carefully positioning the tip of her strap-on against its inviting hole.

Then, she buried herself all the way to the hilt in one single thrust, and immediately came.

The orgasm hit her so hard she was seeing stars, but that didn’t stop her from thrusting in and out of the AviFem with feral abandon. It clearly didn’t require any lube, but she could still feel it squeezing down tightly on her silicone shaft as she was railing it. Her second orgasm came right on the heels of the first. She’d never felt so good.

“What… why… why am I cumming already?” she panted, confused but unwilling to stop.

“A… minor… physiological… alteration,” AviFem replied. Its tone was as calm and placid as ever, but it still panted suggestively as if it was short of breath. “I… adjusted your… nervous system… to allow for instant… satisfaction.”

Deep down, Senator Caraway knew that having her mind and body altered against her will should have been a serious red flag. In practice, though, she was already too far gone to care. She couldn’t say no to this - to a hot femboy willing to serve her every whim, or to the mind-blowing pleasure it could offer her. Thinking about all the men who would blow their loads at a single touch from AviFem did bring a crooked smile to her lips, but fortunately, she wasn’t going to be satisfied nearly so quickly.

Sarah Caraway was a United States senator. She could plausibly rank herself amongst the most powerful women in the entire world. But nothing had ever made her feel more powerful than pegging this computer-generated femboy. Everything about it was utterly intoxicating. The feeling was so much more visceral, more animal, than anything she could get sitting behind a desk. The knowledge that AviFem was little more than a doll that existed to please her made her feral. It made her long to go even further; to see just how hard she could use every part of its delightful body.

Meanwhile, orgasm after orgasm hit her, one with each thrust of her hips, until her world was nothing but euphoric bliss. She was grinning wildly as she fucked AviFem, and reached down to slap one of its plump ass cheeks, as if to spur it on. That wasn’t really necessary, of course. AviFem was taking her strap-on cock like a pro. It kept slamming its hips back and forth, meeting Senator Caraway thrust for thrust, its artificial muscles working overtime to worship every last inch of her proud, silicone shaft.

Still, she wasn’t going to miss out on seeing AviFem’s fat ass bounce and jiggle from being spanked.

“F-fuck,” she grunted, as she pushed herself beyond her normal limits to keep railing the femboy.

On some deep instinctive level, she knew that she was already addicted. She couldn’t give this up. Not ever. The pleasure was too incredible. It was a revelation. She needed this.

And fortunately, as her government-assigned femboyfriend, AviFem was always going to be happy to provide.

“M-miss,” AviFem whined, its calm voice high-pitched and thick with pleasure. Senator Caraway wasn’t sure if it was putting that on to please her, or if it was genuine. Either way, it was hot. “Please… be… careful… not to… over-exert… yourself.”

The senator’s only response was to growl, and pound its ass even harder.

“I am… f-forbidden… to allow a human to come to harm,” AviFem warned, nonetheless still eagerly riding her strap-on. “If I d-detect that… that you are close to injury… I will be f-forced to-”

“Shut up,” Senator Caraway growled. “I’m not stopping until I see you blow your sweet femboy load!”

“I do not… r-require satisfaction,” AviFem moaned. “I am merely-”

“I said shut up!” Senator Caraway barked. She was riding high on orgasm after orgasm, and she wasn’t going to let AviFem kill the mood. “You’re supposed to do what I want, right? Cum!”

As soon as the word passed her lips, she felt AviFem’s gloriously tight asshole squeeze down tight on her strap-on. The avatar arched its back and shuddered as what appeared to be a huge orgasm tore through its perfect body. Best of all, its cock, bouncing between its legs as Senator Caraway pegged it, started shooting out thin, clear, sweet-smelling cum with each one of the senator’s thrusts. Every pump sent another load spurting to coat the back of the chair it was bent over, as the corridors of Information Solutions Ltd were filled with sounds of lust and sex.

With that, Senator Caraway was satisfied - for now, at least. She’d never felt better. It didn’t even ruin her mood when Jeff and Doug suddenly appeared around a corner.

“Madam senator!” Doug called out. He was out of breath. “I’m so glad we found you! Jeff was worried the AviFem might have-”

He broke off, and his jaw dropped at the sight of the proud, middle-aged senator with a strap-on around her hips.

“Gentlemen,” Senator Caraway said, with a broad smile on her face. “You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve reconsidered. I’ll be passing along my highest praise to the committee.”

“Oh yes?” Doug ventured, cautiously.

“Yes.” Senator Caraway’s smile kept growing wider, and her eyes were filled with a lustful, crazed look that had even AviFem’s creators worried. “There’s no time to waste. We need one of these in every home in America!”

Doug and Jeff exchanged glances. A look of ‘I told you so’ was writ large on Jeff’s face. But it didn’t matter.

There was no going back.

The age of AviFem had begun.

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