Fly High, Sink Deeper Vol. I Part VI

Chapter 9

by Queen Zii

Tags: #cw:gore #dom:female #f/f #robots #scifi #sub:female

Lolanene vomited at the sight of what Mirideth had done to her old lover. 

Maria unconsciously put her hands over her nonexistent mouth. “Heaven and Void… Mirideth…”

“I did what had to be done. I had to stop her. To save you, the stray, me. Us.” Mirideth’s voice had a muted, somber tone to it. “What is one more life added to the pile of thousands I’ve already taken?”

Lolanene coughed. “Can.. can we get out of here? Please? I can’t look at that no more.”

“I would like to leave as well.” Mirideth said.

Maria stepped over the eviscerated body of Myrrhdta, and said “Yeah, let’s go home. 

They entered the entry room, and Maria saw that the front door had been smashed in, and the glass that the cat girl receptionist had been behind had also been smashed. “You were busy out here.” Maria said with a hint of laughter in her voice. It sounded odd with the mechanical modulation. 

“I thought the bitch had killed ya, Maria. ‘Course I was gonna go all out.” Lolanene smiled. So uh… what’s it like?”

Maria turned back to Lolanene as she reached the door. “What’s what like? The body? I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it right now.”

Lolanene carefully stepped through the shattered doorway. “Y'know ‘Rith’s gonna lose her shit when she sees what they did to you.”

Maria would have smiled if she still had a mouth. “I haven’t seen myself yet. I’ll probably join her.”

A massive concussive boom sounded from the sky. Glass shattered all across the city in a deafening roar. The upward wind of the small moon changed to a gale in the other direction, forcing Lolanene to the ground. Maria’s body could handle the weight, so she was unaffected. She looked up into the sky, and saw something large silhouetted against the massive blue gas giant. 

It looked like a mass of cubes and rectangles assembled into an incoherent, confused shape. An incredibly bright light overwhelmed Maria’s visual sensors and she looked away, finding that the moon was now bathed in bright white light. The sound of an incredibly loud speaker came from above.






“That’s not good.” Maria grabbed Lolanene and hauled her up over her shoulder, turned around, and leaped up onto the roof of the building. What the FUCK did I just do?! Fuck it, no time to question it. She took a step toward the ship, before remembering the proximity defense system.

“Lolanene! Is the defense system on?!”

“Fuck, I don’t know! Ain’t like I was thinkin’ clearly when I left!” 

“Fuck it!” Maria sprinted for the back of the Epsilon VI, the defense system did not trigger. The entry ramp opened, painfully slowly. Once it was open, Maria threw Lolanene into it, taking a final glance up at the FIC warship. It was simply floating there above the moon, like a strange angular sea urchin. She saw another ship take off, and it was nearly instantly blown out of the sky by a massive laser bright enough that it would have blinded her if she’d still had human eyes. The ship was immediately bisected, the sides where it had been cut glowing brightly as it fell to the ground. Massive explosions flew up from two different places. They’re not fucking kidding. How do I get us out of this? 

Maria entered the ship, the ramp closing behind her. She made her way to the cockpit, Lolanene was already there in the pilot seat. “Uhh, Maria? The fuck do we do? I can’t take off. I saw that shit that happened to the other ship.” 

“We’ll figure something out, just stay calm.” Maria put a clawed hand on the back of the seat, only afterward realizing how close she’d come to slicing through Lolanene’s head. She looked out through the front display panel. Several other ships tried their luck. They fared no better than the first had. 

Riots had broken out in the streets, firefights were audible through the ship's exterior microphones. It seemed the FIC's arrival had upset the fragile peace that existed on Zoridian VIc. A military transport shuttle came barreling down toward the surface. A surface to air missile shot it down. It seemed the residents of the moon had been preparing for this day.





"That don't sound good…" Lolanene was becoming visibly more panicked.

"Lolanene. Listen to me. We have to stay calm. Calm people survive. Panicked people die. That's the situation we're in. Okay? Look at me. Well, maybe don’t, that may not help." Maria tried her best to calm the younger girl's fear.

"R-right. I been through a lot. What's a lil war on top of it?" She didnt sound convinced. 

Within moments of Lolanene finishing her sentence, the people of Zoridian VIc delivered their response. Hundreds of surface to air missiles streaked up from the surface of the moon, from seemingly everywhere at once. Immediately lasers began blasting missiles out of the sky, causing more and more explosions. It felt as if the entire moon was shaken by the resulting shockwaves. 

“Lolanene this is our chance, they’re distracted, go!”

“Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me?! They’re gonna notice a fuckin’ ship takin’ off!”

“Do you think there’s gonna be a better fucking ti-” Maria was cut off by a blood curdling scream from the cockpit doorway. She turned and saw Niarith, staring at her in horror. 

The horror turned to anger “What the FUCK are you?! Get the fuck away from Lolanene!”

“Nia...” Maria's modulated voice came out in a tone of emotional pain Maria wasn’t sure her human voice had ever had. “It’s me. I’m sorry. It’s Maria.”

Niarith just stared, shock and horror in equal measure visible upon her face. Her hands, which had been held out defensively, were shaking. Suddenly, the ship lurched forward and upward. Lolanene had taken off. Niarith fell back, and Maria instinctively tried to catch her. She instead managed to tear into the flash of her arm just before she hit the floor. Maria heard a quiet “fuck it” from behind just before the ship began shaking violently. She’d turned on the LightDrive. Seconds later she turned it off again. 

Niarith was laying on her back, her left arm bleeding from several large slashes. She was propping herself up with her other arm. Staring up at Maria. Her expression had not changed. 

Maria spoke softly. “Niarith, you’re bleeding, let me help y-”

“Stay the fuck away from me. I don’t know what you are but you’re not my girlfriend.” Niarith pushed herself up off the floor, which was obviously incredibly painful for her, and walked off into the bedroom without another word. The door slid shut and a loud beep sounded. Maria heard some kind of locking bolt slide into place. 

Maria stared at the door for a moment more, then turned around and said “Fuck.”

Lolanene was busy at the controls. “Sorry ‘bout your relationship issues, but right now we got bigger problems.” 

Maria looked at the front display. They were facing the gas giant Zoridian VI. Zoridian VIc was nowhere in sight. What was in sight were several FIC warships, each looking identical to the Messianic Desperation. There were many more smaller ships flitting about around them. 

Maria paused to… think about taking a breath, and said “Have they spotted us?”

Lolanene shook her head. “Don’t think so, but if I fire any of our engines, we’re gonna light up like a spotlight. LIDAR is gonna detect us eventually if we don’t move. I jumped us to the other side of the planet, but they’re everywhere. I dunno what to do, Maria.” She was beginning to panic again.

“Plug me in.” Mirideth suddenly spoke, her voice determined. 

“What? What do you mean?”

“Place your hand in that socket there” As Mirideth spoke, an electrical outlet became highlighted in teal in Maria’s vision. 

“ want me to shove my metal hand into an electrical socket? Mirideth if you want to kill yourself, don’t take me with you.”

“DO IT!” Mirideth’s voice came from everywhere at once, inside and outside, Maria felt she had no choice, and shoved her hand inside the outlet.  Instead of an electric shock like she’d expected, Maria’s vision was filled with an array of statuses and dialogues that overwhelmed her senses. 

The Epsilon VI fired its mid front thrusters, moving the ship backwards, then the lower front thrusters, tilting the ship upward. As it did this, Maria saw red warnings start to appear, all of them involving detection by another ship. The ship flipped over and fired its main rear thrusters, flinging it forward, away from the FIC ships. 

“The fuck is this gonna do?! Y’know they’ll follow us right?” Lolanene was gripping her seat tightly, a fearful expression on her face.

“Oh I know they will, little stray. In fact, I’m counting on it.” Mirideth replied, her voice coming through the ship’s PA system, unmodulated. 

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