Fly High, Sink Deeper Vol. I Part VI

Chapter 6

by Queen Zii

Tags: #cw:gore #dom:female #f/f #robots #scifi #sub:female

Mirideth sighed “You know I loathe when you call me that.”

Myrrhdta smirked and crossed her arms ”Why do you think I do it?”

Lolanene stepped forward “Whoa whoa whoa, hold on a damn second here. Y’all know each other?”

Both Myrrhdta and Mirideth began to laugh. Myrrhdta stopped first, and said “Know her? Lady I built this bitch!” 

“You what?” Maria was stunned.

“Why yes, darling Plaything, she did.” Mirideth walked Niarith’s body over to Myrrhdta and leaned on her. “I wasn’t always the glowing bundle of synthetic fibers you know me as. I was a woman, once. Centuries ago.”


Mirideth stepped from the pedestrian offload ramp, into the sweltering heat and blue tinged landscape of Lyrion II. Far from home, hellish weather, but it will be worth it. She thought, as she entered the spaceport terminal. The terminal was crowded with people, most only stopping briefly on the arid planet. Very few actually lived there. Mirideth walked with purpose, her thin black dress clinging to her unpleasantly in the heat. Even inside, air conditioning wasn’t enough to keep out the punishing assault of the Class B star Lyrion. Her sunglasses’ AR HUD showed her where to go, making finding her way through the crowded mass of perspiring humanity easy. 

After several minutes, she found her way to the other side of the terminal, where a high speed train awaited her. As she sat on the train, watching the blue landscape of Lyrion II speed by, she thought about the choice she was making, the sacrifice. She was about to give up her humanity for a chance at immortality. Would she even be the same person, after it was done? After her brain had been fully consumed? It would be years until then, still. But the thought was unnerving to the young girl. 

Several hours later, the train arrived in the town of Hollington. One of the very few large settlements on the arid hellscape of a planet. As she stepped off onto the platform, Mirideth noted that the night on this planet was only slightly cooler than the day. How anyone lived here was beyond her ability to grasp. Her AR glasses led the way, having unpolarized in the darkness. The streets were fairly empty, it seemed people rarely stayed outside long on this planet. 

Mirideth walked alone through the quiet streets of Hollington. It was a small city, buildings rarely extended more than three stories tall, though they were packed closely, to minimize time spent outdoors. She wasn’t far from her destination now. The time was coming when she’d reach the point of no return. Was she ready? Could anyone be ready? No one had done this before, not that she knew of, anyway. But she’d been told of it, researched it, found the place where it could be done, stolen the money for the procedure, she was ready as it was possible to be. She wanted this. Needed it.

Finally, she arrived at the building. It was an unremarkable thing, made of sandstone bricks and concrete. A sign was hung on the wall above the entrance, reading ‘Angel’s House of Mods’ and on a smaller sign beneath ‘est. 4389’ Only four years ago… Mirideth thought, with a small amount of trepidation. No going back once I walk through that door…

She reached out and grabbed the handle. Stood there for a moment, unsure if she should really go through with it. She took a deep breath, gripped the handle tighter, and pulled. A pleasant jingling sound emitted from above the door, and she stepped inside. The room was cooler than the outside, even than the Terminal had been. It was almost cold. The room was well lit and spacious. Seating was abundant in rows on both sides of the room. Many people were seated, Mirideth suddenly felt self-conscious. Most of them were older people, seeking life extension modifications and such. She was a twenty-five year old girl seeking immortality through the destruction of her human self. It wasn’t even a service this facility offered, not outwardly.  Outwardly this facility was a strictly by the book, law abiding cybernetics outfit. Laws for Cybernetics were strict in the Pan-System Alliance, but quality of life mods were legal. What she was after was not. 

Mirideth approached the front desk. A friendly looking middle aged woman sat there, and perked up at her approach. “Welcome to Angel’s House of Mods! Do you have an appointment?”

Mirideth blew out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. “I’m uh.. No. No, I do not have an appointment. I’m here from Lyrion VIc, I sent correspondence ahead of me. It should have arrived no more than a few days ago. My name is Mirideth Asazlaiyn.”

The woman began typing on the computer in front of her. “Miri..deth… Asazlaiyn. Ah! I see it here! Now let me just take a look…” The woman looked back up at Mirideth. “Oh. I see.” She lowered her voice. “No one has ever come in for that before. I’m to press a button under the desk, and that door” She tilted her head in the direction of a door to Mirideth’s left “will open. You go through there, and then you cease to be my problem. Goodbye.” 

Mirideth was stunned by the sudden change in the manner of the receptionist, but walked casually toward the door regardless. It slid open as she approached. The room within was dimly lit, and heat radiated out of it. Lovely, more heat. She thought as she crossed the threshold. 

Her eyes quickly adjusted to the change in brightness, and Mirideth saw a large metal platform, held up by a robotic arm from beneath. It had restraints on it, and was the only thing in the room, aside from another door, and various pieces of medical equipment. She made her way over to the platform and just stood next to it, not sure what to do. After about an hour, Mirideth was bored to tears, sitting on the metal platform, staring at the floor. The other door to the room slid open, light spilled in, blindingly bright after so long in the gloomy space. A woman entered, she had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a white coat and scrubs. Her face was angular, yet feminine. Mirideth found her to be gorgeous. She stopped next to the platform and smiled. “Hello there! I’m Dr. Myrrhdta Nefrengelan. You can call me Dr. Nef. I’ll be performing your… surgery. Today!” 

Mirideth nodded. “Thank you, Doctor. I… you seem very cheery for someone about to perform an operation that’s never been done before in human history.”

Dr. Nef grinned. “That’s because I personally invented the theory behind it! You are speaking to the most brilliant scientific mind in human enhancement! Of course I don’t say that to just anyone. It’s illegal, and I find it best not to tell just anyone about my illegal research.”

“Only the people you’re about to cut open illegally then?” Mirideth giggled.

“Exactly! Now, strip for me.” The Doctor said, matter of factly.

“Alright then, doctor.” Mirideth hopped off the platform, and slid her dress off her shoulders, it clung to her body, so she slowly peeled it off, exposing more and more pale flesh. Once the dress was off, she removed her bra, her panties, and her stockings. “Alright, ready whenever you are.” She said, hopping back up onto the platform. It was unexpectedly cold and she flinched, causing Dr. Nef to giggle. 

“Okay, Ms. Asazlaiyn, just need to get your vitals and we can get started.” 

Mirideth noticed the doctor's eyes lingering on bits of her that they shouldn’t have. This woman was ogling her. And… Mirideth liked it. She felt her cheeks heat up as that realization hit her, then simply said “Please, call me Mirideth.”

The doctor walked over to her with a many pronged device and said, in a sultry sort of voice “Gladly, Mirideth.” She then proceeded to stab and prod and poke Mirideth in many places, getting a readout on her body’s condition. “Alright, Mirideth. You seem to be in perfect health, and lovely physical condition, if I may say so.”

Mirideth felt her cheeks heat up again. “I-isnt’ it inappropriate for a doctor to talk that way to a patient?”

Dr. Nef leaned forward in front of Mirideth, entering her personal space. “Do you want me to stop, Mirideth?”

Mirideth could think of only one answer to that question. “No.”

Dr. Nef got right in Mirideth’s face, inches from her, said “Good.” and kissed her. Mirideth kissed back. One kiss turned to two, to five, to thirty. The pair made out on the surgery platform for several long minutes, escalating to groping and touching along the way.

Twenty minutes later, the two women were lying on the surgical platform, one nude, the other moderately undressed, breathing heavily as they lay next to each other. “Well,” Myrrdta spoke between panting breaths “that was unexpected. I may not be a good doctor. But I’m an excellent surgeon.”

“And lover, apparently.” Mirideth giggled.

“That too.” She stood up, not bothering to redress. “Now! Lay in the center of the platform please. I need to perform a scan of your nervous system, so the copy will be the right shape.”

“Copy?” Mirideth asked, as she scootched into place. “I thought this was a gradual replacement.”

The Doctor nodded. “It is. But if I don’t know the exact measurements and shape of your specific nervous system, I can’t put it into your body.” 

Mirideth nervously giggled. “Yeah. That makes sense.”

“Arms in the restraints please. And try not to move. The scan is very sensitive.”

Mirideth felt the restraints lock her limbs into place, as something that looked like a massive camera extended from the ceiling on a robotic arm. The lens suddenly began emitting intense light in several different colors. It hurt to look at, but she couldn’t look anywhere else. Just as she was about to beg for it to stop, it was over. 

“Okay! I just need to run this over to the fabricator and it’ll be ready in about an hour! I have some ideas on how we can pass the time...” Dr. Nef left the room with a mischievous giggle. 

She returned minutes later, and the pair of women finished what they’d started.

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