I Got Isekai'd Into An A/B/O Fic Of Questionable Quality!?!?

by Fluxom

Tags: #cw:noncon #Assigned_Bottom_By_The_Setting #butchification #do_werewolves_count_as_furry? #femboyfication #isekai #abo #biting #feminization #furry #werewolves

Rick and Val have a close encounter with an ice cream truck that jaunts them into a universe of questionably well written erotic material.

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This story appeared fully formed in my brain at 2am in the morning, so I feel less like I wrote it and more like some fell thing from outside reality channeled my flesh to create it.

Richard Penelope Enys was minding his own business playing video games in the comfort of his own apartment with his loving girlfriend, Valerie Gyna when from the very skies above they heard a most menacing honking descending upon them. The two glanced towards eachother with an appropriate level of concern before dashing towards the window to find out what would ruin their lazy sunday afternoon, and at the sight of a rather large ice-cream truck falling rapidly towards them screamed in an absolutely appropriate level of terror. In a collision that was equally delicious and disastrous ice-cream sandwiches, popsicles, and two completely innocent victims were caught in the path of the air-born runaway vehicle, scattering their lives in a suitably dramatic fashion.

Or so they thought.

At the moment of impact Rick felt a full-body jolt and the world spin out underneath his feet, and within a single blink of the eye everything jolted from the wanton wreckage to seeing the brilliant blue sky above. After another moment of screaming he collected himself enough to realize that he was laying on his back upon a stone path, and surrounding him were several still cold ice-cream sandwiches.

Might as well stress eat, he decided, and grabbed one and ate it on the spot before sitting up. It didn’t actually help much but he told himself that it did and that was good enough for now. His girlfriend, Val, was also apparently laying down next to him as she sat up after devouring her stress ice-cream sandwich and said, “Holy shit I thought we were dead.”

Rick looked around them to see that they were not in the wreckage of their dairy-renovated apartment but in fact laying on the sidewalk in a city. All around him he could see giant blazing signs with things like ‘heat suppressants’, ‘powerful tools for needy alpha ruts’, and ‘hot omegas in your area!!’. “Uh, I’m not so sure about that.” He replied.

Val looked and gasped.. “Oh my god we’ve been isekai’d.” She then grabbed her dick and gasped a second time, “Oh my god I’ve got a *fat* dick!” Oh fuck yeah. He grabbed his own crotch and discovered that his missile supply was unchanged. “You wait here I wanna go try peeing standing up real quick.”

“Yeah okay I’d have the same reaction tbh,” Richard replied. About ten minutes later the two rejoined, high fived over the discovery of gender neutral bathrooms being the norm in this world (it was obviously more efficient than separating bathrooms into a 3x3 grid aligning various genders and classifications),  and then took to the slightly less important task of discovering what the fuck was going on.

“Obviously this is a hot ABO fic setting and I’m an Alpha.” Val waggled her eyebrows with pride, grabbing her crotch for emphasis. Okay maybe some ‘what the fuck is going on’ was kind of easy to discover. “What about you?”

Rick shrugged. “I’ve always had a dick?”

“Maybe you have an ID?”

Rick pat himself down to discover his wallet, then pulled from it his driver ID. No ABO classification there. He showed it to Val and shrugged. “Nothin’.”

“Obvi you’re a beta then.” She mock gasped. “I can’t believe I’m dating a beta male.”

“I could be a cool Sigma male.”

“Do you feel like harassing strangers on the internet and posting about how much you don’t need women in your life?”

“No, guess I’m safe then.” He looked over the ID once again. “We have an address, though.”

“Let’s go!” Val, feeling a sudden surge of leadership power surging within her, grabbed Rick by the wrist and led him forward into the great urban unknown. Then grabbed her phone a few steps later once she realized she didn’t know the actual layout of this area, but still, leadership. She just felt like she had to for some reason.

Their walk through this strange new world was anything but uneventful. No sooner had they turned the corner than did they see a tall, dark and handsome alpha kabedon a much smaller twink who was practically red in the face with embarrassment before a second alpha, this one dressed in white with bright blonde hair came into the omega’s defense. “A classical scenario,” Rick gasped. This was *just* like his japanese doujinshis.

Barely even two blocks further Val pointed to the side just in time to see a slender tall fellow have a heartfelt confession. “There’s something I’ve been hiding from you this whole time,” He said as he gripped the front of his shirt. “I’m… actually a girl!” With a dramatic flourish he? tore off his shirt entirely revealing bandages wrapped around her chest.

The smaller man threw a hand over his mouth, checks flushing bright red before he too tore off his shirt. “I’m also a girl!” She!?!?! screamed. “And I’ve lied about being an omega this whole time, I’m actually an alpha!”

This time the taller lady gasped and practically swooned to the side dramatically. Someone must have spilled soap and glitter as the world behind her seemed to fill up with dramatically flourishing bubbles and sparkles all through the air before she added, “I’ve been lying about being an alpha, I’m actually an omega!”

Val fistpumped. “Fuck yeah, this is *just* like my favorite fanfics.”

“Don’t you like to read low quality garbage though?” Rick asked.

“Yeah, this is prolly the part where the author forgets to relocate the scene and accidentally writes them fucking on the sidewalk.” On cue the two strangers started making out viciously, then biting at each other’s neck before falling over onto the ground in a pile of arms and legs flailing about without rhythm. “Called it.”

Meanwhile across the street the two then saw a woman in a large witch hat walk out of a shop to be immediately harassed by a rather large musclebound man, to which she simply cursed him into being a short femboy omega in bright pink booty shorts instead. Two blocks further there was a public confession of being a long lost soul-mate. Just outside their supposed apartment building two women in full superhero slash wrestling gear were fistfighting in public while their supposed sidekicks were busy banging on a car. “Val,” Rick uttered. “I think we’re in a random smorgasbord of kink fics loosely stretched over the ABO concept for the purposes of making it even hotter.”


“We have to find a way home.”


“Val, how many kinks are super hot in the context of a scene but are actually super horrifying when translated into the real world?”

A long awkward silence stretched out between the two, broken only when Val went wide-eyed and whispered, “Oh no.”

“Val, outside the context of being horny about it ABO is just *sparkling bioessentialism*!”

“OH NO!” The two ran inside posthaste.


Val and Rick’s attempts to discover a means to escape this kink land of questionable narrative consistency proved largely unfruitful. As much as they had initially hoped to find a “YOU’VE BEEN ISEKAI’D: Here is a handy guide” sign or the like laying about the only oddity of the location was that there were hooks for suspension bondage built into the ceiling (apparently a standard feature in this world), a plethora of rut controlling medications of Valerie (she whined and said she wanted to just try skipping it to see what it was like, and Rick stipulated that they needed to have an abundance of lube on site just in case), and a stunningly elaborate array of lingerie that was this world’s version of everyday underwear in both of their sizes.

Val was surprised at the idea of sliding into garters being an everyday casual lazy occurrence around here, but Rick honestly was the kind of confident and secure in his gender that he didn’t blink at the notion of his dresser closet being full of lacy nothings that more accented his crotch than granted any array of cover. Flicking through bookmarks on their phone had revealed that their previous indulgence of kink erotica was simply The Norm For Fiction around here, which ultimately was a bit of a relief since that also meant there was *way* more saucy gender going on in the literary world too.

Sleeping, however, was a bit more difficult when it seemed like someone in the building was always going into heat every night and the whole place would light up like a den of angry horny gorillas shouting at each other in the middle of a small earthquake. Rick couldn’t help but recall the constant descriptions of hip-shattering, bedframe breaking sex he’d read about and concluded that maybe perhaps those fictional character’s neighbors were quite upset about it too. Small relief.

At least they found a nice coffee shop. It was right across from a tarot palm reader slash sissification hypnosis dominatrix’ office, so people watching largely consisted of seeing women in spike-heeled thigh-high boots walking in with a man on their arm and leaving with a tiny lady in a frilly pink tutu and a vague sense of understanding about their future, but the two actually got used to that part pretty quickly.

Money wasn’t an issue though! People made the cursory side comments about “putting things on their tab” or grumbling about finances but every time either of them actually tried to follow through on the matter the stranger would suddenly lean over to expose their cleavage (or erotically shaded lack thereof) and say something like, “If you’re short on dough, we can figure out some *other* arrangement.” which, well, neither of them had taken anyone up on the offer yet. So long story short neither of them had actually had to put in the effort of either earning or spending a dime around here. In fact, it seemed like any sort of job existed more as a pretense for flirtation and hookups than for any actual purpose.

Rick glanced across the coffee shop and saw the 12th Peak Reader Self-Insert appearing person enter the building to immediately be struck by a child-hood friend who worked there, which resulted in lots of flirting that flew right over the friend slash customer’s head. He then glanced over to the counter where the owner of the joint, an omega with unreasonably large tiddies, fiddled with his machine while perched at such a precarious angle that both his ass and tits were on full display to his husband.

A little bit too much like his japanese doujins, Rick thought.

“Any luck at the library?” Val asked.

“Apparently if you make too much noise the librarians will peg you.”

“Hot. Did you get pegged?”

“No, dear. I’m a good boy who keeps his mouth shut.” Even if his neighbor in book browsing wasn’t so polite and had ended up thrown over the check-out desk because of it.

Val gave him a little ‘awww’ and a pinch on the cheek, “Since you’re so well behaved I’ll peg you when we get home.”

“Thank you!” Rick beamed. For some reason praise from Val just really hit him differently lately??? LIke it made his body feel all warm and sparkly, which was pretty great since she seemed way more into dishing out some loving if occasionally condescending compliments as of late.

Also, she had a really great dick, so, that was worth getting excited over as well. In fact, now that he thought about it, the impressive rifle loaded into her pants wasn’t the only physical change she’d had since arriving here. It felt like day by day her stature had steadily been scaling up, such that where she was one just under eye level she now handily stood over him at all times. His eyes traced a line down from her strengthened jaw to the firm curve of her shoulders, then down further to get lost in the bounteous swell of her chest, no less grand than they were before despite the building of muscle hidden beneath such beatific-

Rick shook his head. That sort of narration was unlike him. “Have you had any weird thoughts lately?” He asked, immediately nervous of what the answer would be.

Val chewed on the end of her straw for a moment, her eyes noticeably trailing down to Rick’s chest for a moment before sliding back up along the edge of his silhouette and back up to his eyes. “...now that you mention it, yeah.” She answered. “I keep getting mentally sidelined narrating how cute and short you are now.”

Rick blinked. “I’m cute?”

“I believe the intrusive thought just described you as ‘a fey fox desperately in need of a loving, protective guardian to indulge in its pot of gold’.”

Rick choked on his drink.

“I know, right? You are extra cute now, though.”

Rick blushed harder than he expected to. This was weird. He’d been complimented on her looks lots of times before, he shouldn’t be reacting like this just from a little praise on being all… adorable or whatever. To his shock Val scooted out of her seat and swept in next to him and threw and arm over his shoulders to pull him in close.

“Aww, feeling shy?” She teased, a new edge in her voice that sent shivers crawling down Rick’s spine.  Her smile took a crooked tilt at the edges as she looked down at him, leaving Rick suddenly aware of how sharp her canines had become as of late. He turned and decided to go right back to drinking his water instead of focusing on her face so much, he was just, really thirsty all of a sudden, ya know??? Yeah.

Valerie was having absolutely none of that though as she used a single finger placed under his chin to tilt his face right back up to look at her. He gulped nervously.

“Keep acting cute like this and I might just start to think you’re an omega, dear.” Val’s voice took a lighter tone as she continued, leaning over and crowding into his space. “You’d make *such* a cute little one, by the way. Maybe I should claim you now just in case?” Her breath rolled hot against his skin at so close a range, her mouth still open and teeth ready to just dart in and clamp around his neck. A writhing heat in his own chest seemed to be clawing, no, screaming out through his rib cage in a traitorous attempt to leap into her maw himself and beg her to bite down. To whimper and beg for her to pin him down and-

Rick slapped himself on the cheek. Bad horny thoughts! “Val, you’re doing it again.”

Val blinked, then pulled back now blushing herself. “Ah, uhm, sorry, I keep getting carried away looking at you.” Her hand was now over her mouth, mercifully hiding those sharp fangs from his view.

Rick needed another moment to calm himself down before he could continue the conversation. “I think the genre is corrupting us.”

Val glanced aside to the TV set above the couches slash unofficial orgy pit. It proudly displayed this world’ version of military conflict, a wrestling match between a woman wearing hammer and sickle bikinis set against another woman wearing a lingerie version of the mountie uniform over who would get to ‘mine’ Miss. America’s ‘oil’ (see: peg her until she cums all over their face). “There’s worse settings to be corrupted by, I think.” Val said with a wry grin.

Rick shut the door behind him with a heavy sigh. Another day without any leads to speak of. To make matters worse, everywhere he went now people kept talking to him with that same sort of casual condescension that he got from Val but without the underlying warmth. It was probably because he was short now. Like, actually short. And soft? All of his old clothes didn’t seem to fit right and hung off his shoulders wrong, and Val kept saying he’d gotten all smooth and nice and- Rick shook his head. That kind of thought was way too easy to blend into more intrusive genre thoughts. Maybe Val had made some progress?

Speaking of the devil, there she was, pumping iron right in the middle of the living room. In the weeks since they had first been shunted into this world via frozen dairy transit, she had commented multiple times about feeling an excess of energy. Usually that meant she just needed a blowjob, and Rick was proud to say that his blowie skills were MUCH better now than before. But when that wasn’t the case, she had taken to weight lifting instead. The end result was that Val was now practically amazonian in build, towering over Rick as a pillar of strength and, in this immediate moment, sweat.

Rick tried very hard to not think about how intoxicating the smell of Val working out was. That always inspired Horny Thoughts which was a one way ticket to Genre Thoughts which would always lead to a night of getting Nothing Productive done in favor of getting railed by his hot huge gf all night (soreness, like unsexy conflict in this world, seemed to also not be an issue as he could take a solid pounding seven days a week and not once have to worry about his ass getting tired). Though his mind seemed especially elated at the prospect of being able to get more of her scent, though. Which was also weird. He’d been kind of mentally stuck on her all day, actually. Like, distracted, but, hornier??? He grumbled. Thinking hard. He just wanted to cuddle up in her lap all night. Where was he again? Oh yeah, his hot huge girlfriend who was currently wiping herself down with a towel (he felt kind of jealous of that towel) and checking the calendar for some reason.

“Hey babe,” Val shot him a playful wink, very pointedly stretching her arms above her head to give him an eyeful of her tight, butch bod. Rick’s eyes unsubtly danced repeatedly from her chest to her armpits. He didn’t know if the pits was a kink he had before but by hickory was it becoming one with how much Val insisted on flaunting her scent while working out, usually followed by stretching her legs and- Not the time! “Do you have a moment to talk?”

“Uh, yeah, totally.” Rick answered with a totally normal amount of hornt in his voice.

Val kept scrubbing herself clean of sweat with her hand towel as she continued, only momentarily betraying an ounce of uncertainty as her expression shifted before hardening into a calm focus. Rick didn’t notice that part though, he was too busy feeling kind of weirdly extra warm today. Like, warm on the inside and the longer he looked at her the warmer it got but he didn’t think it would get better if he stripped down. “So, I don’t think we should bother to keep looking for a way to isekai back home.” WHAT!? Rick dropped the horny thoughts entirely to look aghast upon his girlfriend.

“Wha-” Rick’s attempt to interrupt was silenced by Val simply placing a finger upon his lips, not only shutting off his entirely train of thought but in fact blanking out his brain with horny queer thoughts about her doing other things to his mouth as well.

“So, a week ago I found a support group for isekai victims like us. Turns out, we’re not the only ones who have been dumped here by means of vehicular manslaughter with a side of popsicles, and when I listened to them talk about all of their own old worlds I realized that every single one of them sounded just as much like fake questionable fanfic content as this one, and that made me start actually wondering about us and the world we came from? Like, I honestly think we just went from one location of narrative fiat to another for the purposes of creating a fish out of water scenario for humor in the midst of a very erotically charged setting.”

Rick leaned to the side from her silencing finger. “You can’t be serious.”

“Also, our old world? Kind of sucked. It had like, violence. And not even the fun kind of violence we get here.”

“But it’s our home???”

“Literally only so we could be isekai’d here and have some kind of goal to fill time inbetween arrival and smutty erotic scenes…” Val suddenly shoved her hand up Rick’s shirt, open palm resting against his lower stomach. “...about five minutes from now.”

Rick shuddered into the touch. It felt invasive, but comforting to some part of him that felt like it was ever so close to catching fire and burning up without her. He just bit his lip instead, manifesting confusion only in a pathetic pout up at her. “Val-”

“That’s another thing. Like, we’re really not all that different from every other shallow plot weirdo we’ve seen out here. Your name, for example? Richard P. Enys?” She gave him a knowing look, which Rick was just confused by. “Your name is Dick Penis, you adorable dumbass. I didn’t get it much better either, Val Gyna? Vagina? Anyway on that note I’m also gonna file some paperwork to change our names.”

“Our??? Val, you can’t change my name for me-”

“Actually if I’m your Alpha and it’s hot for me to do so then I can, and really easily at that.”

“But you’re not my alpha? We’re dating but you have to do claiming bites and I’m not an omega and…” Rick trailed off as he looked up at her grinning face, sharp teeth shining down upon him. He gulped. “I’m not…” Her hand pressed harder into his lower stomach, highlighting the melting temperature brewing within his body. “I’m… um… I’m not… right?”

“And *that* is why I waited until now to talk about it.” She slid her hand up along his torso before releasing him to flick his cute little nose. “I figured one month would be about the right amount of time for you to present and have your first heat.” She shoved her used towel up over Rick’s face, drowning him in her scent directly before she grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved him over onto their bed, straddling atop him afterwards.

The overwhelming hit of pheromones unlocked the tidal wave within Rick’s body, sending him into a dizzying spiral of fresh hormones surging through his body. Brilliant, blazing heat seared the inside of his veins with how badly it screamed in desperate need for more, only growing by the second as his whole world seemed to tilt down and leave him falling directly towards Val.
“My sweet, adorable little omega.” Val purred, smearing her towel around his face some more. “You’re going to listen to *everything* I say now, isn’t that right?” Rick’s vision was blurring apart everywhere except for her, all sound became empty static, every thought that wasn’t of trying to beg and plead for more was just popping apart. He couldn’t reply verbally at that point, instead making a pathetic mewl underneath the rag. “Good girl! From now on, I’m Leona Ironheart. That sounds like a nice butchy name, doesn’t it?” Leona asked, only then moving her cloth off of his face to give him time to reply.

Rick just whimpered. His brain was completely off to the pasture.

“Thought so. You’ll be Maple.” Leona beamed down at her prize.

Maple snapped out of it at that. “Maple!?” He shouted through the fog.

“Sugar. My tasty little Maple Sugar~”

“Va-” Maple started, but a sharp growl from above shut THAT little act of insubordination off at the bud. “...Leona, you’re being corrupted by the genre, you need to stop before it’s too late.”

“Hmmm, nope!” She pinched his nose, forcing him to gasp with his mouth wide open before stuffing the rag back in there to intoxicate him again. “This is a different world from our home, dear, and here we *really* need to listen to what our body tells us. Yours is telling you that it needs to get fucked, and mine is telling me that I want to forcefemme you. Narrative fiat will smooth over all the problems, so tonight we’re going to listen to our carnal selves.”

Maple knew that this was a problem. He knew, in objective terms that he *should* protest and struggle but the energy to even think that was rapidly draining from his body in favor of savoring ever more of Leona’s scent washing over him in waves, luring his flesh to flush red with wanton fervor, spread his legs, and beg for her knot.

Damn this traitorous flesh.

Fortunately for the pathetic omega his alpha was already atop him to solve all these problems for him. Leona tore the clothes off of his body, her strong hands ripping the cloth with a casual ease before grabbing his molten skin and manhandling him into position on her lap. “You ready to be my good girl, Maple?” Leona asked through a heavy growl.

Maple spat out the towel. “Please.” She whimpered. Already memories seemed to be rising up from the fog of times spent jealous of other women for their adorability, of despising the way testosterone warped her body, and for FUCKS sake she couldn’t even tell at this point if those were real memories or a lazy attempt at writing to make the forcefemming plot cool after the fact.

“Stars your hips are fucking ridiculous.” Leona gasped as she grabbed Maple’s hips firmly, brought herself to position, and then just teased her pet with slow, grinding motions without true penetration.

Fuck, Maple managed to think between frustrated gasps and futile attempts to push back and mount herself upon her hot butch girlfriend. The only way this could be hotter is if Leona was also a hot werewolf too.

Leona immediately thrust into her omega, howling in satisfaction as she also burst out of her human flesh revealing herself to be a werewolf all along, all claws and fangs grasping possessively upon her prize.

Oh come on! Maple thought. Now whatever hack isn’t even pretending to string together this random series of occurrences into a cohesive narrative. Which is true, I just think werewolf butch lesbian tops are super hot. Anyway, back to the fuck Leona got to all the bumping, grinding, groaning, moaning, and every other possible verb that could be used to describe the act of thrusting into her omega repeatedly at length in a fashion that doesn’t count as taking because really Maple was already wholly hers all along. At the zenith that I don’t feel like taking another five paragraphs to get to her maw swung wide open, clamping around the throat of her mate in a visceral act of violence that established the soul bond (which was totally there the whole time, I swear) and permanently marking Maple not only as her mate but burning her status as Leona’s sub into her very soul.

Maple’s last ability to struggle against the genre, to stand up and believe that there was something innately weird or wrong about existing inside a shoddily slapped together version of fiction, was rapidly dwindling by the second, drowned out by the intense waves of satisfaction coming from her hot butch werewolf gf wrapped all around her burning body and filling her with a primal satisfaction that would, for only a moment, bring her heat to abatement. Exhaustion was the traitor that crumbled the last holdouts on her psychological walls. It was with a sigh of relief that she let herself believe that perhaps this was for the best, then a shudder of contentment as her soul finally accepted the wolf upon her as the one who would make everything okay. She let her eyes gently slip closed into the afterglow of primal satisfaction, hands moving to grasp and cuddle Leona and keep her close at hand when the heat returned in oh about ten minutes.

Which is exactly when the two heard a loud HONK! HONK! And an ice cream truck shattered the very crust of the earth, rocketing up towards them with blinding speed to launch them bodily out of THAT silly setting. Maple felt herself get launched through the air, flip five times, and then land face-first ass up into a grassy field with Leona’s cum still dripping down her thighs in all it’s glory.

“Whew! That was close!” Maple popped up with an unusual pep in her step. “I almost lost myself to the vibes there.” The vista that she rose up to see had nothing in common with the urban world she had left behind, instead being one of brilliant rolling hills, forests with trees sweeping up towards the skies, grand mountains off in the distance and- oh, no, there’s a flying castle too. It’s a fantasy setting. She pondered for a minute to recall her isekai animes, regretted her lamentable taste, and then tried waving her hand in the air to conjure a heads up display.

True to her genre expectations, a user interface appeared, and with it a whole adventurer plate handily spat up information for her.

Maple Sugar
Level 63 Dragon Layer (A class that specializes in fucking any array of monstrous species otherwise physically impossible for one to copulate with succesfully. Have fun!!!)
Girl (Femboy (Force-femme’d Edition) ) - Omega Nadir (The biggest subbiest horniest perma-heated omega slut out there. Congratulations!)

Maple blanched. Maybe she wasn’t as safe as she thought. A quick pat down revealed that her “gear”, if it could be called that, consisted of a chainmail bikini top, cloth sleeves and thigh-highs, and set of chains that connected to a chastity cage on her adorable package that had no relation with armor on any level and a lot more in common with pretty jewelry to highlight how much her tool was not the functional part of this body.

She assumed correctly that she probably had a tramp stamp tattoo inviting monsters to make use of her rear as well.

Already the mere thought of an actual dragon pinning her down to the floor and having it’s way with her body sent a fresh wave of fire sprawling through her body. Now that she’d experienced it once she knew that to be a sign that within say five minutes she was going to be reduced to crawling and begging for satisfaction. Her hands crawled up to her neck, feeling the still fresh wound of her soulmate bite on her neck framed against a firm metal ring, to which was attached a chain that fell down to the floor. She traced it’s path through the grass over to the side, then up to see Leona standing beside her scrolling through her own menus as well.

Where Maple had been reduced to an overgeared sextoy, Leona had been elevated. Her body was still towering in its might, and was now dressed in practical leathers and metal of protective gear. Blades, collars, chains, whips, and a daunting looking riding crop were all clipped on a harness that bore the weight of implication of all those tools being useful to her, and all of which were on hand to be used on her pet. Maple felt herself sweating. She looked up one more step, seeing the receding lines of fur as Leona slipped out of her werewolf form and fuck Maple wanted her to wolf out and fuck her again already. She’d beg, she’d whimper and whine and grind against that woman’s calf just for an ounce of satisfaction, she was sure.

Leona looked up from her ID and gave Maple a wicked grin. Her hand unclipped the riding crop from her side and gave it a solid THWAK! into her palm. “Guess what, dear?” She asked with a threateningly chipper tone that sent shivers of anticipation down Maple’s spine. “I’m a Femboy Tamer!”

Remember everyone if you see a twink in the wild don't feed it, you'll train it to not be afraid of humans and that's bad.


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