37 - Outpatient

by Fluxom

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #drugs #f/f #graphic_violence #hurt/comfort #scifi #accidental_conditioning #anxiety #blood #depression #disassociation #dom:female #dom:internalized_imperialism #dom:plant #Human_Domestication_Guide #medical_play #mindbreak #paranoia #self_care_is_over_were_doing_drugs_now #self_harm #self_harm_is_over_were_still_doing_drugs #sub:female #xenophobia
See spoiler tags : #awake_surgery #parasite/symbiote #plant_vampirism #sadomasochism #torture

cw for being a little horny if you squint at it

Autumn didn’t expect that going into an affini medical room would make her feel like she was on a trip to the pediatrician’s again. Maybe it was the fact that everything was scaled for someone twice her size and thus her feet dangled into the air over the edge of her seat. Maybe it was the part where Sinapis had offered her a business card, and then when she reached for it they had played a quick sleight of hand so she grabbed a lollipop instead. But it was probably the part where Solanum wouldn’t stop petting her head a bunch and telling her that it’d be okay as Sinapis prepped their tools for removing her current implants.

No it was probably the first two parts, Solanum had been petting her nonstop for weeks now. The big softie.

As soon as the medical review was done Sinapis had Autumn’s seat move into a horizontal position, then asked her to scoot up until her head hung off the end of it to leave her neck exposed. “I’m going to take care of these three now. If you feel anything please just say the word and I’ll make sure you’re properly anesthetized.” Sinapis said as they twirled something that looked like an uncomfortable cross between a scalpel and a fish hook. “Solanum, please distract your pet.”

On cue, Solanum put her hands on both sides of Autumn’s face and gently guided her attention back towards her affini. It was rather easy for Autumn to look at Solanum instead of, well, anything else given the awkward position of her neck. “I’m so proud of you, little Autumn.” Solanum whispered, the soft tones of her voice playing into a quiet purr that practically danced in her human’s ears. Autumn couldn’t help but smile at that, especially with how Solanum kept smiling down at her and rubbing her head and aaaaahhhh she was such a plantfucking lesbian now apparently.

A soft tugging sensation sparked up on the side of her neck, followed quickly by a bloom of cold numbness that washed across her like a collar of ice. The rest of her body followed soon after, becoming a hazy mess of static that drifted into an empty cold fog. She could vaguely tell that there was more tugging, something slithering around inside of her, but she couldn’t place quite where anymore, and her body didn’t react to it even to gasp and squirm. “They’re just working your neck implant off now.” Solanum spoke quietly. “You’ve healed wonderfully, by the way. I was scared when I first put that in that it might hurt your cute voice, but turns out all it’s going to leave you with is a pretty little scar right...” Solanum slid her forethumb along Autumn’s cheek, tracing to her chin before sliding right over and bringing a fresh sense of clarity over Autumn’s now exposed neck. “Here.”

Like a blade through a cloud Solanum’s finger created a sudden vision of clarity over Autumn’s flesh, defining the gentle curves of her jugular vein before defining the raised bump of still sensitive skin where the implant had once pierced through. Autumn breathed in sharply, vaguely feeling something that could have been her hand tightening against her cropped shirt. Solanum’s hands continued to cover over the open flesh of her nape, giving an exploratory touch across the whole ring of the structure with a surprising rush of clarity into Autumn’s mind. She’d had that plant collar on long enough she’d gotten completely used to it’s presence, practically forgotten it entirely, and now that Solanum could just touch her there directly she felt so… exposed.

Cold air brushed her skin and she shivered. She was absolutely exposed. This felt worse than being naked. She wanted, no, needed something to fill that void. Maybe Solanum would let her get a turtleneck sweater after this or- speak of the deli, Solanum slipped the soft cloth of a collar over Autumn’s neck and she, in turn, relaxed back into the affini’s hands with a surprising sense of calm. That incited a broad grin in Sol’s features that was plainly caused by the sheer rush of *submission* she’d given to the affini.

“Aren’t you an easily distracted little thing?” Solanum whispered. “You didn’t even notice Sinapis getting wrist-deep inside your stomach.” Autumn went wide-eyed, but her body didn’t listen enough to tense up. What!?

“Oh please it’s not that dramatic,” Sinapis whined. “I’m not even digging into her, I just need to disentangle the structure and cut the lines that cross her skin.”

“It kind of looks like you’re poking around inside of her.”

“Well I’m not, and I would know, I’m the expert on implants here.” Sinapis said as they tossed a lollipop at Solanum’s face. After a small series of snipping sounds they proudly proclaimed, “You’re all good for your lil tummy implant now! You might have some lasting sensitivity but unless the pain starts back up you won’t need to worry about it. I just need to take care of your arm now.”

“Good job, Autumn!” Solanum gave her a little peck on the nose as she spoke, then unwrapped the lollipop to pop it into her mouth. Autumn felt as if in what might as well be a past life at this point she would have objected to being so infantilized as being treated to lollipops and head rubs at a doctor visit but somehow it didn’t even come across to bother her at this point. She just… just wanted to feel more of Solanum’s affection, honestly.

The gentle pressure of the collar on her neck was a comfortingly familiar sensation she hadn’t realized she missed so much. Like a gentle reminder of the fact that she was the affini’s possession. A treasured little being who- ouch! She flinched as she felt a prickling sensation bloom across her arm. “Sorry about that,” Sinapis answered, and soon after another bloom of cold fog washed up from her wrist. “So, I have some good news and bad news about your arm.”

Solanum pouted, but Autumn barely even registered the need for concern. “Well?” Solanum asked.

“I can remove the casting material now but the root structures will have to remain in place for a while more. Whatever happened to your hand seems to have really done a rough job and you’re still sensitive there. So, you’ll be able to move again but you’ll continue to experience some heightened sensitivity and difficulty with precise movement until we can take those out.”

“Actually,” Solanum spoke up. “We wanted to schedule a haustoric implant while we’re here.”

“Even better! Then we can leave it and the implant will absorb the materials on it’s own.”

“We also want it done via open surgery.”

Sinapis went silent, and Autumn could vaguely feel the tug on her wrist suddenly jerk to the side. “...Solanum, “ Sinapis eventually said in the affini tongue. “You’re not trying to pressure her into this, are you?”

“The opposite, it was my idea.” Autumn replied in the same language. Sinapis perked up in surprise at that little trick. “I want to see it- the implant, I mean. I want to see it put inside of me and I want to see how it connects and know for sure that Solanum is a part of me.”

“The process tends to be traumatic, even with amnesiacs.”

“I know.”

“You’ll need to be rendered incapable of movement during the operation. This can cause feelings of paradoxical claustrophobia which persist even after the operation.”

“I know, I just-” Autumn attempted to sit up to assert herself, but found that her body still wasn’t interested in listening to her at all. “I saw you do the operation on Qiru. I know what happens. I also know that you lot can stitch me back together afterwards.”

“I- fine. Fine!” Sinapis grew an extra pair of hands just to throw them up into the air in defeat. “And here I thought I was done with having to do these surgeries for a while. You’ll need to grow the implant ahead of time, if we start now and prep it in a nutrient bath it’ll be ready in five days.”

“Thank you.” Autumn said with a soft smile.

“Hey don’t thank me yet, I may be the best expert for this on the Baiera but there’s still risks. Standard disclaimer implants done this way have a slightly increased risk of side effects including but not limited to headaches, migraines, bloody noses, nausea, spontaneous vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, muscle spasms, loss of muscle coordination, loss of balance, induced psychosis episodes, induced schizophrenia, amnesia, random bruising, back pain, neck pain, spontaneous heart failure, seemingly inexplicable weight loss, urinary incontinence, paralysis, catatonia, hallucinatory episodes, lost or altered sense of self, and in rare cases the sudden development of a sweet tooth.”

“How often?” Solanum asked nervously.

“One in a million, and if symptoms do appear we know how to address them. You can thank our cotyledons for that. Except for the sweet tooth part, that’s just your implant saying it’s not getting enough raw sucrose materials from your body as is.” A vine slithered across the room to shuffle through a high shelf, then returned with a small book that they dropped into Autumn’s lap. “Here, I get the sense you’re a hands on sort so you should take a copy of this.”

Autumn glanced at Solanum, who kindly picked up the book and moved it to rest in Autumn’s field of view. The bright and colorful cover declared itself with the words ‘Your Implant and You! A dandy handy guide for florets-to-be.’ with lackadaisical cartoons of a human holding hands with an affini and a disembodied spine.

“I wrote it myself,” Sinapis said with a proud sort of tone. “My florets did all the illustrations though, they were a lot of help. Can you move your right index finger, please?” Autumn attempted to command her finger to move, but couldn’t actually feel if it was doing anything through the fog. “Beautiful, I’ll get the rest off of this in short order. Sinapis proceeded to hum a jaunty little tune as they worked doing… whatever it was that they had to do exactly to get that mess of roots off of her body. Within a few short minutes Sinapis handily finished their work, peeling off the cast entirely and revealing Autumn’s hand good as new.

Well, good as new if new still meant having an intricate web of green lines skating just under the surface of her skin. Once the affini freed her from the duty of having to sit still, Autumn draped her hand up into her sightline and simply stared at it. Much like the collar she was bewildered by the feeling of fresh air flowing over bare skin again, then even more surprised to see the web of roots inside her skin bend and flow fluidly with her movements as she opened and closed her fist.

It was… weird, to say the least. To have a usable hand again, for one, but also to have a foreign body so blatantly under her skin and feel absolutely nothing because of it. She expected, well, no, she shouldn’t have expected anything at this point. She had become such a far cry from herself before, and even a slight touch against her own skin revealed how deep the change had become. Soft skin, dull senses, heightened touch sensitivity. Like some sort of cuddly pillow in human shape. Solanum leaned in against her and her touch elicited an all too familiar wave of soft comfort over her body, sending her shivering and smiling in delight as she mirrored the gesture.

This was a pet’s body. She smiled as the words danced through her head. It was a pet’s body just like every other dull eyed, spaced out, blissed up terran she’d seen other affini having doting off their side. But even more importantly, this was *Solanum’s*.

“So, got any big ideas of what to do now that you have two hands again?” Solanum asked.

“I’ve got the perfect thing in mind.” Autumn grinned.

With the power of two hands and two opposable thumbs Autumn handily beat one of those platformer games Dawn had meticulously salvaged. “Huh, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen the end credits” Dawn said with a tone of open surprise. The two were sprawled out across soft carpet, laying on their stomachs with their legs lazily draped about each other and their heads propped up on a combination of either pillows or their own hands for support.

“My power is great and terrifying, I know.” Autumn replied with a very genuine feeling confidence. Even if it did take dumping the game down to it’s easiest difficulty and more game overs than she had fingers to count with. She attempted to twirl the controller on one of her fingers, then immediately had an awkward muscle spasm which sent the controller flopping over into the stacks of pillows.

Dawn rolled over onto her side and with a soft chuckle. “Great and terrible, huh?”

“Watch out, I might just use my powers to smite you next.” Autumn gave her a pinch on the cheek at that.

Dawn just laughed soft and rolled back onto her front, clumsy hands slipping through her shirt to toss it off and over Autumn’s head. “Well can you give me a massage with your great and fearsome power then?”

“I suppose if Hesplex can’t-”

“We absolutely can!” Hesperia burst in faster than Autumn could possibly track and rolled down across the floor to come resting beside Dawn, one arm strewn lackadaisically across her waist.

Ilex came in right after, prancing across to leap over the three and land in a pile at Autumn’s side, arm draped over her waist as well. “We do it all the time, it does wonders for her back cramps.”

“Hesplex!” Dawn practically shouted, taking one of her pillows and tossing it over Autumn into Ilex’s face. “I’m trying to flir-ooohhh flowers.” Once her voice had crescendoed out her body shook, then collapsed face-first into the pile soft materials ahead of her. “aaAutummn,” She mumbled, voice shaking. “Wait, please, fading.” Her hands moved to the back of her head, which she shook side to side in an attempt to rouse herself. Hesperia, meanwhile, trailed her fingers up along the length of Dawn’s back, coming to rest at the back of her neck where her vines slithered around to grip Dawn’s chin.

Ilex leaned over Autumn and took one of her hands, bringing it to Dawn’s back in short order. “Let’s not waste an opportunity here, little one.” She spoke softly. “Here, press down on this spot.” Autumn obeyed, and was rewarded with a sensation of something solid hiding beneath the layers of skin and muscle inside of the cotyledon. “Feel that? It’s part of the implant that’s overgrown it’s boundaries. Normally they’re not so tangible, but like everything else she is a special case.”

Hesplex pressed on Autumn’s hand, sliding her fingers to either side of the rigid shape of the implant. A double helix pattern laced it’s way across the cotyledon’s spine, rapidly splitting off into smaller and smaller branches as it coursed down the length of her back.  With another soft squeeze she guided Autumn through the length of an offshoot, showing her where it branched out or faded away into the deeper layers of Dawn’s flesh.

“You’ll need to avoid direct pressure, that will just hurt her. But following along the sides does *wonders* for our lovely little Dawn.” Ilex’s voice slithered through Autumn’s mind, softly parting her thoughts in favor of a gentle attentiveness that the affini commanded from her body. “Oh where are our manners? Are you willing to give Dawn a massage? She dearly needs it, see that twitching here?” She moved Autumn’s hand to just under Dawn’s shoulder blade, revealing a soft spasm from her muscles. 

“That’s a sign that she’s feeling pain again. Medication helps her not notice, but her body still suffers. But that’s okay, we’ve learned all…” She lead Autumn’s fingers in towards the center of Dawn’s back, right next to her spine. “Of the right signs…” Ilex’s vines gripped the human’s hand like a net glove, bending her fingers to push just the tips against quivering skin. “To relieve her.” With a gentle stroke out towards Dawn’s side, Autumn felt a rise in tension from the muscles pushing against her, culminating in a spike of tightening flesh before, like a delicious sigh, it released and gave way for her.

Dawn’s voice arose next as a sleepy moan, culminating in a *snap* that shook her back to the waking world just as the waves of relief that crashed over her. “Ooohhhh~ thannnk yhhhh-” Dawn’s face flopped forward into the pillow, body shaking softly under the sensation.

Autumn bit her lip. Fuck. Now she absolutely had to hear more of that. She pushed herself out of Ilex’s grasp and straddled Dawn’s thighs, towering over the cotyledon before putting her hands against her shoulders. “You’re welcome, Dawn.” She licked her lips as she pressed downward, familiarizing herself with the signs of the woman’s implants before she continued.

“I’d like to thank you too, dear” Hesperia purred.

“Me as well,” Ilex scooted in closer, the two affini moving to lay on their back and look lovingly up at their guest.

“We’re so flattered that you thought to spend time with Dawn with your newfound freedoms.” Hesperia added. Truth be told, Dawn was second on her to-do list, but Solanum had been dragged kicking and screaming by a glint-eyed Sinapis muttering about ‘sample collection’ and ‘cellular cultivation’ that needed to be done. Autumn decided not to share that part since she’d want to see Dawn right after anyway.

“Dawn’s grateful too, isn’t that right, Dawn?” Ilex moved her arm up to rest beside Dawn’s head, grazing her cheek ever so slightly to elicit another quiet moan from the girl.

“Don’t worry, love.” Hesperia said to her pet.

“You don’t need to do anything but enjoy yourself.” Ilex added.

“We’ll take lovely care of you.” Autumn finished with a grin. She pressed down under Dawn’s ribs, fingers trailing gentle lines around the implant’s overgrowth and into the readily yielding flesh. She was so soft, so yielding, so *ready* for Autumn’s attention. As her touch turned tension into more cries of relief, they also gave rise to a reciprocal feeling of want within Autumn’s own chest. Another touch, another moan, another soft shiver that signaled Dawn melting into place.

Hesplex remained on either side of their pet, looking Autumn in the with gleeful stares. Their false lips moved into a quiet whisper, silently encouraging her. ‘Keep going,’ they mouthed. ‘Push a little more’, ‘just like that’, ‘good girl’. As they spoke, a small plume of pink smoke trailed from their mouth, and Autumn happily breathed it in. Keep going. She pushed into Dawn’s back with persistence, chasing out the little knots of tension that bubbled up from within her grafted body. Push a little more. She balled her hand to press her knuckles into a spot near Dawn’s shoulders, eliciting another shuddering gasp that had Dawn shivering for more. Just like that, Hesplex cooed. Good girl. Just like that.

Autumn felt like was getting drunk on the raw sensation of Dawn’s physical submission to her. Was this how Hesplex felt? Was this the feeling of dominance that they chased all the time? ‘You don’t know the half of it’, Ilex mouthed. Autumn breathed in more of their gas, letting it slip through her brain with a fresh tide of hunger. She wanted more. Hesplex were making her want more of this and she let them. Autumn licked her lips.

Autumn leaned in close to whisper into Dawn’s ear. “Dawn, dear,” She spoke, and Dawn whimpered wantingly in return. “Say the word and I’ll stop at any time. Now flip over.” Hesplex’s shared grin gained a hungry edge to it. Dawn moved obediently, only needing help in having Autumn relieve pressure off her thighs for a second.

Stars above she was so beautiful.

“May I kiss you?” Autumn breathed.

“Please,” Dawn begged.

Their lips met in the middle, Dawn yielding where Autumn pushed, the human’s hands grabbing at the cotyledon’s sides hungrily. Drug-fumed breath mingled from one to another and soon the two were lost in a dizzy haze of wanting contact, Autumn tossing aside her dress to mirror Dawn’s topless state just for ever more skin contact. It wasn’t enough. She needed more. More of Dawn, more touch, more of the haze that was writhing through her brain.

When Hesperia sat up to lean into a kiss of her own, Autumn gladly let her, revelling in the smoke that billowed out of the affini to flood her lungs in turn. Ilex dipped in after, shotgunning the human with a second hit of that wonderful mystery chemical. Last was Autumn dipping down to then shotgun Dawn, sending the two on a delicate downward spiral of sensate delight.

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