35 - Kink Negotiations

by Fluxom

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See spoiler tags : #awake_surgery #parasite/symbiote #plant_vampirism #sadomasochism #torture

for the love of god do not take this writing as a genuine statement about how kink relations or negotiations go I am foreshortening a lot for the sake of not making this story 80 chapters it's already so long aaaaaaaaaaa

When Solanum had described needing to do an excessive amount of paperwork to handle her claiming of Autumn the human had pictured a stack of paper of a reasonable but unfortunate size.

What Solanum actually brought in was twelve boxes full of paper that she proceeded to lay claim to every flat surface in the dining room before spilling out into the living room then laying claim to the desk space in her bed room as well with, leaving Autumn in the awkward spot of trying to maneuver through a mess of vines dancing across the excessive width of the hab unit whenever she wished to travel across any section of it.

“Is all of this truly necessary?” Autumn asked as she idly peered through the seemingly endless stacks of paper.

The bulk of Solanum’s flesh was perched over a table in the dining room, hunched over with pens in hands  and vines and blitzing through the pages with a bewildering pace. “Of course not,” She grumbled. “This is the result of runaway fetishistic obsession with bureaucracy, most of this is matters of redundancies and reports.” She slipped a blue form out from the pile which proceeded to unfurl rapidly towards the floor. However, this tiem she caught it and promptly folded it back up before passing it to Autumn. “Also Hesplex sent another form requesting to take you as their pet. I think that’s their way of saying they’re bored and want to see you again.”

“They probably want to make you jealous, too.”

“It’s working.”

Autumn looked over the blue form, piecing apart the affini text as best she could. Something something acquisition for domestication, something something treaty, blah blah blah reasons given:

1. Dawn is exceptionally cute

With a doodle of said Dawn next to that bullet point. Autumn rolled the form into her pocket with an amused sigh. “Well, they certainly do love to flirt. Do you have a form filed like that, too?”

One of Solanum’s vines slipped by to the living room, returning with another rolled up blue form in short order. “Right here,” She said without looking up. “Though you’ll find my reasoning a touch more thorough and sound than theirs.”

Autumn peeked over to see that the first bullet point on Solanum’s form read ‘Autumn is exceptionally adorable and I love her lots’ with some hearts added. “I see. So where do I sign?” As she reached out to grab it Solanum suddenly coiled the vine back into herself faster than she could properly track.

“Oh, no, not yet. I still have a number of matters to handle before this can be filed.”

Autumn groaned in open frustration and flopped limply into Solanum’s body. “But Solanuuummmmm, we had that big emotional talk and everything and now I’m just WAITING for the rest to happen. Is there anything we can take care of now?”

Solanum silently looked from Autumn to the stacks of paper that had dominated the space.

“I mean that I can be involved in, dork.”

Solanum perked her head up, looking through the stacks of forms with a sense of futility. “Uhm, we could… hrm…”

“There’s not much for me to do, is there?”

“The current framework largely functions on the assumption that the subject is either being stripped of their autonomy by force or is actively seeking to have their autonomy stripped.” Solanum answered flatly. “I suppose we could do a contract negotiation? It’s… not particularly common these days I think, but it *would* help us establish boundaries and expectations.”

Autumn perked back up, looking towards Solanum expectantly.

“I… okay, fine.” She quietly folded out the forms ahead of her and took to clearing some space. From within a drawer in her personal desk, Solanum then produced a relatively clean form, some stacks of blank paper, and a series of pens for the two. “The first few lines are standard affairs for claiming pets these days.”

Autumn looked through the first few bullet points. Blah blah blah her guardian is Solanum Vitis. Solanum would own her, and by extension she would be considered property without political rights in the affini compact. “Question!” She asked, tapping her pen to the second line. “Would I have been given political rights if I were not a pet?”

“Yes, actually.”

“But not if you take me as a pet.”

“Correct. If I take you as my pet then you are considered property as opposed to a full fledged individual. Will that be a problem?”

“I guess I just keep forgetting the realities of the situation sometimes.” She said, eyes returning to the notes. She was guaranteed wellbeing as per the treaty, said guarantee didn’t protect her from discipline measures per Solanum’s discretion. “Do you have an example of what wellbeing is meant here?”

“If it’s the full version as per our Treaty with the Terran Protectorate, then this is it.” Solanum pulled a thick paperback book off a shelf and dropped it in front of her human.

Autumn took one look inside and immediately decided that her brain wasn’t going to be able to process all of that today. “Is there a short version?” She asked shyly.

“It’s my job to ensure that you’re emotionally and intellectually fulfilled, in good health as best we are able to guarantee, not being abused by myself or others, fed, clothed, homed, protected, all outlined in exhaustive detail.”
“And let me guess, the ‘emotionally and intellectually fulfilled’ part of this includes the option of lowering the bar on fulfillment via xenodrugs if need be.”

“Of course.”

“Can I get a guarantee to some degree of lucidity?”

“That sounds like a good choice for the first point.” Solanum tapped the pen on the blank paper. “What do you think, one lucid day for every 99 you spend lovingly dazed out in my lap?” She said with a teasing smile.

Autumn blinked in surprise. “You haven’t been much of the teasing type before.”

Solanum’s mouth dropped back to its neutral tilt. “You’re cute when you’re embarrassed, and that makes me want to try this ‘teasing’ thing to see it more often.” She said, “How about we make it a check in every other month? See how you’re feeling and adjust accordingly. It takes a bit to on and off ramp for class J’s like you want, and that’ll give us a balance of time so you can enjoy it properly.”

“That sounds good to me.”

Solanum wrote it down in affini script in short order. “Wonderful. How are you feeling about that… what was the word?”

“Painplay. And positive, you’ll have to teach me more but I’m open to learning from you.” Autumn said, casually writing ‘i consent to trying out painplay stuff’ before pausing and adding ‘within a reasonable measure that my frail human body can handle’.

Solanum suddenly leaned in against her, voice playing into her ear as she spoke, “Don’t worry Autumn, I’ll be sure to bring you just to the very edge of what you can handle, then teach you to expand those horizons in time.”

This time Autumn DID flush bright red with embarrassment, and quickly scribbled over the word ‘reasonable’ in her writing. “You mentioned you wanted to scar me?”

“Yes, actually.” Solanum’s play at confidence immediately faltered, putting her back on her heel as she attempted to speak past her obviously flustered emotions. “It’s, I mean, you don’t have to indulge me-”


“Okay, fine,” She chuffed once more. “There’s this practice I’ve learned of intentionally inflicting harm on the epidermis of species so that, when it heals, it creates scar patterns that are pleasing to the eye.”

Autumn put her elbows on the table and leaned into her hands. “I’m listening.”

Solanum’s leaves flattened out around her head, red flowers from her shoulder flaring out in a halfhearted attempt to cover her in turn. “I enjoy the thrill of possessing someone to such a degree that marks of my ownership can cover their physical body, and I like the process of creating such marks in and of itself as well.” She tapped her fingers together nervously, thumb and backthumbs alternating in a practiced act of stimulation. “I’m not going to lie, it would hurt. And bleed. And be a pain in the abdominals while it heals. And it would be permanent.”

“Factors that you like, I believe?”

“...Very much so, yes.”

“Well, tell me about what you picture when you think about it.” Autumn felt unusually calm given the subject of possibly half-flaying her for artistic purposes.

“A pattern, from the top of your feet to just across your jawline.” Solanum’s leaves seemed to inch back to their resting position as the words slipped from her mouth. “All curves, fractal patterns, floral shapes, I specifically want it to cover your current scars as well.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, it, this is selfish of me to think, but, you’re always so nervous about other people seeing them and I can’t help but hope that that if I covered them with something else that was, you know, intentional, beautiful, that maybe you could feel more comfortable in your body again.”

“So, if it’d cover the tops of my feet I imagine it would cover the back of my hands as well?”

“Yes!” Solanum openly perked up at this point, body energetically waving around to match her movements. “You see, I’m deeply familiar with the density and texture of flesh around the humanoid body at a normal state and given my history with your medical care specifically I think I have an intimate enough understanding that I could make an intricate sort of pattern that would be absolutely law-dropping.” At this point, Solanum had fully blown into a high energy state that reminded Autumn of Dawn rambling about building video game consoles again. “You see, fractal patterns tend to be highly popular in affini cultures as we can create them in natural, unpredictable shapes from self-directed materials and get pleasant surprises in the process. My personal tastes are to mix that with floral bloom and leaf shapes made by intentional patterns to compliment the naturally arrived shapes with a different sort of aesthetic energy.”

“Any specific flowers you have in mind?” Autumn asked, and watched Solanum proceed to leap up to her feet and pace about excitedly.

“I’m so glad you asked! You see, cardalath flowers come from a few systems away from here, have a highly intricate bloom pattern, and are the natural source of the cardamine capensis.”

“Ohhh, that’d be sweet. That was the first xenodrug I’ve taken, right?”

“Yes!” Solanum clapped, then continued tapping her fingers again. “It’s a matter of sentimental value but also visual beauty and the leaves would go well with the fractal spirals that it would be around.”

“So there should be a night’s tooth, right?”

Solanum froze up, body turning bright purple. “It’s, I mean, I would like that.”

“Okay let’s add that to the to-do list.”

Solanum’s purple blended with a blood red hue. “Autumn, uhm, you’re not, you’re not just doing this for my sake, right?”

Autumn patted the seat next to her, taking Solanum’s hands as she sat back down. “Solanum, I’m being completely serious here. Besides, I’m willing to bet you wanted to take it slow for my sake, right?”

Solanum nodded lightly. “I’d want to start with your outer thighs since you can see that area directly, and see if you were comfortable with continuing from there.”

“You big softie.” Autumn leapt up to give her a quick kiss. “Okay I’ll try it. But I want ice cream after each session.”

Solanum’s body crumpled inward, a veritable rainbow of warm shades playing across her leaves and voice emanating in a wild purr as she practically collapsed against Autumn. The affini was like a cat with how she kept rubbing up all over Autumn and purring all the while.

“Okay, okay, come on, we can cuddle all night tonight.” Autumn said, scooping up bits of Solanum’s body and dropping them back into her seat just for her to pour apart over the edge like some kind of plantlike gay spaghetti. She had to do this about ten times before she gave up and just accepted that she was going to be living inside a puddle of gay vines today.

Contract negotiations with Solanum ended up being a time consuming process as no sooner had Solanum calmed down than did Autumn ask if she had practiced the art of scarification before.

Turns out, not only did Solanum have a LENGTHY portfolio of scarification work, she also had a history of ‘trying to find some excitement in her life’ by being the equivalent of a professional dominatrix on various alien worlds.

“How is there always more to find out about you?” Autumn asked as Solanum flipped through various photos of herself posed over various aliens the human was completely unfamiliar with.

Solanum quietly shuffled the stacks of pictures together, making a point just to leave the ones of scars on hand. “I’ve been alive for a long time, and I’ve known of my raging sadism fetish for most of it as well.” She admitted shyly. “Also, I wouldn’t exactly lead with this when meeting people considering how awkward it is for me to bring it up at all.”

“You look pretty confident in these.”

“Yes, I, I have to get into character and then afterwards I always have this emotional drop and most places I’ve went there’s a quick sort of rush in whipping a stranger senseless but the ones that I met there pretty much universally,” She chuckled under her breath at her choice of words. “Wanted me to put in all the emotional work and left one-sidedly satisfied shortly after. It’s why I never stayed in any of the clubs for long, I’d burn out quickly and then want to discard the whole aesthetic before moving along to the next world.”

“Solanum needs lots of aftercare, got it” Autumn said with a small twirl of her pen before adding it to the scattershot list.

Solanum fell silent, arms wrapped around her waist and fingers sliding back and forth against her dark plates. “You’re not just doing all this for me, right?” She asked nervously.

Autumn hummed in response, eyes glancing over the work they’d done so far. “Would it help if I made some selfish demands?”

“I’d love to fulfill them, this relationship feels like I’m taking more than giving from you.”

“Take me out on a nice date at least once a week.”

“Easily done.”

“Also I want *lots* of physical affection.”

“Absolutely lovely.”

“Also whip me at least once in each class-J trance.”

“Abso- what?” Solanum dropped her pen in surprise.

“Annnnnnd I want a wild rose scarred into my forearm. There’s an old flower language thing where they meant pleasure and pain and that seems very appropriate.”

Solanum blinked in mute surprise.

“Also if you want to spank me or something like that for punishment play I think I’d probably enjoy it more if you like, said nice things about me instead of mean things? Like I’ve heard of people doing this sort of thing but being all ‘oh you naughty naughty girl’ but I don’t like being rude I just wanna skip to the part where you make me feel all funny and be reminded how much you love me.”

“O-okay,” Solanum quietly picked up her pen and took to writing.

“And I want to always have veto rights on outfits, sometimes I just feel inclined towards specific looks and I don’t want to lose the ability to like, fit my specific wants sometimes. Also! I want you to be open with your wants and needs around me, it’s difficult for me to help you when I don’t even know how you’re feeling. Also! I know my medications help with controlling my paranoia episodes and bad thoughts and the like but like, sometimes I still wanna just sit and talk them out even if they’re silly and weird and minor and like, you know, not worth mentioning otherwise?”

Solanum’s face turned to concern. “Are you still having difficulties with that?”

“Oh! No, you can relax, it’s very rare for it to be a problem now, but it can still happen? Liiiike right now I’m starting to worry that maybe I’m making a silly request and that by expressing vulnerability I’m ruining any chance I have of making a stable, meaningful relationship with you and I probably should have just kept my big stupid mouth shut oh jellybellies-”

“Autumn,” Solanum put a hand on her rambling human’s head. “I promise I’m not going to kick you out just because you still have paranoia episodes sometimes, and I also promise I’ll be right here to help you through them whenever they come up.”

Autumn smiled softly, reaching up to take Solanum’s hand off her head and wrap it up in a hug against her chest. “Thank you, I mean it.”

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