32 - Doms Deserve Aftercare Too

by Fluxom

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See spoiler tags : #awake_surgery #parasite/symbiote #plant_vampirism #sadomasochism #torture

cw this chapter is basically all a painplay scene with Autumn and Solanum

Hug your tops y'all

Autumn was not particularly familiar with the art of being tied up, but she did enjoy getting more attention from Solanum and that quickly led into her finding that she enjoyed being tied up by Solanum as well. The affini had led Autumn down to a kneeling position, then used the ropes to bind her legs together and her arms in front of her, always checking in to make sure Autumn was still comfortable.

“Here,” Solanum said as she slid a small button into Autumn’s palm. “If it ever gets to be too much just squeeze this and the implants will flood your body with painkillers. I’ll stop immediately as well, no questions asked. Also if you drop it. Are you familiar with safe words?”

Autumn wiggled against her bonds, testing the grip and finding that she wasn’t able to move up from her position. “Only in passing.” She answered. The encompassing feel of the ropes around her skin reminded her of Solanum’s vines pinning her in place, and she couldn’t help but feel her heart begin to pick up at the comparison.

“Say green if you want me to continue, yellow if you want me to pause, and red if you want me to stop.” Solanum’s hands trailed over Autumn’s bare back, fingers pressing into her muscles and gently massaging her as she talked. “Additionally, when you say yellow I’ll stop and listen to anything you have to say and adjust my actions accordingly. If you say red, everything stops, the bonds come off, and I’ll cuddle you as much as you want until you feel comfortable again. No questions asked, no debate.”

“So… I’m tied up, but I’m in control of this in a way?”

“In a way. I will only continue for as long as you wish for me to.”

Autumn smiled. “Even if you want to continue?”

“If I indulged myself to my own heart’s content here I’m afraid I might leave you with a number of the less exciting kind of scars.” Solanum replied casually, winding a handful of her vines from the palm of her hand down around her elbow, looping it a few times before grasping the bundle at one end and fanning it out into an improvised striker. “So yes, even if I want to continue I will stop the exact moment you wish me to,”

“And no sooner?”

“As hot as it would be for me to promise to continue until you explicitly say otherwise, I will have to give practical concerns some precedence here. So, I won’t go for longer than four hours for example, or continue if you start having a seizure.”

“That’s fair. So what’s on the docket for tonight?”

“I’m going to give you a nice warmup on your back with these vines, pause with a small massage, then unwind this and do five whip strikes. If you’re still feeling confident after that, I’ll do one more with my thorns out.”

Autumn bit her lip at the thought, remembering the singular clarifying point of pain that had cut through the haze before. “Will it bleed?”


“Then you’re welcome to indulge if it does.” Autumn heard the familiar rattle of Solanum’s barbed thorns that signified her excitement. She turned her head and saw Solanum’s face from the corner of her vision, eyes wide open in sheets pure red, mouth bent into an excited smile.

“You’ve made me very happy to hear that, Autumn.” She spoke, voice tinged with excitement. "Now, I need a moment to get into character before we start." She closed her eyes, body emitting a quiet rumbling purr as she forced herself to calm down. When she next opened them, they were once more a focused green tone locked onto Autumn’s back. 
She stretched her knuckles, letting the darkened arm flare to life in a wave across its length that saw thorns and needles slip through the wide layers of dark matter before settling back down into obscurity. Solanum then made a few practice strokes with her striker through the air, visibly enjoying the small cracking noise they made and adjusting the tool after each swing. 
When she was satisfied she finally spoke again, her voice having suddenly dropped into a low, confident tone that matched her rigid posture. "Now then, *pet*," She said, and Autumn shivered in excitement. Something in the way her voice had shifted sent a bloom of fear into Autumn's heart, like she had been cornered by a wild predator. But that fear only serves to begin a wave of excitement that rose up within her. "Are you ready?"
"Yes, ma'am!" Autumn answered automatically. Solanum's newfound confidence compelled her to answer on its own, without letting her take the time to even question it. She felt a sudden impact hit her back, surprising her both in the speed of it's arrival and the soft warm sting of it's absence. Solanum held the striker to the side for a moment, pausing quietly to gauge Autumn's reaction. "Green," Her human said. The first blow barely hurt any, but Sol had said it'd be a warm up first.
"You spoil me, little floret." Solanum spoke calmly as she made the second blow, this time eliciting a sudden gasp from her human as she did. "Such an obedient thing you are," The third strike came down at an angle, crossing over the two light red marks of her previous blows. "It's only fair I spoil you back in turn." The tilt to Solanum's voice dripped with a domineering hunger, excited at the sight of her prey so weak before her. She stretched her wrist, arm out and to the side, striker hanging loose in her grip.

CRACK! The fourth blow landed with a shocking amount of vigor, sending a wave of pure adrenaline surging through Autumn's body as her voice hitched in shock. The burning pain lingered even as Solanum chased it with other, lighter blows after that. But it echoed through her flesh with the same sort of warmth that she felt from Solanum’s touch, and with it the pain began to bleed into something else. Autumn took a deep breath and relaxed, letting her muscles release the sudden tension from the previous impact and bleed out that anxiety across her body.

No sooner did she relax than did Solanum give another heavy blow, sending her gasping for another sharp breath of air in turn. It wasn’t the kind of pain that she’d describe in usual terms. Not the sharp burn of a blade or the lingering hurt of an open wound. It was more like… a massage? Something that struck her softer than she’d expect yet forceful enough to push through her layers of muscle and knock out the balls of tension within. The sensation acted as a centering point for her, letting her draw herself into a moment of clarity here and now, where her body lit up and felt *alive* in a way it hadn’t in quite some time.

Autumn exhaled, letting her body relax fully, and Solanum struck again. When she gasped it was laced with a comfortable moan, letting the physical catharsis flow through her with ease and drawing her into a comfortable state of awareness. The two repeated this a few times, Solanum’s impacts getting stronger just a touch each blow until Autumn was drawing deep, even breaths, eyes unfocused but alert, body shivering lightly in the cold air with fresh adrenaline burning through her. “Green,” She said, licking her lips as she did so.

Solanum stepped closer and put a hand to her back, pushing against her muscles in an actual massage this time. “You’re doing wonderfully, my lovely little floret.” She purred, voice rumbling next to Autumn’s ear. Her human leaned her head to the sides towards her, mouth open and panting, quietly whispering that she wanted to experience more. “You will, one step at a time.” Solanum’s hands gripped her shoulders, kneading small circles through her flesh as she talked. “Next I’m going to do five strikes with the whip, do you think you can count them out for me?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Autumn answered quickly.

“Wonderful.” Solanum planted a kiss on her human’s cheek, then stepped back across the room to unfurl her striker. She slid the length of her vine along the palm of her simulated hand, drawing it out taut before giving it an experimental strike through the air. She adjusted her grip accordingly, and struck the air again, this time giving a sharp CRACK! that shook through Autumn’s body. “When you’re ready, I’ll begin.”

Autumn took a few deep breaths, feeling the state of her body within the boundary of ropes as she did. Letting the raw sensations along her back focus in on her mind. Letting the soft sting of adrenaline come into crystal clarity. “I’m ready.” She said after a moment. In an instant a blaring white light of pain burst into being across her back, creating a perfect image of clarity in her mind of that singular moment before it exploded outward into a wave of fire across her nerves. The raw noise of the whip hitting her flesh clapped in her ears with enough force to shut off her mind for a single instant, leaving her momentarily confused. “Mmmooore” She said on instinct, voice thick with excitement. She wanted more of that sharp focus slashing through her mind. She wanted more of the raw sensations burning inside of her.

“Don’t forget to count, floret.” Solanum said, voice similarly heavy with desire.

“One!” Autumn practically shouted, and was rewarded with another explosion of sensations through her body. The feelings felt more real than the dazed blur of reality she had been in, more present, more colorful, more loud. “Two!” Her body didn’t tense in reaction to the impact that time, instead letting it simply wash over her like a cleansing wave. Sweat soaked her flesh. “Three!” Her heart raced, but her lungs drew even breaths. Inhale, hold, exhale. At the zenith of her breath’s release Solanum struck again, giving another resounding crack that echoed through the room “Fou-ah!” The last one whipped back around and struck right after, cutting off Autumn’s voice into a moan. “Fh-fhhhh-” Autumn felt like her brain was swimming, but in a way completely different from the xenodrug induced hazes. She felt more connected with her body, not less, more aware and in the moment but without the focus and energy to enact upon the waking world, just able to revel in the minutiae of feelings across her skin. Something wet was dripping down her back. “Five.”

Solanum curled her vine back into her hand, stepping up close to Autumn once more to put her hand on top of the shivering human’s head. “I overdid that last one, sorry. You’re bleeding-”

“Green.” Autumn said.

Solanum was silent for a moment before she draped her vine before Autumn’s eyes. “I said that after the five strikes, I’d want to try one with the thorns if you were up for it.” To emphasize her point, a myriad of thorns slid out to the surface of her vine, revealing barbed edges along the length of it’s surface that glinted with a wicked threat.

Autumn tilted her head back towards her affini, exhausted smile painted onto her face. “Do it quick before I coward out and change my mind.”

“...Fine, but I’m going to hold you extra long afterwards.” Solanum returned to her previous position, once more giving an experimental swing of the whip before adjusting her grip. This time when it cracked against the air it was marked with a bladed whistling noise that trailed shivers of fear down Autumn’s spine. “Ready?”

“Yes.” Autumn answered in the affini’s tongue. She heard Solanum breathe in sharply at that, then heard the bladed whistle of her vine lashing through the air.

The sensation that bloomed across Autumn’s flesh was a savage roar of flayed skin as the thorns bit into her, wicked barbs clawing into skin and pulling it open as they passed. She screamed as they marked wide paths through her, followed by the red rivers of blood that chased it into the air along its path. The sensation more than just hurt, it was a sharp stab that reached through her chest and into her organs, followed by the harsh burn of exposed oxygen seeping through her skin. Her mind completely emptied into the flaming haze of anguish, voice screaming in what was first raw pain that began to settle into a needy whine.

Autumn slumped into her bonds, held up only by the elaborate series of ropes that postured her body for her. The slight shift was enough to send echoes of every ache and pain from her session, and with it reminders that this pain was given to her by Solanum. Each one lingered with the same aura of Solanum’s touch gracing her skin, the same lingering want as when her affini would hold her close. Exhaustion slipped up through her muscles not long after that, following the quick retreat of the adrenaline rush from earlier to bring her mind down into a deep state of calm despite the anguish that tried to claim her flesh.

When Solanum touched her back, she shivered, then moaned in open satisfaction. “Thhh-hank you, ma’am” She stuttered, smiling all the while.

“You’re welcome, little Autumn.” Solanum gave a sigh of relief and practically collapsed against her, arms tight around her body.

“Don’t forget I said you could drink.”

“You spoil me.”

“You deserve to be spoiled.”

Solanum growled at that, but soon after Autumn felt a series of pinpricks cover the open wounds on her back, followed by vines trailing over her skin to clean her off. Solanum’s body seemed to tense against her for a moment, then relax in kind as a soft shivering slid over her. “You’re delicious,” She whispered, arms wrapped around her human protectively. When Autumn glanced to her side she could see that Solanum seemed just as exhausted as her, if not more so. It seemed like as soon as she’d embraced Autumn all of the passion in her body had simply dropped all at once, leaving her in a state similar to her human.

“Hey,” She whispered, seeing Solanum’s eyes flicker with orange lights as they moved to look at her. “Untie me so I can hold you.”

A pair of vines slipped through the ropes and undid them in short order, releasing Autumn and allowing her to turn and climb into Solanum’s lap, returning her hug with a tight embrace. “Are you okay?” Solanum asked. “I think I overdid it on the last two, and I’m sorry if I scared you-”

“Sol, I feel *amazing*,” Autumn cut her off. “Thank you.”

One intense cuddle session, a wide array of stitches, two bottles of water, one assisted bath, and a fresh set of bandages later Solanum and Autumn were strewn out across her bed, bodies still wrapped around each other tightly. As it turned out, dom drop hit Solanum hard and no sooner was she done caring for Autumn’s new wounds than was she shivering with anxiety and fretting over her human’s body and mind all over again, which Autumn took to with an abundance of kind reassurances that yes, she wasn’t having an emotional break down and about to run away, yes she enjoyed her time even if it was more intense than she quite expected, and then insisting that she was willing to try more even as Solanum attempted to squirm into some excuse to tell herself to not offer again.

“You big softie,” Autumn spoke, interrupting Solanum’s entire train of thought by crawling up and locking lips with the affini. “Listen to me, I had a good time. I’d love to do that again with you, and I want you to show me more. Get it?”

Solanum turned bright purple in response, shyly turning her face into the pillow in a mock attempt at modesty. “You’re spoiling me, I mean it.”

“You deserve it.”

Solanum chuffed in response, sending a warm vibration over Autumn’s body as a result.She moved her head down to nuzzle all over Autumn’s face, hands holding her cheeks lovingly as she did. “Thank you. I love you. Seriously.” She purred. “This should be easier once your implant is in, since that can help regulate your body’s chemical functions and thus control your high so it’s less of an immediate drop when we’re done. Not to mention the healing assist you’ll need.”

“Oh! Speaking of highs,” Autumn perked up. “I wanted to, uh, if it’s not too much to ask, I’d kind of like to try being one of those class J cuddle cats for a bit?”

Solanum blinked in surprise, then broke into a warm smile as she bent in to shower Autumn with adoration all over again. “How did I get so lucky to have you land in my lap?” She said with a pleased sigh. “Of course you can, dear. It will take a few days to get you into that state safely, but honestly with your current medication you’re probably halfway there already. Though, I think it would be safer to do that after your current implants can be removed and your official implant is put in and healed.”

“So… later?”

“Later, index swear.” Solanum said, and Autumn gave her a kiss on the cheek as thanks. “Speaking of, for your haustoric implant, I don’t want you to have the wrong expectations after that surgery you saw. Usually the subject is sedated, and we just need to make a small incision on the back of their neck and-”

“Actually…” Autumn blushed deeply, unsure of how to make all the weird thoughts in her head make sense on this topic. “...when we were at the surgery, I kind of… wasn’t scared?”

Solanum looked more confused than anything. “I’m listening,” She said.

“Well, it, like, part of why I was so scared of the implant before was because I had never seen them and didn’t know how they worked or what they were like, but actually *seeing* it placed into the body and interfacing I just felt… kind of… interested?” Autumn was so red she felt as if her head might explode. “Like knowing how it was there and seeing with my own eyes how the implant was placed and hearing that everything would fit together right and-”

“You want it to be placed in you via waking surgery?”

“...yes,” Autumn admitted shyly.

“Even though it will mean flaying your back open?”

“I know now it’ll come back together and that I’ll be okay.”

“...Autumn, I have something to confess to you.” Solanum took Autumn’s face by her chin, tilting her up to look at the affini in the eye. “The whole time we were at the surgical theater all I could do was picture you in it’s place, looking up at me as the machine split your body apart for the implant to enter.”

“I feel like this is fucked up to ask for.”

“It’s also ‘fucked up’ for me to want to indulge you.”

“I guess we’re both kind of fucked up together then, huh?”

"Keep talking like that and you're going to sound like Pyrus." Solanum said as she dropped a pillow onto Autumn's face. "Come on, get some rest. I'll take care of scheduling once you're all better, promise."


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