31 - Three Willows

by Fluxom

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See spoiler tags : #awake_surgery #parasite/symbiote #plant_vampirism #sadomasochism #torture

cw for two queers chatting excitedly with bimbo energy

“Well that was a lot.” Autumn spoke, holding an ice pack to the side of her head. Solanum, meanwhile, was happily doting on her cute little human hand and foot to get her as comfortable as she could be when her brain was perpetually attempting to have a hangover migraine.

“Did you enjoy it?”

Autumn looked up and smiled as she replayed the scattered memories that remained, all fragments that had been detached in time and only drifted back up hours after the high had ended. “Yeah,” She smiled. “A lot. So I guess if that’s the worst case scenario for me then I can’t be too upset.”

Solanum tapped her human’s cheek in a playful lash for that comment. “Well point proven I suppose, you’re a big girl who can handle her mindbreaking pleasure overdoses.”
“So what’s next on my domestication to-do list?” Autumn returned the teasing gesture back at Solanum.

Her affini hummed over that question. “I’d like to give you a demonstration of my, what was the word you used? Painpay?”

“Pain*play*, you big softie.”

“That, while you’re sober so you can understand what I mean in a more… direct sense.”

“Ooo~” Autumn perked up at the sound of that. “Anything specific in mind?”

Solanum shrugged. “We’ll burn that bridge when we build it.”

Autumn giggled, but honestly at this point she found Solanum’s inability to remember human quips right to be so adorable she wouldn’t dare wish to ruin them.

Solanum, oblivious to her blunder, continued on regardless. “Then I need to close off your case file as a prisoner slash patient, file paperwork for your domestication, make the rounds letting everyone know that you’re not being released after all so they can adjust the Baiera’s course accordingly, you still have to get those current implants removed once they’re done fixing your broken bits, then I’ll need to schedule you for a haustoric implant-”

Autumn huffed. “Wow, who knew taking a pet was so much work.”

“Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your look at it, affini culture has normalized the idea of having a raging fetish for bureaucratic busy work.” Solanum rested her head on top of Autumn’s, voice softening into a rumbling hum all over again. “Autumn,” she spoke in a small voice, “Do you remember when I whipped you while you were high?”

“Oh!” Autumn perked up. “Yes! Kind of. I remember the feeling like, it let me focus, for a moment? And it felt extremely good. And like, for just a second I had a perfectly clear head and I realized how many good feelings I had been flooded with and for how long and I felt it all crawling back into my skin and,” Autumn shivered visibly, body twitching in remembered pleasure. “Oh it was wonderful, Solanum.”

Solanum seemed to blush again, and this close Autumn could feel the warmth from inside her body seep out to the surface. “Do you remember what you said?”

“That I love you?” Solanum was definitely blushing again. Pressed up against the green part of her chest Autumn could feel the heat positively spike through her body the second she said those words. “Oh?” Autumn teased. “Is the big bad plant domme shy from a little affection?” Autumn casually tossed aside her ice pack, crawling up to be at eye level with the larger affini. “Would you like me to say it again?”

Solanum’s face was a brilliant sheet of purple mottled by deep red veins. “Yes.” She replied.

Autumn leaned in close, practically whispering into Solanum’s false ears as she spoke in the affini’s own tongue. ‘I love you,’ She said, voice flowing smoothly over the foreign language where it had once stumbled awkwardly to even read. ‘I love you, and I want to be your beautiful little floret.’ All across Solanum’s body thorns began to rattle in excitement, while the myriad flowers in her arms strained against the binding vines to burst out.

Solanum flipped Autumn over onto her back, wide eyed with excitement and mouth bent into an open grin. “Stars, you’re so beautiful.” She said, voice dripping with hunger. “Tell me you’re mine.”

“I’m all yours,” Autumn replied, tilting her head back to emphasize the plant curled around her neck. Solanum surged forward, lips locking into Autumn’s as her body unwound around her human and- someone rang the doorbell, causing the two of them to sit up in surprise and stare at the front door.

“Were you expecting someone?” Solanum asked.

“No, you?”

“Not that I recall.” The two glanced towards each other, then silently tidied up before making their way to the door together. When it slid open Autumn was shocked to see a familiar looking boy on the other side of the door, with an unfamiliar affini holding his leash.

Autumn gasped in shock. “You!” She practically shouted, then winced at the volume of her own voice, scrambling back to get the ice pack again.

“Me!” He said, making a small pose with his arms open.

“You?” Solanum asked, utterly confused by these two humans.

“Salix Rubra, fifth floret.” The human said. “I, uh, I used to have a different name back when she knew me, it was-”

“It’s okay,” Autumn ducked under Solanum’s arm to return into the conversation. “Salix! Salix Rubra.” She repeated it once to try to get it locked into her admittedly addled memories. “And I assume this is your owner.

“Willow Rubra,” He gave a polite bow to the other two. “I was quite surprised to retrieve my dear Salix and discover he actually had a memory from that day, not to mention that it would be someone he recognized.”

Solanum stepped aside and gestured to the inside of the hab. “Would you like to come in?” The four of them reconvened in the living room, Solanum and Willow chatting to each other in the affini tongue while Autumn and Salix stood across from each other.

“Salix!” Autumn mirrored her surprise from earlier, throwing her good arm up in the air.

“Autumn!” Salix similarly showed such surprise again,

“May I hug you?”

“Oh! Uh, yes but not yet? I’m still coming down from the class J’s, and, like, Willow gave me something to help me clear my head a little but if we started any kind of touch here I’d probably fall right back into the kitty trance.” Salix giggled at the thought.

“Okay, okay, okay, before you go then?”

“Absolutely! Oh Autumn I’m so glad to see you’re okay, I was so worried about you!” The two continued talking as they moved to sit on the lengthy and overly large couch, practically bumping knees as they perched next to each other and gestured excitedly.

“Worried about me? You’re the one who vanished first!”

“I, yeah, sorryyyyy.” Salix made a praying sort of gesture for forgiveness. “I probably made a real hassle when I did, didn’t I?”

“I was afraid you’d died!” Autumn almost grabbed his shoulders, then remembered she shouldn’t do that yet and instead patted the pillows next to her to get the energy out.

“Oh pshh,” Salix waved off the very idea. “No, I just, I wasn’t doing very good? In the head. Like I had this coping habit of always smiling and acting like ‘nothing was wrong’ and all that but honestly I felt like I’d fucked up when our ship defected? Like, I just wanted to go and get my degree in entangled particle physics and go home but suddenly all these hardliners were in charge and I was scared they would vent me if I dared to question the ‘glorious human purpose’ and all that.”

Autumn nodded along. “Well, mood.” She said after Salix paused.

“Right!? Like oh stars it happened so fast. So one night I was out at a bar and Willow here, hi Willow!” The affini smiled and waved from his conversation with Solanum. “Walked up to me like ‘hey you look sad’ and I realized that was the first time someone had pointed that out in a long time? So I just like, like I started crying and I confessed to everything on the spot. It was a real scene, I’m kind of embarrassed by that now. Anyway, Willow realized what I was talking about really quick and spirited me out of there ASAP so none of the other humans around would catch on and do something about it.”

“So did he...?” Autumn gestured to the collar.

“Oh! No, actually, he just got me out of there and like, took me to the affini ship he was on  and kept being ‘don’t worry, you’ll be safe’ the whole time. Got me a place to stay and a therapist to see and just… visited now and then? I was so bewildered by the sudden change of pace in my life and I guess just kinda, latched on.” Salix broke into a fit of giggling. “Asked him out three months later and the rest is, well,” He twirled the leash hanging from his neck. “And you?”

“I was stuck on the Verdant Dawn for a long time and  devolved completely into a paranoid wreck who, in a fit of suicidal desperation, called in an affini ship on the vessel and got the whole crew captured before having *another* emotional breakdown as soon as I realized I was captured and got stuck in intensive health and psychological care until I got a huge lesbian crush on my caretaker.”

“Damn, nice.” Salix went to highfive, then remembered that he shouldn’t and patted the cushion next to Autumn instead. “I’m glad you made it out of that! It sounds like it was hell.”

“I’m glad YOU made it out of that!” Autumn replied excitedly. “Look at you, you look great!”

“Oh, you” Salix hid his face behind his hand. “I just stuck to my T doses, packed on some *manly* pounds here and there, it’s no big difference.”

“Salix, you look *adorable*.”

“Well, being a full time cuddle buddy can do that to a person.” Salix puffed out his chest in mock confidence. “Oh! Speaking of! I uhm, kinda wanted to apologize if I made things awkward when you visited the cafe I know we have like, a personal history and you were probably there to relax and I don’t know if that like, affected things badly.”

“Don’t worry about it, seriously. I was surprised and kind of confused but I had fun!”

“I can give you my schedule if you only want to go when I’m not there, I would understand. It’d also include when my off cycles are if you ever want to hang out and catch me when I’m, y’know, *relatively* lucid”

“Actually, um,” Autumn bit her lip, feeling a thought race to her tongue as fast as it entered her mind. Probably a lingering side effect of the class L’s, she told herself as an excuse and totally not to give herself permission to just keep going. “I think I’d like to try it? I tried the class L’s while I was there, and it was, like, a lot? But not in a bad way.”

Salix froze for a moment, the thought practically visibly forming in his head in real time as his expression tilted into surprise. “Oh!!! Oh, oh, oh, well, I’m biased of course but I’d highly recommend it, even just to try. It takes like, three days to on ramp and three to offramp but the state can be sustained for a long time without problem.”

“I’ll have to talk to Solanum about it.” Autumn glanced to her affini and smiled. “Would you be willing to be there if I do?”

Salix grabbed Autumn’s hand and held it between his, eyes wide with glittering excitement. “Autumn, I would be absolutely honored to! Wow, your hands are really soft.” Salix blinked in surprise, looking down at where they touched before realization hit him. “Oh… jellybellies.” He said, body already relaxing from the simple contact.

Autumn just shrugged. “Guess it’s hug time.” She then practically tackled Salix down into a tight hug.

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