30 - Small Lion Cafe

by Fluxom

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #drugs #f/f #graphic_violence #hurt/comfort #scifi #accidental_conditioning #anxiety #blood #depression #disassociation #dom:female #dom:internalized_imperialism #dom:plant #Human_Domestication_Guide #medical_play #mindbreak #paranoia #self_care_is_over_were_doing_drugs_now #self_harm #self_harm_is_over_were_still_doing_drugs #sub:female #xenophobia
See spoiler tags : #awake_surgery #parasite/symbiote #plant_vampirism #sadomasochism #torture

cw for absolute mindmelting sensory overload (she gets better), forced feeding, and some light whipping

When Solanum had suggested they visit a ‘cat cafe’ like place after gathering the new flowers, Autumn didn’t expect her descriptor to be quite on the nose. Before the human was a large room stocked with what could only be described as cat furniture scaled up to a human’s size, covered in warm blankets and pillows and cushions over every possible surface paired with furniture fit for an affini’s size along the area. Various humans were scattered about the location, all of them bearing the familiar signs of being intensely drugged out of their sense of time and space, wearing loose fit comfortable clothes, and generally acting like adorable lovely lumps all the while. Or, in true cat-like fashion, perching themselves inside a hidey hole and gazing down upon all the lesser beings beneath them. The affini who were present in the space were mostly spending their time petting, scratching, adoring, and cuddling up with the blissed out humans.

Autumn and Solanum entered through an unassuming entrance into a tidy foyer where an affini attendant greeted them. She explained the rules and policies of the place, the usual ‘you’re allowed to pet the humans that let you, you can’t chase them down or keep touching them if they tell you to stop’ type business that somehow sounded less weird to hear about other humans than Autumn expected it to. Once that was done she led them to a bench just outside the space where the two were to wait until the present capacity lowered.

“Take a look,” Solanum gestured through the glass. “This is the result of class J drugs, a lower power than the class O regiment but sufficient for getting the idea across.” Autumn took in the sight as one of the humans walked up next to an affini and flopped down into their lap, happily purring and wiggling about as the affini positively melted with the exact same of adoring energy as she’d seen people get from a cat choosing their lap. The affini then proceeded to excitely rub her new companion’s belly while making a variety of pleased noises all the while. She could see the look in the human’s eyes go dull in quick order, replaced with a distant sort of bliss that encompassed their mind completely from the pure sensation of touch. “It takes a few weeks to get a human’s body ready to handle the full class O effects, but the particular taste of it starts here. Attention span is shot, memory fried, hypersensitive body, every touch from an affini akin to a blinding light in their brain. By the time they get to the actual class O drug suite their whole nervous system will have been so thoroughly cooked by the doses that they can’t ever come down again. A week after that and they won’t even remember who they were before it.”

Autumn felt a strange feeling twist through her spine. “Are they…?”

“No, if their owners ceased the current prescriptions they’d return to a mostly normal state of lucidity in about three days. Two weeks and the part where they lose their minds everytime we pet them would wear down too.” Solanum answered. “But as they are, they are quite literally incapable of feeling bad about it.”

“So if I hadn’t healed…?”

“You would have been rendered unable to hurt, yes.”
Autumn stared blankly, trying to parse the complicated feelings that had taken hold of her. She tried picking them apart piece by piece but only found more conflicting threads all tangled up within it.

“There’s a drug suite in the L class that you can take which simulates the effect of a class O high to a certain degree, but in a temporary form-”

“I’ll try it.” Autumn shocked herself with how quickly she answered. 
Solanum went silent for a moment, then nodded and raised a hand to catch the attendant’s notice. “We’d like to get this little one a selection of class L drugs, please.”

“Of course!” The affini answered with a smile as she turned to the human. “Thinking of taking the plunge, dear? Y’know, nobody whose ever gone to class O has ever regretted it!” She gave a polite giggle at her own joke, paying no mind to Autumn’s confused look. “Now, have you eaten anything today? Additionally, do you have any implants that can give us a readout on your vitals?”

“Yes and right here.” Solanum answered for her, pulling Autumn’s shirt up suddenly to reveal the bundle of flowers growing from within her gut. The other affini produced a small device which she waved over the implant, getting a pleased chirp from it before she stepped away to fiddle with some machines.

“Would you like it to last four hours, or four days?” The affini asked as her machinery began to dispense a series of colorful liquids and blended them together.

Solanum opened her mouth to answer, but Autumn cut her off. “Four days.” She said.

“Excited?” Solanum asked quietly.

“I don’t know.” Autumn mulled over her emotions more, finding more tangled webs everywhere she looked. “But, everything else I’ve done with you I’ve figured out from experiencing it, and I trust you, so, if it’s okay.”

“Four days it is, then.” Solanum ruffled Autumn’s hair. “I’ll be sure to give you lots of love and attention the whole time, don’t worry.”

Autumn nodded, still feeling a ball of anxiety twirling around inside her gut regardless of the affirmations. When the attendant returned it was with a tray that sported three drinks and a loaded needle. “Drink these five minutes apart, and then when you’re feeling the effects your mistress can inject you with this to set the whole thing off. Understand?” The affini said, and Autumn nodded along. “Oh, also,” The affini paused to put a straw in the third drink. “You’ll probably need this. Enjoy!”

Autumn was about to knock back the first drink when she got a sudden brainwave. “Oh! Wait, for the sake of being thorough you have my permission to try out that painplay stuff you like while I’m out.”

Autumn proceeded to knock back the drink before Solanum had a chance to reply, finding it to create a buzzing sensation across her tongue and leaving a syrupy sweet taste over her mouth in the process. The glass felt just a touch too much for her to properly chug, and by the time she hit the end of it she almost felt as if it were a struggle. “I’ll start the timer for you,” Solanum quietly took the empty cup and returned it to the attendant’s desk. “Come along now, let’s meet the pets.”

Beyond the glass door Autumn became acutely aware that the only visible difference between her and all the pets lazily taking adoration around the space was a matter of dress. If she simply slipped into some comfy pajamas or a loose sweater she’d fit right in and- hey wait a minute she knows that twink.

A vivid memory flashes before her eyes from her days aboard the Verdant Dawn. Faces that flitted past her until one day they vanished entirely. Someone that smiled her way once? All at once the memory clicked into place, and she remembered the bright faced boy who used to sit right beside her at the comms desks. He’d been a naive thing, bright eyed and hopeful and easily led to believe that remaining on the ship when it defected would be the right choice.

He was also one of the first ones to vanish, and his absence left a yawning void where confidence had been. Now he was staring off into space as an affini kept going on and on about how ‘adorably cute’ he was no more than ten feet away from her. She couldn’t entirely deny the affini’s claims either, as a life without the stress and worries had left him softened into an adorable pillow of a person.

For a brief moment he seemed to suddenly have a facsimile of clarity as he saw her, and his eyes seemed to focus in what must have been the first in a long time since his capture. Awareness flickered into life, then was immediately dashed as the affini adoring him rubbed his head a bunch and in so doing dunked his mind back into blissful oblivion.

“Autumn dear, something on your mind? You’re spacing out.” Solanum asked, snapping Autumn back into the moment. Apparently in her brief retreat into her own thoughts some other human had already flopped up against Solanum’s leg and fallen asleep.

Autumn gave herself a small pat on the cheek to recenter her consciousness, then turned to pet the human who was upon Solanum now. “Sorry, I just, I think I recognize that person?” She gestured to the oblivious pet across the room.

“In a good way or a bad way?”

“I haven’t figured that out yet.” A small chirping noise emanated from Solanum’s tablet, and the affini handed her the second glass. Once more Autumn forced herself to chug the whole thing, filling her stomach to the point of discomfort with the bright green liquid that left a thick, sticky sort of feeling on her tongue. When it was finished she felt a small rush to her head as everything became dizzy, causing her to stumble to the side as she passed off the glass before flopping face-first into one of the absurdly large pillows littered around the room. No sooner was she down then was some other woman at her side, dreamily draping herself over Autumn’s lap without a care in the world.

In that instant part of the knot unraveled itself in Autumn’s mind. Jealousy. She felt a sharp envy at the carefree state of the human’s mind, and the abundant luxury that had been foisted upon her in exchange for stripping her ability to worry. Autumn carded her fingers through the lady’s hair, eliciting a series of soft moans that blended into contented purrs. Solanum scooted down beside her, moving the human who was fast asleep on her leg in the process with nary a sound in complaint.

“Solanum, I think I’m jealous.” She admitted without hesitation.

Her affini draped an arm around Autumn’s shoulders. “How so?”

“They’re so comfy and content, without a care in the world.” As Autumn spoke she became more and more aware of the sticky feeling on her tongue. It was like she’d keep finding the muscle in the wrong place in her mouth when she talked, and the distraction would make her train of thought slip right between her fingers. “...Want… that?”

Autumn felt as if the bridge between her mind and her body was getting a little fuzzy as she lay there. Perhaps an effect of the drink? Must be. Or the chemicals that were already in her body beforehand. Trying to figure out where one blur ended and the next began just made her spin her wheels more and more until she realized she had been thinking of practically nothing and enjoying the physical sensation of touching someone.

Another chirping noise, and another drink was being held in her face. “Nnnooo,” She mumbled, weakly tilting her head to the side. “Ttooooo full.” Why was her tongue so clumsy?

Solanum’s hands suddenly clamped around her jaw, thin tendrils infiltrating her mouth and forcing it wide open. Her affini pressed her back into the soft cushion, calmly shushing her and whispering about what a good girl she is being right now and how she’s going to help her little human be even better. Autumn’s body quickly reached a state of complete relaxation under the comforting words, barely even paying attention as Solanum placed the edge of the drink up to her lips and tipped her back.

A smooth savory taste flooded over her tongue, and all of her senses flared to life at its touch. She felt a single droplet leak down the edge of her lips, but it was quickly scooped up by a small vine and slipped back into her mouth. Another set gently wrapped around her neck and began to massage her throat, assisting her with actually getting the drink into her system.

Bit by bit Solanum worked her human’s body. Assisting her to avoid spilling, making her swallow, tilting her head in time with the glass, and then when she was finally done even dabbing Autumn’s cute little cheeks with a tissue to tidy her off.

Once released Autumn’s head slumped back against the pillow without a drop of tension in it. She felt absolutely fucking drunk already, and the feeling chasing after her now was a whole extra layer of fog slithered between her flesh. She hummed happily, feeling the sensation of the cloth against her flesh in a delicate new way that she wanted to indulge over and over again.

Solanum tipped her chin up to the affini, and spoke quietly into Autumn’s ear. “How are you feeling, little one?”

“Thisss iss nnnnice.” Autumn answered with a smile. “Head feels all spinny.”

“Ah, I see you’re still capable of thoughts longer than, oh about five seconds. Don’t worry, this’ll fix that quick.”

Autumn furrowed her brow. What was she- oh yeah, the needle. Autumn felt her arm being moved over to her side, crook of her elbow facing up to the sky. A soft pinch pierced through her skin, and then it was gone in a flash. Autumn took a deep breath, feeling the air rush through her lungs like a centering wave. Okay, it was all in her now. This wasn’t too bad. She still knew where she was, afterall. And who she was, for that matter. And how her body had been resting comfortably over something or another and were the lights always so intense?

“I donnnn’t feel too different.” She mumbled quietly. She was sure it’d only been like, a minute at most anyway though so like that wasn’t a very long time and stars it felt nice to have someone warm cuddling up against her. There was someone laying beside her, some boy or whatever, she didn’t particularly care who but she wrapped her arms around him and squeezed and it felt so nice to just touch and be touched and what was she thinking about a moment ago? 
Plant-like hands had grasped her face and sent a fresh wave of sparks and colors swirling around her with such fury that it scattered all trains of thought from beforehand. “Ssssolanum,” She tried to speak. Her tongue felt surreal inside of her mouth. The way air flowed over it sent a veritable cascade of new feelings that had her just running her tongue against her teeth idly as she was moved left to right. Someone was talking to her but she didn’t really hear them, something about time or whatever who care- oh! Hey! She was hugging this cute boy!

Autumn buried her face into the cute boy’s sweater covered tummy and practically moaned openly in delight at the overpowering tactile sensation that overcame her. Everything felt so *nice* nonstop and she didn’t want it to stop especially when someone started rubbing her back and ohHhHhHhhhhhh h h h sod it she couldn’t handle how nice that felt. Fine sensations of her muscles bending under pressure and folding apart and being gently massaged and oh gods her face was against something really comfy she couldn’t think clearly just wanted more touch more of the sensation more of everything she didn’t care what kind of noises she was making just how the air felt in her mouth and and how her skin bent to accommodate her movement and more hands kept coming in around her and touching her and feeling her and everything was so NICE and oh hey a cute boy! She was hugging some cute boy!

Over and over again Autumn lost herself to the constant bliss of enhanced physical contact, forgetting time and place just to rediscover simple facts around her long enough to feel some sensation with the most mind melting delightful intensity just to forget it again a second later and find it again the second after. Over and over she happily let the other pets crawl all over her and play with her flesh until someone ran a finger down the length of her spine and all at once everything exploded out from her heart into an endless torrent of pure light that had her screaming, writhing, panting, toes curled and fists clenched as the single moment of endless bliss repeated itself over and over and over again taking up more of her brain and more of her senses until nothing was left and she just


empty in a blank nirvana 

feeling but not registering the waves that crashed over her body

looking but not seeing the faces smiling down upon her

hearing but not listening to all their adoring words over her helpless flesh

Without the energy to even exist Autumn broke down into an empty shell that simply begged and grabbed and held and squeezed and hugged and wrapped without a care in the world and all the while she was filled with such an intense feeling of comfort and safety and love and joy and every fucking other thing her addled brain could suggest to even begin to describe her state that she knew even if this never ended she’d never be capable of complaining for even half a second.

The time Autumn spent in that cafe could have been five seconds or five years for all she gave a fuck. Without the ability to keep her memories going longer than three seconds at a time every moment had simply become a brand new contextless situation without knowledge of how many times she had already done the same thing in a row. At some point Solanum was carrying her though, and she felt she had enough energy to at least try looking up. Stars everything took so much energy to even do, when just existing without actually being there was *so* much easier. Solanum smiled down at her, and a myriad of warm sensations bloomed in her chest before mixing in with every other warm sensation inside of her.
“You’re doing wonderfully, dear.” Solanum said to her. She didn’t actually understand what Sol meant by that but it made her feel nice and that was nice so she felt nice about it!!!! She just smiled and held on tight to Solanum the whole- oh hey she was being held by Solanum! That was nice. She was tired. Autumn pretty much immediately fell asleep as soon as she noticed she was tired. Or maybe she floated the thought that she was tired forty times before she passed out. Or maybe she was already asleep and didn’t notice it? 
Noticing things was hard. Touching things was much easier!!! So she just ran her hands over the uh, what was it now? Cloth? No, leaves? Vines. She ran her hands over the vines that were right next to her and smiled a lot and didn’t think about it much harder than that until the vines started to touch her back at which point everything got WAY more intense and all her energy she could use to keep going drained right out of her body and she slipped back into a quiet blissful state of non-existence.

Her mind drifted in that state of darkness, dream and reality having completely lost their difference to her. It was just colors and shapes and sounds all around her, a vague sensation of temperature on her skin, a receding exhaustion on her limbs. All of it so nice and constant and comforting until a sense of light made her dimly aware that she had probably already been awake again for a few hours. Or a day? Or any number of days she couldn’t tell- oh hey it’s Solanum! She likes Solanum. Solanum was a weird name. “Ssssolannnum.” She said, admiring the way it slid over her tongue. Sol spoke back to her but she didn’t have the energy to actually process any of that so she just smiled and nodded and kind of zoned out for a while until Sol was suddenly hugging her super close and touching her back and oh stars everything got super intense and powerful and then


For a while until she drifted back up enough to recognize a familiar human her head was resting in the lap of. ”Dawn cute” Autumn mumbled. Was that out loud? Dawn seemed to be blushing. Something cute must have happened. Dawn proceeded to rub Autumn’s hair a bunch and she promptly forgot where she was all over again. At some point in the vague pleasant blur of a day she found herself happily wrapped around Dawn all over again and happily nuzzled up against the human’s cheek before saying “Dawn cute.” once more. This time Dawn seemed to turn all red and put her face in her shaking hands as Hesplex folded in on both sides of the two and started petting Dawn a whole bunch and repeating Autumn’s words, scattering Autumn’s world all over again into another lost tidal wave of mindless emptiness again.

It wasn’t until Autumn was left draped over an end of the couch by herself that she could even begin to have a chance to put together the mental energy to try to actually comprehend what was happening around her properly. Every touch, even a breath that had just a little too noticeable would send her starting all over again into nothing until she could piece together enough to realize how much. With great effort she could recall that she had a name, and with even greater effort she could dimly recall that it started with the letter A.

Then she collapsed back into oblivion again, not able to recoup the mental energy for a countless stretch of time. The next time she was left still long enough she dimly felt some sort of burning sensation. All of the strings in her mind were worn thin, dangling above a pit of fire and at risk of slipping away at a moment’s notice. Was this how it happened? If she focused she could grab something and pull it back, hold it close for just a moment but to do so was to damn another figment of her memories to the flames. She tried not to think about how long it would take until she lost everything to this state and fell in completely herself, bathed in the ashes of what once was her mind as she forever lost the ability to even begin to exert the effort to remember.

A change in the lights? Was she out for an hour or two days that time. She could almost… almost figure out what it meant, but it was so exhausting to do so. Her mind just wanted to slip baaAAAAaaAAAAaaaAAaaaAAaAaa a finger trailed up the length of her spine and shattered all the mental effort she put together into nothing more than dust in the wind and within seconds she'd forgotten ever trying in the first place.
All she knew then was that someone was holding her again, and she loved to be held. She nuzzled up against the person, humming happily as she did and familiar fireworks blew over her mind wiping it clean for what must have been the hundredth time… however long it’d been.
Autumn didn't notice the time that lapsed between when Dawn was there and when she wasn't. She didn't really register the difference between vines and ropes covering her body. She especially didn't realize she had been posed in the middle of the living room, bound in rope to hold her perfectly still, and leaving her back completely exposed all the while. She only noticed the texture of the rope itself on her skin, and the wonderful way it radiated a sense of protection over her to be held so tight.
Autumn continued to not notice anything until the exact moment a razor thin vine suddenly whipped her back. All at once the infinite radiating void of her mind collapsed into a singular raw point of pain, brought together in a moment of pure shock that granted her, for one second, perfect clarity around her. Autumn knew immediately she'd lost two days to the high so far. She knew she loved every moment of it. She could still feel the chemical burn coursing through her and reeling to claim her again, and she couldn't wait to surrender to it. But first,
"Again." She begged. "Please!!"
Solanum looked shocked and confused but complied, and another point of clarity washed over her anew with the crack of Solanum's whip.
"I love you." Autumn gasped out. "Don't stop, it's, mind, haze" Everything was ssssslipping again and wow her tongue felt so weird there- CRACK! "Solanum this feels so good thank you for letting me,,, feel?? comfort… nice…" Dirt why were words so hard to- CRACK! "I love it!" She practically screamed as her mind slipped once more. "I love it, you, hold, me"
By the time Solanum stepped back to her Autumn had already slipped fully back into the haze and was blissfully nuzzling her body against Solanum and idly moaning all the while, her memories of the moment becoming nothing more than a fleeting shadow in her mind.

Autumn felt like shit. Everything was too bright and her head hurt and her body ached and everything sucked.Solanum was standing over her, and at the sound of Autumn's disgruntled groan she dimmed the lights and put a straw to the humans lips. "Drink, you're dehydrated"
"Is it over?" Autumn asked before wrapping her lips around the straw and drinking deeply.
"Yes, you were beautifully adorable the whole time, dear."
Autumn made another sort of disgruntled noise after she finished her drink. "Why head hurt."
"You burned through a lot of neurochemicals very fast the last few days. Here," Solanum put some kind of food to her mouth. "Eat this."
Autumn parted her mouth once more without question. "Can… sleep? This part." She whined after.
"Now you can, sweet dreams Autumn." Solanum leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.
Autumn mirrored the gesture, enjoying the way colors bloomed across Solanum's face again. "Night night love love." She buried her face into the pillow and passed right out.

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