29 - Sappho And Her Friend

by Fluxom

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #drugs #f/f #graphic_violence #hurt/comfort #scifi #accidental_conditioning #anxiety #blood #depression #disassociation #dom:female #dom:internalized_imperialism #dom:plant #Human_Domestication_Guide #medical_play #mindbreak #paranoia #self_care_is_over_were_doing_drugs_now #self_harm #self_harm_is_over_were_still_doing_drugs #sub:female #xenophobia
See spoiler tags : #awake_surgery #parasite/symbiote #plant_vampirism #sadomasochism #torture

cw for plant vampirism, and you know what just blanket warning for blood and drinking of in every chapter from now on. You've been warned, it's gonna keep coming back.

Autumn awoke slowly, feeling the familiar blanket of chemical comfort weighing her body down like a lead blanket. Her eyes parted open only the barest amount before the weight slid them shut again, and she was left drifting in a half-aware state that dragged her mind back down into sleep. Only when her hand moved and grasped at air did she suddenly bolt into awareness entirely, throwing off the splay of blankets over her head to pop up and find herself alone in Solanum’s bedroom.

The place was… well, not entirely clean per se but showed signs that the affini had at least tried to organize it for once. Autumn silently peeked around to see the affini in question but found no sign of her within the room, so she bundled a blanket around herself and snuck out into the habitation proper in search of that big softie.

Beyond the door she was shocked to see how clean the hab had become since she saw it… yesterday? She wasn’t sure how much time had passed, actually. All of the scattered debris had been cleaned up and packed into black bags that were all bundled by a far wall for space. For once the vast array of books Solanum had collected were actually dotting the walls in their proper place, revealing that the large affini actually preferred to organize them by color as well. 
By the front door rested a large metal box covered in glaring red tape. With her partial understanding of the affini language Autumn could barely read the various warnings that were plastered over it’s frame. “BIOLOGICAL WASTE” said one in large, bold letters. “Extremely Hazardous Materials” warned another. One just spent several lines warning repeatedly that contents were catastrophically flammable, then another warning they were toxic and would dissolve most organic materials.

Autumn decided not to think about that too much as whatever was in there was clearly inside the box and not out there with her and thus, hopefully, she was probably safe.

All in all beyond the glaring danger box the most shocking thing about the hab was just how empty it had become without any furniture in it. The entire floor lay bare, from inset bookshelves to sweeping windows with nary a speck of dust resting upon them. 
Solanum quietly emerged from one of the various sloping archways that demarcated the unit, carrying another black bag which she accidentally dropped at the sight of the human standing awkwardly in the middle of the empty space. “Autumn!” She gasped. “You’re up! I, I mean, of course you’re up, people wake up after sleep and- sorry, I’m not used to having so much energy again I’m afraid my mind is still catching up to the experience.” Solanum sighed, leaves rattling along her sides as she attempted to calm herself down. “Anyway, uhm, how are you?”

“I’m good.” Autumn answered, quietly taking in the sight of Solanum’s body now that she was fully revealed to her. The blackened matter smeared across her chest from her left shoulder down to the end of her replicated ribs, scattering down her body in a splay of dark tones that barely revealed the various implements of a predatorial plant lurking within its tight layers. Above that though her body was formed of softer green tones, laced with vibrant purples and reds before bursting into brilliant red flowers across her shoulders.

“Am I, do I look okay?” Solanum asked nervously. She’d reshaped her hands since Autumn last saw her, moving the bits and pieces around to create an appearance of clawed knuckles with simulated tendons lacing out over facsimiles of skin. Her legs, similarly, had been reshaped into sharpened implements that seemed to just barely graze the floor even when she stood still. “I’m still figuring out the finer details and motor control with this, honestly. I understand if it’s scary and you’ve changed your mind, it-”

“You look really pretty, Sol.” Autumn smiled as she stepped up, grabbed Solanum by her cloak, and pulled her down to kiss the affini’s cheek.

Once again Solanum’s leaves flooded with purple, flaring out around her in surprise with the hidden layers of needles shaking within. “O-oh, okay, uhm, thank you” She smiled weakly, then lifted the black bag over her shoulder again. “Are you hungry? I think we’ll need to get breakfast out in the leisure rings since I, ah, wrecked everything.”

Autumn nodded excitedly, smiling all the while. Stars, seeing Solanum actually expressing her uncertainty was a whole new experience for the human. The little ways the purple and red veins in her leaves would flex or constrict, how her eyes darted about in an attempt to not just openly stare at the little human, how her hands tapped both thumbs against her thigh in quiet contemplation. Autumn decided that Solanum was absolutely fucking adorable.

“Very good then. Maintenance should arrive sometime today to replace the damages. I’ll… have to figure out some way to repay them the favor on this one-”

“Should I wear a leash while we go out?” Autumn asked innocently.

Solanum proceeded to slip and land flat on her face in shock.

Solanum did not miss the silent stares of strangers as she passed. The bright scarlet colors that coated her body were an unusual blend in this end of space, made all the weirder by her horrid toxicity which any other affini would recognize at a glance. “I’ll need to make a stop at the nursery for a few graft pieces.” She muttered as she walked, Autumn silently walking beside her and humming happily as she tugged on her leash.

“Changing your look?”

“...No.” It was rare for someone to NOT be so stricken by her natural appearance, but Solanum wanted to treasure that feeling for another minute longer. “But I need to replace a few of the pieces in my right arm so I can still have your medications on hand. Also, I’ll need to get some filter plants attached or else my phytotoxin will melt your veins if I ever use it.”

“Your what?”

Solanum casually curled her dark arm before Autumn, twirling her wrist to pop open and reveal a brilliantly colorful flower with a wide blade of a needle protruding from it’s center. “It’s a compound native to my body. For most affini, it’s something akin to an aphrodisiac. I suppose it is for me as well, but it comes from the same glands that produce digestive fluid for caught prey.” She whipped her hand back together and tucked it under her cloak once more. “And I’d rather not kill you if I ever need to use it, so...” She tapped her fingertips together awkwardly. “Yeah.”
“So, horny juice.”

“Horny juice.”

“Spicy horny juice?”

“Huh,” Autumn lapsed into a thoughtful silence. Sol wanted to pry apart all the thoughts in the little human’s skull so badly, but she was equally torn by an insecurity directed inwards towards herself. The exact same sort of uncertainty at what to do in this awkward phase of a relationship. Should she say more? Should she doubt more? Should she be genuine and indulgent or cautious or- she couldn’t shake the feeling that this was all a wrong decision on top of things. Regardless of how much Autumn had pushed and insisted.

“Autumn,” Solanum practically whispered, grasping the human’s hand in hers.


“You’re… absolutely sure you want to be with me?”

“Of course!” She smiled, and Solanum’s heart melted all over again.

She led the human to a pleasant little bakery nested upon a vast square in the leisure ring. The open seating portions sat comfortably beside a great tree that had winding, gnarled branches lacing across the space above them, creating a comforting blanket of shade mottled by the occasional ray of light that would slide over Autumn’s skin.

Solanum felt an all too familiar hunger return to her system and frowned internally. Perhaps she was still low on energy from reblooming so soon. Sod it, she had the corpse plant’s maw back in her chest she might as well use it. When the waitress approached their table she ordered her usual drink and a chunk of raw meat, lab grown, didn’t even have to be a good one. This, unsurprisingly, confused both of the humans until the exact moment it was delivered and Solanum pried open the dark plates on her chest to reveal the weeping, barbed flesh within and leisurely dropped the meat in there before snapping it shut.

Autumn stared at her wide-eyed in surprise, frozen halfway through the process of taking a bite of her toast in shock. “Is that how you’re supposed to eat?” She eventually said.

“I don’t always have to, but I’m still low on energy after reblooming.” Solanum stretched out her back, feeling the familiar chemical burn inside of her body once more with a twinge of primal satisfaction at the meal. She slipped her green hand over to the glass and unwound it, spreading thin roots into the liquid to enjoy the drink at a leisurely pace while she continued. “If it’s upsetting to see-”

“Oh, no, it’s okay it’s just uh-” Autumn blushed. “Kind of hot, actually?” She whispered.

Solanum went wide eyed in surprise this time, feeling the venations across the green parts of her body surge with a purple color all over again. Solanum leaned over the table, free hand splayed over her face in embarrassment.

“Still nervous?” Autumn asked, head tilted to the side.

“Always.” Solanum replied.

“About me?”

“About us.” Solanum tightened her grip on the glass, felt a familiar discomfort in the shape of her hand, and promptly unwound them both to try to reweave them into a better shape as she continued. “I’m still not entirely confident this is the right choice and I’m worried I might screw things up, or that you don’t actually fully understand what I’ve warned you about, or that-”

Autumn reached over and laced her finger between two of the barbed thorns on her reforming hand, holding tight even as Solanum pieces the false bones together and slid dark flesh into place to form a hand gripping hers tightly. “Let’s talk through it, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“I kill you.”

“That *would* be pretty bad. How would it happen?”

“Direct exposure to my phytotoxin, bleeding wounds from… overly indulgent play, I scare you so bad that you get a heart attack and just up and die on the spot.”

“Well, you’re getting filters for the phytotoxin problem today, yes?”

“And the bleeding and heart attack could be at least partially solved once you’re implanted,” Solanum felt the human shiver at the mention of the implant. “As it will assist in maintaining your life and our medical care can easily solve those problems from there.

“Okay so whats the next step down for worry?”

“I traumatize you so badly that you no longer respond to therapy and I’m forced to put you on a class o regimen to assuage your pain.”

Autumn paused, taking a moment to chew on that thought. “I’ve heard that term class o a few times, what is it?”

“It’s…” Solanum wasn’t entirely sure how to explain it. Weeks of medication up to a complete mind obliterating level of raw bliss. “There’s a place I can take you later to give you an idea, where there are some pets on class j regiments. It’s not quite the same but I think seeing it will help clarify better than I could with words.”

Autumn blinked, then gestured for her to go on.

“It’s like a….” Solanum used a pair of thorny vines to gesture a circular shape. “A… what is the word? Lion cafe?”

“Lions are very big.”

“A small lion cafe.”

“Cat cafe?”
“It’s like one of those that you humans have, but with class j pet species.”

Autumn made a little ‘ohhh’ noise. “After we get your flowers?”

Solanum nodded.

“Okay, so then what’s the step down worry from there?”

“That you don’t properly understand my warnings about my wants and interests and come to regret being with me.” Solanum groaned. “Once the implant is in it will be increasingly difficult to remove it, and furthermore it’d affect your mind to draw you into further comfort with your position and I’d hate for that to be a psychologically destructive process for you.”
“Solanum,” Autumn huffed. “You’re a huge softie.”
“Autumn, I’m a-”

“Sadist who wants to whip my back and, let me guess, drink my blood too?”

Solanum felt her whole face rush purple, which caused Autumn to break in an uproar of laughter at her expense.

“I can’t say I have any experience with that sort of thing, but…” Autumn continued after her laughter died down, voice taking a quieter tone as she turned her hand over to bare her clothed wrist towards Solanum. She leaned over and bit the sleeve to drag it up to her elbow, revealing the array of scars that dotted her flesh along the expanse towards Solanum. “I’m sure I can learn. If you’re willing to show me.”

Solanum felt as if the sight was making her drunk with possibility. Her mind raced with fresh want to draw fresh lines over all of the marks already there, blot them with so many criss-crossed wounds that nobody could ever see the wounds she had inflicted on herself behind the jarring lines that marked *her* ownership.

“Do you want some?” Autumn lifted her wrist a touch towards the affini. Solanum nodded quietly, eyes focused to laser points on the possibility. “Then show me, just a taste of what it’s like.”

Solanum shifted her grip to Autumn’s wrist, holding her steady as a pair of vines suddenly wrapped around the length of her arm and pinned it still against the table. A single wicked thorn dangled over the length of her forearm, just barely grazing her skin. Autumn looked up at Solanum, eyes locked onto her and a soft smile still painted on her face. By dirt she was so beautiful that Solanum couldn’t stand it.

Her thorn pressed down, drawing a small line across the width of Autumn’s arn just barely deep enough to part the skin. Fresh blood bubbled up to the surface where it was quickly met with a wall of soft white roots. With a sudden flash the roots surged forward and burrowed themselves into Autumn’s flesh, drinking the wound dry and growing a plump red color in the process. The human gasped, body tensing for only a moment before she released her breath and relaxed.

Solanum didn’t introduce any drugs into her system for this bite, instead letting her feel the raw sensation of plant matter slipping between layers of skin, fat, and muscle as it feasted upon her. The raw sensation of fresh blood pooling into her body, rich with fading warmth and nutrition sent a wave of light over Solanum’s mind, drawing the edge of her lip up into a warm smile. “Do you have a better understanding now, little one?” Solanum felt the familiar veneer of her domineering side slip into the forefront, all too happy for the chance to indulge. She rose out of her seat, leaning over the table and using her free hand to hold the side of Autumn’s face. The poor human had gone bright red, eyes wide open and softly gasping for air.

Solanum planted a small kiss on Autumn’s forehead, then slipped back into her seat, retreating her vines and roots all at once. She wanted more but… probably best not so fast and in such a location.

Autumn continued with her stunned silence all the while Solanum spent tending to her new wound.

The botanical branch of the Baiera took the form of a vast hydroponics complex separated into 12 distinct discs that were attached to a ring composed of controlled arms that hid near the front of the ship. In its current configuration the ring had been stretched out beyond the width of the Baiera, greedily taking in the sunlight that dripped in from it’s forward path towards Mars. Solanum floated lackadaisically through the endless rows upon rows of cultivated plants while Autumn drifted after her, clinging to her leash all the while.

“I almost wish I could still be surprised by how *extravagant* you all are with this stuff.” Autumn muttered, admiring the delicate filigree patterns that held the endless rose bushes around her. She wore a thin gasmask as she drifted, a necessary precaution so she doesn’t have her brain leak out her ears just from breathing the air.

“Pure functionality loses its appeal post scarcity, I suppose.” Solanum said. She’d never personally thought much about the aesthetic tendencies of her culture, honestly. The natural shapes and swirls that surrounded her were nothing particularly impressive to consider when it took barely a lift of the finger to set off atomic compilers have them made in minutes. “Did you like the apocynai I had before? I could get that grafted back on.”

Autumn made a little ‘ooo’ noise as she pulled herself along the leash to come up to Solanum’s side, admiring the familiar looking bundle of flowers hidden between wide, flat leaves. “Yes, please.” She said, arms wrapping around Solanum’s arm and clinging on tight. “Are there other, uhm, recreational options we can pick up as well?”

Solanum hummed a quiet rumble as she glanced over the endless shelves, casually plucking a set of the apocynai flowers and noting it on her clipboard as she did. “Acquiring a taste for such things, now? I’m impressed.”

“Only if it’s with you.” Autumn quickly followed. Solanum felt a surge of pride ring through her mind at that, quietly smiling as she glanced over the options that spiraled out around her.

Solanum turned to face her human. “Would you like me to make the choices for you, then?”

Autumn quietly squirmed under the affini’s attention, suddenly bashful to be the subject of focus. “...yes, ma’am.” She answered quietly.

“What a good pet you are,” Solanum purred, running her fingers along the side of Autumn’s head as she did. “Stars I can’t believe I managed to resist you for so long.” Her grip slid up the length of Autumn’s leash, taking the human’s hand and bending it into an open position. Slowly, carefully, she bent Autumn’s fingers until only her ring finger was extended, and moved it over to float over one of the thorned flowers next to her. “This is a barada plant, it’s effects only last about five minutes and clear right up afterwards.” Solanum leaned in closer to Autumn, practically whispering into her ears. “Or, perhaps it’s an asclepas flower. The two look so similar that even us affini can sometimes make the mistake between the two. If you were to prick yourself on that you’d suffer excruciating pain for seven days, then sleep for seven more.”

Autumn barely even flinched as she bent her finger down into the thorn. “I trust your judgement,” She said. Solanum whipped her hand back away from the plant before it could pierce through her skin.

“You really have changed, Autumn.” Solanum murmured, holding her human close into a tight hug as she spoke. “Let’s save that for later, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Autumn replied.

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