28 - Solanum's Inclinations

by Fluxom

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cw for even more horror elements seeping into the plot, mentions and threats of sadism, blood (look the longer this story goes from here the more mentions of blood is going to come up), emotional shouting, and an episode of despair (nobody dies), and breathplay

“Solanum, I’ve decided that I want to be a pet.” The minute the two had settled back into Solanum’s hab, Autumn spoke up. Her body flooded with a familiar nervous tension as soon as the words left her mouth, but one look at the dried out plates across Solanum’s body was all the reminder that she had no time to waste.

“Congratulations, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful life, and I’m proud to have been able to help you reach a point where you’re comfortable expressing this.” Solanum’s voice cracked with a hollow whisper as she spoke, blatantly forcing herself to remain calm all over again. “Do you have someone in mind to take you?”

“Yes, you.”

“Wonderful, I’ll notify those two- wait what?” Solanum’s placid expression broke into one of open shock, her body lurching forward and stumbling up against the window. She froze up, face held away from Autumn to collect her thoughts before she could return to her usual forced calm. “Autumn, I can’t take you.” She said through clenched teeth.

Autumn expected this. The familiar furls of her leaves bending about and vines tightening along the sides of her false ribs betrayed the internal conflict raging within her. “Solanum, I want to be with you. You’ve shown me nothing but love and comfort the whole time we’ve been together, even when you tried to stop yourself from feeling it.”

“I’m dying.”

“You’re withering, and everyone is suffering because of it, even you.”

Solanum’s hands twitched at her sides, nervously playing a tapping pattern along her thighs as she forced herself to continue. “I *want* to die, Autumn.”

“Then tell me you don’t want me. Solanum,” Autumn walked right up to the taller affini and grabbed her face, forcibly pulling her down to the human’s level as she spoke. “Look me in the eyes and be honest. Tell me you don’t care, tell me you don’t want to take me and I’ll leave.”

A crack formed along Solanum’s jaw as she forced herself to remain calm. “I… I can’t” She muttered.

“I’m begging you not to leave.” Autumn said, all of her concern bubbling up to the surface to bare. She would get on her knees if she had to.

Solanum couldn’t even look her in the eye. “I can’t lose Streum again.”

“Do you really think they’d want you to suffer like this?”

The affini’s gaze was darting left and right, desperate for anything other to look at than the human in front fo her. “I don’t know.”

“Do you want everyone who knows you to suffer in your absence?”

Another crack broke in Solanum’s face, this time trailing over her eye. “...No.”

“For five fucking seconds let yourself be selfish again.” Autumn muttered, resting her forehead against the affini’s.

A dry, horrid rumble rose up from within Solanum’s chest, spreading out into vibrations along the sides of her simulated ribs and up through her neck as thorns churned within. “Even if I did, then what? Another hundred years and then you’ll be gone too, nothing but dust and memories in your place.” Solanum’s voice curled darkly, vines slithering free from her sides. “And if I go on after that? You’d give me your whole life, and within a millennium I wouldn’t even know to care.”

Autumn didn’t cower away from the threatening bloom held next to her. “I can’t speak for the ones that’ve already left, but I can still speak for myself. I’d rather you move on than spend the rest of your long life in misery just because I couldn’t stay with you the whole way.”

A third crack cut through Solanum’s mask, breaking across her jaw to her forehead. “I’d hurt you.”
“What is it you’re really afraid to tell me right now, Solanum? What’s that missing puzzle piece?.”

All at once Solanum exploded into motion. Her hands tore Autumn’s off of her face as it splintered again, breaking apart to reveal a monstrous expression hidden beneath. She spun Autumn around and slammed her against the outer window with enough force to make the small human go dizzy. By the time Autumn’s vision settled, Solanum's body had become a terrible nest of thorns and spikes across its entire surface. Broken, dried out clusters of plant matter sloughed off of her sides as she spoke, “I *want* to hurt you, little human.” Her voice brimmed with barely held fire. The light within her eyes had surged forward into a deep red color tha tburned with such intensity that it bled through to shine out her mouth. “Every stars ridden day that I’ve seen you I’ve wanted nothing more than to break your mind clean open and visit every terrible ounce of pain I could upon your body, until every single drop of adrenaline your brain could squeeze out has been bled all over the floor. Again and again until you *thank* me for doing it.”

Autumn’s hands were shaking as she spoke, but she forced herself to grab onto Solanum’s wrists and meet her gaze anyway. “Then do it.” She answered with a firm finality. A pair of vines surged up from Solanum’s center, baring brilliant red flowers that trailed an abundance of pink sap and a cluster of needles in their center that sped forward before stopping abruptly at the sides of Autumn’s neck, twitching erratically in mid-air less than inch away from skin. Autumn silently looked down at the two injectors, then sighed as she looked back up at Solanum. “You big softie.” She muttered.

Solanum let her go, hands curling back and flying back to her face as the wooden plate across her body began to crumble. “I’m a monster, Autumn.” She whimpered. “I’d do nothing but hurt you and enjoy every second of it.”

Autumn stepped forward, wrapping herself around Solanum into a warm embrace. “I don’t know what that’s like, but, if it’s you I’m willing to learn. I trust you, Solanum. You’re so fucking obsessed with others’ care that you can’t even bring yourself to sting someone who’se asking for it.”  One of her hands gently pried Solanum’s hands away from her face, fingers tracing the tightly laced vines of her wrist down into her forearm before slipping between them and grasping one of the flowers within.

Autumn squeezed her hand into a tight fist, forcing a large needle to burst out of Solanum’s palm and fly straight towards her until Solanum, at the last moment, forcibly twisted her hand away. Instead the sharpened edge merely dragged along Autumn’s cheek, forming a terrible gash that spilled a rivulet of red blood down the side of her face.

“I-I’m sorry,” Solanum stuttered.

“This is what I mean, Solanum.” Autumn sighed. “You can’t even bring yourself to let me be hurt when it’s by my own hands. Please, if that’s what it takes to make you happy, then teach me. I want to be with you. I want to make you happy. Hell, I even want to have your implant placed inside my spine, just to keep you close with me always. I’ve got a big fat lesbian crush on you, you giant plant dumbass now get your head out of your ass five FUCKING seconds and either tell me honestly that you don’t want me or take me right FUCKING now!” Autumn didn’t mean to shout, but by the end she was practically screaming directly into Solanum’s face as she spoke, hands tightened into fists around the affini’s mass and body shaking violently from a mix of fear and anger.

Solanum recoiled in open fear, body releasing another shattering spray of broken wood as she collapsed inward on herself. Instead of a voice all that arose from her chest was a primal scream that broke into a horrifying roar, thorns flown wide into a maw of teeth that spun with such ferocity that they could easily rip Autumn’s body to shreds in an instant. Her body stumbled backwards all the way until it collided with the far wall, arms forming at random and grasping at masses of green flesh that threatened to fall apart.  Solanum tore the broken mask off of her face entirely, tossing it aside to shatter into millions of pieces besides Autumn. A sickeningly sweet smell emanated from her core, growing more intense by the second as her botanical flesh screamed in agony. A jaw reformed itself somewhere in the increasingly blind mass of cruel daggers and pointed spines as what once was her head broke apart into a mass of leaves. “Get out.” Solanum spoke.

Autumn stumbled back in shock, only then feeling as if she’d been punched in the gut. A numb fear started to bloom in the back of her brain, feeding off the primal terror that wanted to take over from the sight before and blending with the worry of losing the affini before her. “...what?”

“GET OUT!” Solanum screamed again, this time vines coalescing into waves that threw the furniture against the wall, then tore the lights from the ceiling. Autumn ducked under a stray pile of debris that flew over her position, then scrambled to the far side of the room in an attempt to escape the unbridled destruction before her. The smell only grew stronger each second that ticked by, practically blinding Autumn entirely by overwhelming her sense of smell and taste with constant stimulation. Large pieces of matter sloughed off of the writhing mass of vines before her, soon replaced by sudden bursts of dense, blood red structures that arose in their place. The wail from Solanum’s body took an unearthly hue as it rose into a fever pitch.

The storm of destruction around her only intensified, and Autumn was quickly forced to flee the hab entirely as everything was uprooted and thrown about around her. She ran right out the door, barely even noticing her tears as she blitzed across to Hesplex’s hab and stumbled into their living room, collapsing into Ilex’s arms and shaking violently.

Four hours passed before Ilex finally released Autumn again. Four long, slow hours of Autumn alternating between fits of open sobbing and laying silently in Dawn’s lap, face buried into her stomach and gasping for air as the implants flooded her system with ever more sedatives to try to calm her down. During that time Dawn first attempted to talk with her, then when she realized Autumn was in no state for talking about her problems settled for squeezing her like a pillow and trying to distract her with a wide array of affini shows instead. All the while Ilex had alternated between watching over the two and darting back to Solanum’s hab before returning with some new piece of silverware stuck in her face.

“Autumn, dear, I think it’s safe for you to go back now.” Ilex had said when those four hours finally passed. She’d led Autumn up to her feet and back to Solanum’s hab. Inside the space appeared as if a storm had passed through. No piece of furniture that wasn’t built of the foundational crystalline structure remained as more than shattered debris about the place. The door to Solanum’s room had been blown clean off of it’s hinges, and from within her familiar piles of clothes were strewn about in tattered remains. Countless pictures had been flung about randomly, paired with the books that were once more littering every corner of the space. The red liquids from Solanum’s fridge had been yanked out and either drained or shattered upon the floor.

The living room was the worst of it all. Scattered around the place was an abundance of unnervingly familiar husks of plant matter, dried out vines, dead flowers, and broken wooden plates. Most powerful though was the smell. It was an overwhelmingly sweet stench that hit Autumn’s conscious mind like a train. Autumn’s first breath of that smell sent her vision swirling around her. Her feet stepped forward subconsciously, following some unseen direction as the scent only grew stronger and stronger with every step.

Autumn stepped up to the baths without actually looking where she was going, absentmindedly walking directly into the door until it slid open before her, allowing her to stumble mindlessly into the baths. Beyond that threshold she saw ever more botanical detritus scattered around, and ever more devastation, culminating in the creature that was busy slithering up and down the length of the massive bath itself.

The thing appeared like a serpent whose head was formed of wide, thick leaves that were painted blood red at the core and slid down into a brilliant purple before turning pure black. Between the wide leaves blossomed endless rows of small tendrils that hid massive, barbed, thorns between them within a bowl of bright pink-ish red matter that constantly wept a pink liquid. The pattern of large, colorful leaves hiding wicked tendrils and thorns beneath repeated several times from the beast’s head, occasionally punctuated by a thick, sturdy tendon of leafless plant matter that bristled with fine hairs along its length before splitting off into several other smaller tendrils beyond.

Beyond the circles of black leaves the core body of the thing burst forth as a winding mass of tendrils dotted with small blood red flowers nesting lengthy needles within, framed by ever more finer pieces that arose from within the coiling knots within it. As it swam idly through the water the thick vines occasionally parted to reveal a horrifying splay of razor sharp teeth-like formations spiraling inward towards the things center.

As Autumn stepped forward the thing whipped around, revealing dark, hardened plates across it’s frontmost layer as it instinctively reared several threatening bladed tendrils from it’s side. After another mindless step from Autumn it whipped the tendrils back within itself and burst forth from the surface of the water, reaching right past her to flick several buttons that activated an air filtration system that purged the heavy scent from the air in short order. Meanwhile, a pair of the finer vines grappled around Autumn’s head and promptly dunked her underwater.

The shock of the warm water rushing over her head caused Autumn to briefly snap back to a facsimile of herself. As soon as her head was heaved back into the fresh air she gulped a heavy mouthful of air, chasing out the heavy fumes that had curled up inside of her lungs earlier. The thing then dunked her again, repeating this several times until all traces of the gas had been thrown off of her upper body entirely. Once released, Autumn fell to her knees at the edge of the bath, pulling desperately for fresh air as her mind reeled to catch up with her.

Within the bath the beast whipped around to fold in on itself, splaying open into a horrifying spiral of plant-like flesh as the massive leaves folded and bent around to an unnatural display. The frontal plate shifted into a rough silhouette of a chest, quickly followed by the leaves suddenly tightening in and locking the weeping flesh inside the thing’s form entirely before flaring out into five distinct directions. The tendriled vines within the core spiraled out beneath the creature, chasing the thicker lines down before whipping around and coiling together to form an abdominal frame that became filled in with layers and layers of tightened weaves of ever more of the tendriled vines within until the dark leaves slid down, creating a familiar layer of plated shapes in dark gradients across it’s torso.

The four limbs formed with the thickest vines acting as the core, coiling back in on itself in each space to form a sequence of precise knots that hide the fine hairs within the upper arms and thighs before splitting into the simulacra of forelimb bones by whipping the offshoots together forward into separate paths that joined at the wrist. The thorny masses then slid and coiled around the bones to create a facsimile of muscles that loosely resembled humanoid limbs. The smaller vines that had flanked them then chased around the pieces, creating a delicate web of of plant matter that slid over the lengths of the four limbs before coming together at the wrists and ankles, then tightening up from that back up to the shoulders and hips to create the finished limbs, folding the splay of thorns and flowers safely underneath the smooth surface of the dark vines above.

The hands and feet wove themselves delicately around lengthy thorns that took the place of delicate bones, quickly hidden by thin blades of leaves and slender tendrils that carefully weaved themselves together into the delicate splay of fine motor tools. Though the pieces that attempted to come together from the ankles seemed to slip several times until, in frustration, the beast decided to form bladed heels that accompanied sharp talons ahead instead of anything that could appropriately be called humanoid feet.

The last piece to come together was the shockingly familiar bundle of it’s head. Starting from the neck, the array of vines collapsed together in on itself until a a series of thick, brilliantly bright leaves slid up from it’s chest, folding themselves into a jawbone structure before layering themselves around it and folding in around the swarming mass of tendrils squirming in on themselves into a tight coil. Slowly, piece by piece, the shape of the head came together through several intense presses inward until the familiar face of Solanum appeared once more, formed not from hardened wood but from supple leaves whose colors softly drifted in patterns from a light green to veins of red that darkened into a lethal black around the edges.

With a pair of familiar gestures Solanum tugged on the top of her head, releasing a mix of wide, flat black leaves that fell around her face in a tight splay of hair that concealed more rows of thorns and needles beneath each sheet. She then grumbled about how clumsy new bodies were as the reached her hands into her chest and pulled more flat leaves from her center to create the familiar cloak that scattered over one shoulder in a gradient that slid from the darkest black back up to spiraling veins of vibrant purple down to blood red tips. Last she tapped the sides of her forehead, revealing that her antenna had become a pair of thick, barbed structures that more resembled curved horns than proper antennae.

Autumn stared in silent dumbfound shock even as the newly formed Solanum reached right over her, plucked a purple flower from above the mirror, and ripped the blood red flower that was perched over the place of her right ear to replace it with the Night’s Tooth. Solanum then collapsed backwards into the water, giving a great sigh she relaxed against the edge of the tub and reclined her head. “Hello, Autumn.” She spoke, and her voice flowed with a deep, rich vibration that resonated into the human’s chest. “I’m sorry if I scared you earlier. The reblooming process is rather exhausting, as you can see.”

Autumn flapped her mouth wordlessly for what felt like a solid minute before her brain finally caught up to her to speak. “...You’re alive?”

“Unfortunately.” Solanum answered. She turned to look towards Autumn directly, deep green eyes glowing brightly as she did. “I’d understand if you wish to leave now, my appearance tends to be rather… shocking.”

“You’re alive!” Autumn repeated. Her head spun in circles, flashing over the scattered debris and broken wood. She dived forward into the pool, paying no mind to the fact that she was fully dressed and getting positively drenched in the process as she flung herself around Solanum’s torso and squeezed her tightly. Solanum froze in confusion, and across her face the soft purple tones slowly spread across her venations to create a bright purple curtain. Was she… blushing? Words spilled out of Autumn’s mouth in rapid sequence, confessing that she had feared Solanum was throwing her away or had died or any number of terrible things until Autumn degraded to literal blubbering as she slipped down the length of Solanum’s torso and submerged her face underwater accidentally.

Solanum grabbed the human’s shoulders and heaved her back out of the water, depositing her beside the tub where Autumn proceeded to hack and cough the water for a bit. “Yes, yes, I’m alive.” Solanum groaned in a tired tone. Her face bent into an expression of open discomfort with herself, thin purple veins across the leaf’s surface tightening into razor thin lines as she did. “Whether I like it or not I’ve got at least 300 more years ahead of me, so congratulations. That stunt actually worked. You can… do whatever it is you really want to do with the rest of your life now and not worry about me.”

“I want to be with you.” Autumn insisted defiantly.

Solanum snorted in response. “Very funny, human.”

Autumn tapped her knuckles against Solanum’s side. “I mean it! I want to be right by your side!”

Solanum’s voice broke into a low, revving growl that caused the thorns wrapped in her chest to slip free and start shaking as the tone became waves across the water’s surface. “I’ll admit,” She started. “That I had a brief, indulgent thought earlier. And I’ll even admit that entertaining that thought was what set my body off. But I still don’t believe I’d be the right choice for you.” Her mouth bent at the edges, eyelids squinted in, color flushed awkwardly around the edges of her face. The natural fibers of the leaf-like structures were vastly more expressive than the wooden mask had been, and as a consequence Autumn could practically see right through Solanum’s words as she spoke them.

Autumn huffed. “Look at me,” She asserted. Solanum’s eyes glanced over to her, drifting to her face before bashfully darting to the side. “Solanum, actually look at me right now. I’m serious.” The affini winced, then raised her gaze up to Autumn’s face. “There is nobody I trust like I do you. I want to be with you, I *want* you to take me and make me yours.”

“You barely even know me beyond how I cared for you.” Solanum spoke quietly.

Autumn knelt down beside the bath, leaning against it and taking Solanum’s hand in her own. The affini winced at her touch, for a moment bared thorns slipping through her forearm before she forced them back down.“Then tell me. I’ll be right here and I’ll listen to everything, promise.”

“...no more masks, then?”

Autumn nodded.

“Very well,” Solanum sighed in a fashion that bled into a threatening purr, leaning back against the end of the bath and tilting her head to stare long out the window. “I am Solanum Vitis, and I was borne of a corpse plant on a world many long ways away from here. It was a wretched thing, like a flower or a fungus that would dig itself into the soil of the earth and leave it’s open maw up into the air. A thin network of branches would catch the falling leaves to cover itself, and from within it’d broil a sickeningly sweet oil to lure in animals. One by one the animals would blindly stumble over it, fall within, and then be bled by it’s array of barbed thorns until they died and were digested the same oil they came seeking.”

Solanum chuckled grimly, pausing at a memory with a small smile before she continued. “The affini who raised me, named me, clothed me; they told me my ancestry to the plant would have no bearing on who I could become. But they spent so long trying to reassure me that I didn’t have to perpetuate it’s pain that I learned something ever more damning. I learned to resent myself.” She lifted her free hand, revealing an array of thick leaves that began with a deep scarlet red and bled down into purples, before terminating into rot black colors wrapped tightly around her arm. “Everyone could see my heritage upon my body. No normal plant would carry so much iron in their surface, nor thorns meant purely to torture. They told me again and again that I didn’t have to be that type of plant until, inevitably, I came to wish to  avoid being perceived as such.”

Solanum’s arm peeled apart slowly, revealing a horrid array of sharpened blades buried within callous roses bearing needles between their petals. “I grafted so many different types of plants onto my body, cut off piece after piece, shaved apart everything to hide this just to get away from their kind reassurances.” A low chuckled broke apart from her chest, sending the vines that held apart dark flesh shivering beneath the water and sending bubbles of air up around her. “The first time I rebloomed I scared Pollyon so bad he thought I'd died and been replaced. It’s kind of funny, I used to have all these good memories of him before, but the first clear one I have left is when he saw me again and just started… screaming. It was so bad that I had to knock him out with something that’d mess with his memories, then run off and regraft everything back to some semblance of normal.”

Solanum limpy turned her head over to look Autumn in the eye, her faint smile completely dashed. “He was right to do so. I’m the exact type of affini that all of your paranoid nightmares are made of.” Her thorns burst to life from her chest and left arm, rattling violently against the air. She tightened her grip on Autumn’s hand as she rose to an upright position, towering over her human entirely. “I’m a sadist, Autumn. I don’t know if it’s nature or nurture but I know very well that blaming nature made it much easier to figure myself out. I don’t just want to take you, little one. I want to break you so bad that you’ll never come back together the same. I want to rake my thorns over your skin so when people see your body they only see the scars that *I* left there. I want to bring you to such a climax of exquisite pain that you completely unravel right into my hands and thank me for it.”

She paused, sucking in air through false lungs and exhaling through the sides of her false ribs. 
“Do you understand now, little one? All of your old nightmares about affini crawling through the walls to tear your flesh and eat you alive and I’m right here. The monster raised off dead flesh who wants to do every horrible thing you feared and more.”

“Dirt,” Autumn muttered as if on autopilot. “I don’t think I ever pictured my nightmare monster would be so pretty.”

Solanum froze, her whole body tightening inward in shock. “...What?”

Autumn rose Solanum’s hand to her cheek, nestling against it comfortably. “I like you like this more. You’re expressive, open, real. It’s like for the first time I can actually see how all the pieces are supposed to fit together.”

Solanum’s fingers tightened around the human’s head. “Did you not hear me, Autumn? I am the flesh eater of a plant species. My body was made purely to hurt things like you and grow fat off their blood.”

Autumn silently grabbed the bandage over the wound on her cheek and tore it off, letting the blood flow free once more. “Then take it.”

Limbic rings danced into Solanum’s eyes, lights focusing down to dangerous points surrounded by spinning red lights as she focused in on Autumn’s blood. Her grip tightened, pressing in around the human’s head painfully.

“Are you more comfortable like this?” Autumn asked, ignoring the imminent danger blooming before her.

Solanum’s mouth bent into a grin, bladed teeth bared. “Of course I am. This is what I really am behind all those polite silences.”

“Good.” Autumn smiled.

Solanum’s flesh ran bright red as the bleeding hue suddenly flashed over her body, rushing past the green before disappearing into the blackened tones. “Autumn,” She spoke quietly. “I’m serious about this. Don’t just do this for me.”

“I’m not,” Autumn answered.

“You promise?” Solanum’s voice shook with uncertainty.


Solanum’s body flared open around Autumn, wrapping her up in a tight embrace that yanked her bodily into the bath in one fast motion and quickly submerged her under it’s waves. Solanum’s lips crashed against hers in an impassioned embrace, her body writing around the human’s so tightly. The affini held Autumn underwater until her lungs screamed for air, and the human’s flesh involuntarily jerked against its restraints for freedom. But just as it became too much fresh oxygen flowed in from within Solanum’s body, laced with that familiar sweet smell that took over Autumn’s mind. Breath by desperate breath Autumn brought the haze back into her body, letting it consume her until everything blurred together into an overwhelming haze of raw sensations.

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