27 - Breaking Bread With Guests

by Fluxom

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #drugs #f/f #graphic_violence #hurt/comfort #scifi #accidental_conditioning #anxiety #blood #depression #disassociation #dom:female #dom:internalized_imperialism #dom:plant #Human_Domestication_Guide #medical_play #mindbreak #paranoia #self_care_is_over_were_doing_drugs_now #self_harm #self_harm_is_over_were_still_doing_drugs #sub:female #xenophobia
See spoiler tags : #awake_surgery #parasite/symbiote #plant_vampirism #sadomasochism #torture

cw for ACTUAL LITERAL TORTURE, gore, descriptions of a character undergoing a waking implanting surgery, and body horror (nobody dies but someone's innocence sure does)

i am not joking on this one

Solanum knew something was different about Autumn the second she saw her. Alas, she was far too dense to actually figure out what. If she were more willing to look past the event horizon of her mixed grief and self delusions she would have recognized that the familiar sparkle of light inside Autumn’s eye had been replaced with a soft determination that, if she had recognized it, would have sent her running to the metaphorical hills.

However, Solanum did not look past the event horizon of her problems and instead spent her time trying to tell herself that she did not want to do countless unspeakable things to the human’s flesh as she approached and that she was absolutely going to stick to her plan of dying and being buried next to Streum right after this detail of seeing this ‘Qiru’ person get implanted. She also told herself several times that her zealous need to see Qiru surgically neutralized was entirely a matter of general safety given the propagandized nature of the pet attack and not a result of selfish desire for vengeance for a human that she had a raging gay domineering crush on.

In short, Solanum was telling herself that nothing was wrong again.

“Will Dawn be joining us?” Solanum attempted to play it cool as the trio drifted towards the waiting crowd outside the surgical theater.

“No, there’s no need to shock the poor girl.” Ilex answered with a soft smile. She brought the human down to Autumn’s level and woke up the cotyledon once more, allowing the two a genuinely sweet moment as Ilex and Hesperia rejoined to converse in whispered tones.

Solanum also did not think about the fact that she was jealous of the small kiss exchanged between Dawn and Autumn before they parted, nor did she think about the knowing smile Hesperia wore as she returned to the crowd.

“Solanum,” Autumn tugged on a frayed end of Solanum’s cloak as she spoke up. “I’m staying with you.”

Solanum looked around the hall quietly, humming in a low motor tone as she counted heads. “Little one, we’re about to oversee a surgery in there. It… will probably be rather shocking to see.”

“That’s okay,” Autumn answered with a surprising amount of determination. “I don’t want to leave your side right now.”

Solanum chose not to think too deeply about that. If she did, she might have combusted entirely on the spot.

“Very well, but if you think you can’t handle it, please know you can leave the room at any time.”

Autumn nodded.

“She’s not joking, by the way.” Pyrus leaned in between the two, for once looking serious. “I”m going to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll have the stomach for it.”

“Worried, Pyrus?” Exima popped up from behind Pyrus, leaning onto his shoulders from behind.

“Extremely. I thought I’d have a soldier who actually believed in something, not…” Pyrus waved his hands around to the side. “A nobody.”

“It’s still the perp.” Celasia slipped up behind the crowd.

“Everywhere I go, you find me.” Solanum cut in flatly. “Let me guess, Allium is here too?”

“Present.” Allium appeared from behind Exima on cue.
“We’re emotionally invested in the well being of your pet.” Exima answered. Solanum completely ignored the small smile that Autumn wore after that.

“She’s not-” Solanum was interrupted by Pyrus ribbing her in the side.

“Everyone knows, dumbass.”

“What’s that word? Dumbass?” Allium asked.

“It means someone’s posterior muscles are of low intelligence.” Exima answered.

“That doesn’t make any sense?” Allium asked in a slightly more incredulous tone.

Pyrus, ever quick to puff out his chest and pretend to be knowledgeable about the situation, happily answered before Exima, “Terran swears aren’t about the literal meaning, it’s about the *vibe*.”

“Okay but what does vibe mean?” Allium asked in a deeply incredulous tone.

Solanum was relieved that that was the moment an affini stepped out of the viewing room and announced that entry was allowed. She was fairly certain that the lot of hooligans would have looped over that subject at least a dozen more times before they’d finish.

Inside the group of affini were led to another small darkened room, this one similar to before in that another group of affini were busily typing away at consoles and another borzoi cross paralysis demon was quietly perched in a corner prepping a stenograph. “Pyrus Vulgaris?” One of the attending affini asked, to which Pyrus jumped out from the crowd proudly.

“I have my plus ones here,” He said as he grabbed Exima. “Here,” Allium after, “And… where is Celasia?” He whipped his head around, finding Celasia already seated. “Well I guess we’re all set then.”

“It’s an implanting, not a theater performance, let’s hurry up,” Celasia whined.
“Solanum Vitis, I presume?” The attending affini asked.

“With the victim, apparently.” She lifted Autumn’s good hand.

“We’re going to be at capacity, can she sit with you?”

Solanum moved to answer, but Autumn cut her off. “That’s fine, I’ll take her lap.”

Solanum simultaneously wanted to tell the human off and revel in the excuse for close contact, but ultimately decided to do neither openly. Instead she just quietly took the seat next to Pyrus and lifted Autumn up onto her thighs. The rest of the affini present, mostly bureaucrats and legal representatives, filed in afterwards quietly. The attendant then silently closed the door behind the crowd, shunting the room back into darkness only barely illuminated by the lights of the consoles in use.

“The implantation surgery of Qiru Aglis will begin in five minutes. The surgeon will be Sinapis Serotin, and the implant has been provided by Pyrus Vulgaris. If there are any questions, now is the time to ask them.”

Only one affini spoke up. “What is the exact crime of which he-”

“it.” The affini next to them interrupted.

“Sorry, it was charged?”

“Attempted murder of an affini ward, and serving aboard an unmarked rebel ship.” Mumbled voices littered the background of the room. Nobody else raised a question though, so the attendant tapped a few buttons on a console next to the window, raising the lights in the next room before taking a seat herself.

Beyond the glass the terran was suspended from a complicated web of metal limbs that held its body in the air, arms spread wide and head clamped in place. Metal pins lined the length of its body, attached to more wires and tubes that snaked under its flesh. it’s back was left entirely exposed to the looming machinery above, a complicated thing akin to a spider waiting to strike, countless machine legs all folded up into an ominous silhouette..

Pyrus made a primal sort of whine, openly laced with nervous thought.

“Getting second thoughts?” Exima quietly replied.
Pyrus growled quietly. “it didn’t even have the will to pull the trigger when we attacked. Just saw us and started panicking so hard it passed out on it’s own.”

Beyond the glass an affini dressed in all white with sterile gloves over their simulated hands walked in, then plucked a small white bandage off the sleeping Qiru’s forehead with a vine that had been marked in red tape. About thirty seconds later it began to stir, though all it managed was to make some vague noises and twitch against the thorough restraints. Sinapis tapped the side of their face with another marked vine. “Human.” They spoke. “Do you know your name?”

Qiru groaned drearily, eyes glancing about the room despite being unable to see anything beyond the affini or the harsh lighting. “Don’t call me that,” it mumbled.

“Call you what?” the affini tilted it’s head.


Sinapis glanced towards the window silently. “Continue.” Hesperia spoke into her earpiece.

“Very well. I’ll refrain from using that term.” Sinapis continued as normal. “Do you recall your name?”

“Qiru.” it grunted, fruitlessly attempting to pull on its hands.

“Do you know where you are?”

“Fuck no.”

“Your situation?”

“You tell me, I feel like a fucking dump truck ran over me.” it replied.

The affini silently leaned over to inspect Qiru’s face, more vines coming out to move it’s eyelids and prod about before they produced a thin tube with a copper tip that they pressed into the side of it’s neck. it yelped in surprise, then in short order swung from a drunken stupor to wide awake, struggling against it’s bonds and flailing to no gain while sputtering a wide variety of creative new curse words for Pyrus to learn.

Sinapis just stood to the side, quietly waiting out Qiru’s energy until it returned to hanging limply in place. “Do you know where you are now?”

“Affini ship?” As it spoke it attempted to as much as move a finger, barely even managing to show a slight shift in tension for it’s efforts.

“Yes. Do you know your situation?”

Qiru quietly panted for air, eyes darting left and right aimlessly. “I, I, I don’t know.”

“You’re currently a prisoner of the Affini Compact. Do you understand what that means?” This elicited another string of futile struggles and colorful curses until Qiru once again hung quietly, gasping for air. The affini glanced towards the window once again, and Hesperia in turn glanced towards a group of affini in the back of the room who gave her a vague gesture.

“Good enough, proceed with the surgery.” Hesperia spoke into the earpiece once more. A pair of affini wheeled in a glass box full of a translucent ochre liquid. Suspended within was a tight bundle of root-like structures that, at a glance, resembled a thickened nervous system marked by the occasional colorful shape dotting it’s core.

“Qiru, twelve days ago you stabbed a woman in the stomach before fleeing to the unmarked rebel ship Gravity’s Tempest. Three days ago you were captured aboard the Gravity’s Tempest and taken aboard the Baiera as a prisoner of the Affini Compact. In accordance with §57, §61, §103.a, and §281.h of the Human Domestication Treaty you have been selected for immediate implantation surgery and subsequent domestication. You have not been granted an appeals process as per §183 of the Human Domestication Treaty. Do you understand?”

Qiru responded with another series of very pointed curses. A pair of affini in the back of the room quietly whispered to each other some more before bundling up their folders and quietly exiting. Hesperia tapped her earpiece once more, “Legal’s happy, proceed at your discretion.”

Solanum could almost see the hint of a smile mar the doctor’s placid facade. “Qiru,” They spoke evenly, kneeling down to look it in the eye. “Crimes committed against an affini’s pet are treated more severely than crimes against the affini themselves. Normally, we do these surgeries with a lesser state of the implant, and the patient sedated so as to not bother them. However, for dangerous cases we’re forced to use the more grown example before you.” They leaned in further, face becoming overcast by Qiru’s shadow to hide whatever cruel expression they hid. “Personally, I also prefer to keep the subject awake if they’re an especially egregious example.”

Qiru’s muscles tightened up in place. “...what?”

Sinapis rose back to their full height, an unmarked vine ruffling through Qiru’s hair almost affectionately. “But you should be relieved to know the person you assaulted was only a medical ward, not a pet.” Qiru sighed in relief. “However, since the rebel propaganda machine has decided to lean in on the belief that she is a pet and you’re the brave hero who injured her I’ve decided we’ll be performing the surgery with you awake anyway.”

Qiru tried to scream, but Sinapis shoved its mouth shut with another group of vines.

“The device you’re in right now prohibits your movement, which you should be thankful for as one wrong move during the operation could render you paralyzed. Only in the hopes of good behaviour have I let you keep your voice, but I’m not afraid to take that away as well if need be.” 
Sinapis removed the vines, and this time Qiru’s voice arose only as a trembling whimper. “Please don’t.” It begged.

“It takes a long time to prepare this room for surgery.” Sinapis answered without hesitation. “Now that it’s in use, we’re not going to stop without *some* gain from it.”

“Wh… what do you want?”

“Who ordered you to perform the attack?” Sinapis answered, casually stepping behind the implant as a subtle reminder.

“Admiral Macintosh.”

Sinapis gave a disappointed sigh. “I was hoping you could be honest with us. Shame. Here, a mirror so you can see the operation in progress.” Another set of affini wheeled in a pair of mirrors, placing one under Qiru’s face and other looming over it’s back. Sinapis turned towards the window again. “Start the machine, first phase, hold until I say otherwise.”

All at once the mechanical spider above unwound it’s many legs, scattering at lightning speed to mark the length of Qiru’s back with a complicated array of colored lines and dots. From the reflection Solanum could see Qiru’s expression twist with confusion, then blooming panic as it recognized the pattern’s relation to it’s muscle layers.

“How did they know that was a lie?” Exima whispered.

“They don’t.” Celasia whispered back. “Standing order to treat all information as false until the implant is integrated. Meanwhile the techies are busy double checking everything just in case.”

Pyrus hissed.
“Also, Admiral Macintosh died after an engine failure turned Pluto’s Onslaught into a ball of atomic fire a year ago.” Celasia added.

“W-wait, wait, please wait,” Qiru spoke up, raising another pause from the doctor. “I’m sorry, I won’t lie, okay? I don’t know who ordered it, some goon just handed me the knife and told me to stick a former rebel.”
Sinapis traced a vine around the edge of the glass box, continuing on as if Qiru didn't say anything. "The haustoric inplant is one of our crowning achievements in biological engineering. When this integrates with your nervous system it will gain a certain level of control over you, including the ability to manipulate your thoughts. So don't worry, even if you can't tell us the truth now you will soon."
Qiru's breaths turned into a panicked rush, gasping for short mouthfuls of air until the wires attached to it's chest activated. Suddenly it's breath leapt to a calm, even state in which Qiru involuntarily drew deep, even breaths of air. The heart monitor similarly showed its heartbeat suddenly returning to an even pace as well.
"Now, now, little one. It won't do us any good to keep you awake for this just for you to pass out on your own, would it?"
Qiru's eyes stared forward in pure shock, stuck on the slowly undulating mass of the implant ahead of it. 
"Don't worry, we're also blocking your sense of pain for this operation as well."
"Don't." Qiru's panicked voice stood in stark contrast to it's calm breaths. "I didn't- I, I'm not even a rebel, okay? I'm just some salvager, they forced me to work with them. I didn't want to get thrown out an airlock, I, I, I--"
"A shame, even if any of that was true you could have turned in the knife over to an affini instead of using it and been safely relocated without a hassle." Sinapis quietly wheeled the implant behind Qiru, then tapped their earpiece. "Second phase, first cut."
Lights from the machine blitzed across Qiru's skin, followed by the mechanical limbs lowering once more, now bearing sharp implements from every end. In a blinding flurry they slid through the skin of Qiru's back, following the intricate pattern to its finest detail before an extra set of limbs descended afterwards to peel back the flesh.
Autumn's hands tightened around one of Solanum's plates suddenly. Solanum tried her best not to picture Autumn in Qiru's place, looking up at her with a soft smile as her skin folded open like a blooming flower. The affini did not do a very good job of distracting herself from that image.
Qiru's voice faltered into a raw open mouthed noise, not quite a scream for fear of being silenced entirely but still a guttural reaction of fear to it’s own muscles being revealed beneath the skin and fat. 
Sinapis just hummed softly as they inspected the opened back, giving an affirming sort of noise as they perused the layers of muscle beneath. "I'm pleased to say you're an exceptional specimen for this process. I think you'll integrate quite smoothly with the implant once it's in."
"o-okay, okay wait, I'll talk I promise just don-"
"You're wasting my time promising to talk when you should just be talking, little rebel." Sinapis tapped the ear piece. "Forward to third phase, let's open up this spine and get to it already."
"no, no, nO!" Qiru pleaded. Despite the desperate begging below the machine stirred once more. With fresh tools armed it flashed another series of lights over bare muscle before striking in another blinding flurry. Like an expert weaver it delicately parted the thick muscles across Qiru's back, pulling, slicing, splitting all the way through the various tissue layers until they reached the base of Qiru's skull, pulling back the neatly separated sections from the central column that was Qiru's spine in another grotesque display.
Qiru by then had broken down to open sobbing, muttering 'this can't be real' over and over again until Sinapis snapped to get it's attention. "Keep talking Qiru, or you'll have to experience the best part."
"I don't know!" It wailed. "It was one of the other people on that fucking ship. Some girl, she, what was her name or what was her name. Colonel Glade?"
Sinapis made another mock gesture of disappointment. "You'll feel a slight pinch by the base of your skull soon, followed by a tingling sensation as the implant integrates into your nervous system. I'll be handling the implant manually, so don't worry, it will be nice and comfortable the whole time." The affini proceeded to scoop the length of pale white roots from the glass box, making more gestures of showy adoration as it turned the piece around in inspection. Then, with a careful hand they leaned over Qiru's open back and set the top of it against the bare nerve bundles below Qiru's skull. Their fingers gently slid along the back of the implant, mirroring the tone of the affini's voice as they whispered "There you go, darling. Your new home. Isn't it lovely?" Sinapis' gentle massage of the root structures followed it's placement along the length of Qiru's spine, each time the soft motions prompting the roots to begin to unfurl and blindly reach out around them.
"I can feel that." Qiru paused, face still twitching erratically. "Oh stars above I can *feel* it. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, it, it was-" Two of the roots slithered between spinal plates at the base of it's skull, prompting it to freeze in place in a silent scream. It's eyes rapidly unfocused, then squeezed back into razor fine points straight ahead. The muscles on its jaw tensed with a renewed vigor, then forced themselves open despite blatant protest from Qiru.
The affini continued to lead the implant into place, mirroring the gentle massage along its entire length before restarting at the top and manually assisting it. "Ah, I see it's already started to access your brain. Don't worry, you'll still be you, just a version of yourself that isn't a danger to anyone anymore. Isn't that wonderful?" At the affinis touch the implant further unfurled from the center, revealing ever more intricate layers of needlepoint roots that Sinapis gently led to curl around in towards Qiru's spinal column.
"It was Kraits!" Qiru cried out desperately. "She gave me the knife while I was in a storage room, came with a picture, said it was some rebel traitor or something I didn't care, I was just so tired of always being afraid for my life and she promised they'd let me go home after that I just want to go home I just, I just-" A set of mechanical arms lowered after the affini's touch, hands grasping the finest roots before taking off in another blinding display to deftly weave them into the dense network of nerves beneath them. It's voice spiked erratically as each cluster activated within, but the words remained constant. "I want to go home." It begged. Over and over again until Sinapis finished unfurling the entire beast and stepped around to face Qiru.
"Don't worry, little one. You'll be going home." They said, masking their voice in a tone of sincere care.
Qiru looked up at the affini, confusion painted all over it's face.
"You'll be going to your new owner once this is done after all."
Qiru couldn't even scream in anguish at that point. It went limp, muttering under it's breath again and again that it wanted to go home. Sinapis silently reached over and pressed a switch on a console to the side, dropping Qiru into sleep immediately.
The rest of the implantation process only took about ten more minutes of mechanical weaving, manual stimulation, and the occasional bits of helpful guidance from Sinapis in getting the implant to latch onto the right veins. Over that time it slowly began to grow flush with a bright red color as it integrated with Qiru's vascular system, becoming all the more energetic in the process.
Once the mechanical weaving finished the full length of Qiru's spine the mechanical limbs retracted, replaced by another set that began gently folding the layer of tissue back down around Qiru's spine while Sinapis tucked additional roots in between each sheet. Only once there was nothing left but skin and the last few stray clusters of implant material lay upon the top layers of connective tissues did the surgeon step back with a satisfied look. "Pack it up and set it aside to heal, and someone give this poor sap some amnesiacs while we're at it." Sinapis spoke casually, hopping back with a pleased little gait in their step.
The machinery wrapped up the remainder of the work, placing the skin back down in its proper place and pinning everything together while the implant continued to grow through it. As the rest of the affini on hand bundled up their work the splits in Qiru's skin became laced with red vines that stitched the pieces back together, tightened them into place, and then gradually pulled in tighter to the flesh as soft discolorations in the skin belied the network of roots doing further repair work below.
Solanum was extremely glad she didn't have lungs as she'd have passed out from holding her breath that long. She nervously glanced down to see Autumn's reaction and was shocked to see her staring intently even as the operation was finished. "Are you okay, little one?" Solanum asked.

Autumn blinked back to reality with a look of shock. “I, yeah, sorry.” She said quietly. “That was… much more intense than I expected.” She laced her fingers between Solanum’s. “Can we go home now?”

“That’s a good idea.” Solanum tightened her hand around Autumn’s, holding her close as the two slipped out of their seat and departed off through the busy crowd.

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