15 - Time Limit

by Fluxom

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #drugs #f/f #graphic_violence #hurt/comfort #scifi #accidental_conditioning #anxiety #blood #depression #disassociation #dom:female #dom:internalized_imperialism #dom:plant #Human_Domestication_Guide #medical_play #mindbreak #paranoia #self_care_is_over_were_doing_drugs_now #self_harm #self_harm_is_over_were_still_doing_drugs #sub:female #xenophobia
See spoiler tags : #awake_surgery #parasite/symbiote #plant_vampirism #sadomasochism #torture

cw for a character pondering their own looming mortality and also contemplations of graphic violence

Solanum decided that work meetings were her least favorite time of all. Spending even one hour stuck inside an office room with a handful of her coworkers and friends was, somehow, intensely unpleasant compared to spending time with the same people in a much more relaxed atmosphere. She decided to blame the windows for reminding her that she could be outside playing around with her- THE human, instead.

“Good news and bad news everyone,” Celasia had walked in with a stack of folders roughly the length of her arms and distributed the mass of them to the rest of the affini. “The good news, the Baiera has finished it’s local sweep and determined that all the old rebel hideouts are cleared out. Additionally, a final review has determined that all of the human staff have been fully trained to operate affini medicines and tools that we’ve shared with them, and that our medical exchange program is free to wrap up around here.”

Pyrus absentmindedly flipped through the pages in the file in short order. “Is all this paperwork really necessary?”

“You’ll find that the Baiera has filed everything in it’s hunt in exhaustive detail, including but not limited to the exact composition of every rock they flew past on the way.”

“So they were bored.” Exima said.

“Extremely.” Celasia answered curtly, then passed a copy of the folder to Allium who chose to ignore it entirely in favor of rubbing her pet’s tummy some more. “The bad news is that it means we’re to pack up and be ready to move to the Martian Summer Station. The Baiera will be coming in to pick us up at the end of the month and drop us off there before returning to affini space.”

“Let me guess,” Pyrus huffed. “They want us closer to the rebels so we can continue processing captures.”

“Unofficially, yes.”


“More medical exchange programs. Also there’s apparently a steady stream of volunteers over there, too.”

“Wonderful, maybe you’ll actually find someone who is as much of a gremlin as you are, Pyrus?”

“Hey!” Pyrus’ surface prickled up with small thorns.”I’ll have you know that the humans think I’m cool~”

“One human said you were cool.” Allium shot back.

“Still counts to me!”

“Solanum,” Celasia ignored the bickering. “How is your pet?”

“She’s not my pet,” Solanum answered flatly. “But she’s good. She’s responded well to her new medications, and with the exception of the occasional night terror her mental issues seem to be under control.”

“I take it you’re planning on signing off on her release then, correct?” Celasia asked. Solanum just hummed in ascent to that

“That’s a shame,” Exima said. “There’s a lot of affini that she’s caught the eye of and I think they’re hoping you’d send her into their arms.”

Solanum bristled up in response, her voice taking on a lower rumbling texture. “What?”

“She’s running around the station in an affini companion dress and wearing a collar, yet *supposedly* isn’t a pet. That’s turned some heads.” Allium answered.

“Not to mention you showing off that she was already leash and gesture trained.” Exima continued.

“I didn’t-” Solanum stuttered, but Celasia cut her off.

“The important part here is that the Baiera is expecting to pick her up when they stop by, and you’ll need to issue your final decision by then as well. If you take her for yourself nobody is going to challenge you on that.”

“Do you actually think she’d be fit for freeing? The little thing practically hangs off your arm.” Pyrus teased.

Exima sighed, “Much as I like her I’d give her a week at most before she falls into some other affini’s arms.”

“That’s a strong guess, I’d say one day without Solanum around and Hesplex would have their claws right in her.” Allium continued.

“She doesn’t want to be a pet.” Solanum insisted flatly, needles still rattling.

“I think Hesperia and Ilex actually snuck in a request for Autumn in these files somewhere.” Celasia spoke up, one hand sifting through the daunting stacks of paper before grabbing a blue sheet. “Ah, here it is.” She pulled out the paper and revealed that it had been folded over a number of times and was in fact a lengthy sheet that tumbled off the table, onto the floor, and off to the side against the wall. “They were very thorough with listing reasons why it would be a good idea, and I’d say about half of these are in relation to their cotyledon’s care. I’m also pretty sure this is their idea of flirting.”

“I don’t think anybody is going to try to argue against Dawn.” Pyrus sighed.

Exima shrugged. “Sol could.”

“I’m not taking her.” Solanum cut in.

Celasia hummed, fingers tapping over each other. “Solanum, if you don’t mind me asking, do you still have the same plans for your corpse?”

Solanum told herself nothing had changed. She was going to finish Autumn’s care and release her to freedom on some faraway affini world. She was going to continue wilting away until her body fell apart entirely, then whatever remained would be taken care of as she had requested. She didn’t feel jealous hearing other affini wanted Autumn, she didn’t feel any pangs of hurt at the thought of being parted from Autumn for the rest of her soon short life, and she most certainly didn’t constantly suffer from an urge to throw aside all the pretense of medical care and slam Autumn up against the wall, burrow her needles in through Autumn’s wrists, and collapse against her in a flurry of bloody thorns and blades and- Solanum cut that thought off entirely.

Solanum told herself that nothing was wrong. “My plans haven’t changed,” She said. “I expect they’ll need to be handled soon anyway.” Nothing was wrong at all.

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