Centhian domestication files

K3-2: Hunted

by Exhausted_ambition

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Here is an update, hope you enjoy. 

CW: dubious identity death, body modification verging on body horror.
-----------------------Centhia, West New Habsburg, 3rd Shivar Street, 20.06.2554, 23:39--------------------------
Rain had begun to fall as K3 made her way towards safety. Climbing along the 8th-floor façades of the buildings allowed her to stay in the shadows, but the rain made the walls more slippery than she would have liked. Not that she would be spotted, either way, there were plenty of distractions down on the surface. 
Down on the now crowded streets, shouting and chaos had erupted, with the occasional gunfire in the distance marking the start of another of many upheavals in Centhian history. It was not the first time one of her objectives had led to tangible changes, but this was on a completely new level. It almost seemed like she had liquidated the president with the way people were reacting. As long as her objective was still safe and operational, the upheaval did not truly matter. 
K3 slipped as the damaged leg malfunctioned for a brief second, almost sending her into the abyss before she steadied herself. Not only were the damaged parts harming her progress, but the vast amount of painkillers created by the chemical synthesizer to keep her awake was slowing her movements. Overheating the augment until it cached fire was perhaps not the most sustainable practice, but it had been that or death. 
After making sure the augment would cooperate, at least until it could be repaired, K3 continued….suddenly she felt something watching her. For one frightful moment, the vision of the affini from the bureaucracy having caught up to her appeared in her mind…but no, this was not the same presence. The ocular augments activated and after scanning the area around her twice she spotted it: a slight shimmer on the wall of the street opposite to her. 
It was roughly the shape of a hunched-over human, her pulse began to quicken, and her synthesizer almost began the production of adrenaline before she stopped it. It was a shadow, one of the silent stalkers that served the president of Centhia, wherever he was now. The fact that it had not already killed her meant that she was not to be eliminated for now, or perhaps just that it had not gotten the chance yet. With great effort born of experience, K3 remained calm, alerting the shadow would be more dangerous than she could handle at the moment. 
Liquidating a top member of the Central bureaucracy had likely gained the ire of more than just the affini. If the president was still alive, he was more than likely miffed and that was seldom good for one’s survival. Not that anyone would hold a personal grudge against her, one liquidator was the same as the next in their eyes. And there was some truth in that, had she not gotten the objective another would have.
The shadow unit was still watching her but made no moves as she broke line of sight with it. It was good that she knew the area well, and the maze-like concrete outdoor corridors of the apartment complex was a good place to lose pursuers. Now that she was aware of it, her hearing was turned to the max, if it followed she would have a warning and time to prepare. Taking a moment to listen….there was something, but not any movement from the shadow unit. No….there was a familiar song, melody, or rhythm in the distance…it was coming closer. Fuck! It was the affini who had chased her earlier today, tenacious bastard.  
K3 had long learned to deal with and survive the world she had been forced into, the affini had turned all that on its head. There was no shortage of augmented spies, bodyguards, and other types of killers on Centhia, and she had fought and escaped more than a few. But how by the stars was one to deal with giant plant people who moved way too fast and were practically invincible? 
With the claws in her legs and feet receding, K3 made sure to keep her tracks covered the best she could while still making good time. It was far from her first time here, and not the first time she was pursued here either. That is why the maintenance shaft that she entered on her right had long ago gained dual purpose as a pathway to her sanctuary.  It was a long crawl and the pain from her leg was growing, the synthesizer was running dry. Dying here now due to something as mundane as pain and exhaustion would not be acceptable, K3 pressed on. 
Finally, with one last effort, she pushed the metal plate covering away and fell ungracefully out of the tunnel. Landing on the slightly padded floor tile in the living room of doctor Paeni. The middle-aged surgeon jolted awake and knocked over the coffee cup he had likely planned on drinking from before falling asleep “fuck!” A few seconds of awkward silence was enough for the man to gain his bearings “damn it K3, I told you to send me a warning before you show up like this.” Hearing the old man’s voice was reluctantly reassuring. 
K3 tried to get up by herself, but her damaged leg wouldn’t move. “I have had larger problems to deal with, ok?....please help me up.” The slight frustration on Paeni’s face was immediately replaced by a deep concern as he saw the state she was in. 
Rushing over, he helped her up and allowed her to lean on him “don’t worry, everything is going to be fine.” There was an obvious worry in his voice, and as always it was filled with regret. Despite the doctor's limited strength he held out long enough for them to get to the surgery room. K3 collapsed onto the operating table, her muscles, and systems finally relaxing. Paeni had already begun to pull out his tools “what happened? Do you have a diagnostic for me?” 
K3 groaned and listed the issues of “the heat regulator in my left leg is busted, and there are several other system issues in it as well. The synthesizer is almost out of juice, and I think some of my claws got pulled out of alignment.” Resisting being pulled out by an affini’s absurd strength was not good for your health, who would have thought?
Paeni had donned a face of both professional seriousness, only undercut by the obvious concern “…alright I will see what I can do, let’s refuel your synthesizer first.” The doctor plugged the metal tube into the port on the lower part of her chest and turned to the screen that began to beep. He turned around and looked at her “when was the last time you ate?....hold on, your hormone levels are all wrong. Did you run out again?” oh dear, not this again. 
She trembled slightly as the chemicals began to flow into her “I have had a lot to do alright, the last objective was time-consuming” the gaze she received proved that it was far from an adequate answer “…Fine! I ate 10 days ago and ran out of estrogen two or three weeks ago….happy?” Why did he have to act like this? 
A frustrated sigh was the first part of the response “no, next time come here and receive a refill before you run out. Also, I can fix your augments, even heal you, but without food, you will still die. What do you want to eat?” She did not have time for this.
K3 tried to raise herself on the table and failed miserably. “..okay…some carbonara would be nice….but first I want some painkillers, my leg hurts like hell.” Paeni looked slightly satisfied and began tinkering with the synthesizer refueler, after a few seconds the pain began to recede…sweet relief.  
He moved around and began to look at her damaged leg “so what do we have here…..what the? Did you overclock the heat regulator?! Are you insane?” it did not sound much like questions he wanted answers to. The doctor took up some tools and slowly began to remove the leg from its socket. As it came off the smell of burnt flesh came out, K3 felt a shiver go down her spine...it reminded her of something…
Luckily the painkillers were in full effect by now, unluckily Paeni looked deeply concerned “I don’t know what inspired you to do this but it's going to require some surgery….this will take some time.” Fear spiked in her mind, if it took too long….if she got a new objective before it was done!
Suddenly she was in a tight embrace, “hey….it's going to be okay, everything will be fine…focus on breathing steadily, as we practiced….” Slowly but surely the fear receded, she had survived worse injuries before, and she would survive this as well. Paeni loosened the hug and looked down at her “things are different now, hopefully, you won't have a new task before this is all ov-“ the sound of several gunshots in the distance undercut the reassurance. 
K3 shook her head “it won't change, it never does…..why will the affini be any different?” There was never going to be an escape, just delaying the inevitable as long as she could. Paeni walked over to the window and closed the blinds and then…just stood there in silence, her words had cut deep “I’m sorry…I  don’t…I don’t thi-“
His voice was low “it’s okay, none of this is your fault….just don’t give up hope…I promise I will make this right, can you believe that? Please…” as he turned around K3 saw that deep desperation that was never far away. She nodded, not because she believed it, it had been years since he had made that promise. But seeing him as broken as she had found him those times before….she couldn’t do that to him.
Paeni straightened up and tried to smile “I will go and make some food, and after that, I will put you under for surgery. It will take a few days for you to wake up…a lot of tissue needs to heal, but it will be fine in the end. Meanwhile, I will look for some solutions.”  Rest would be good, and maybe he was right…the upheaval outside sounded of finality, one way or another. 
-----------------------Centhia, West New Habsburg, 3rd Shivar Street, 21.06.2554, 00:06--------------------------
Centaurea moved along the wall where the tracks of her prey led. They had decided to take a less humanoid form, instead letting their vines form more of an arachnid structure. To attract less attention her form had also turned a light gray to fit with the concrete human nests in the area. The plant she had been uplifted from was from a planet, not in the milky way, and often used such camouflage to lure its prey. 
The tracks showed signs that their prey was injured as they had suspected, but Centaurea was still surprised it had managed to move so far so fast. The lack of blood indicated that it might not be such a critical condition as they had assumed. At one point in the tracks, there was a large mark on the concrete, her prey had almost slipped. If it was smart and she was lucky it would have decided to hide not too far away. 
Only a few paces away the tracks changed…..something had spooked her prey, perhaps something had spotted it? There were no signs of violence, and the tracks up ahead were regular, if more cautious. Centaurea felt around with her biorhythm, Ignoring the chaotic emotions of the street above it took longer for her to find it, and only a slight blip of curiosity in its biorhythm gave it away.  
On the other side of the street was a human, or at least she assumed it was a human. Some advanced, by human standards, camouflage technology kept it hidden from sight. More disturbingly, its biorhythm was empty of emotion, it could almost be mistaken for vegetation. The creature disturbed them, it was unnatural. 
All sophonts could be divided into predator and prey, Centaurea held this to be a simple fact of the universe. Predators hunted and prey was hunted, though not always in the gruesome way of non-sophont creatures, those without higher intelligence. Some creatures, in her opinion most sophonts species that they had encountered, evolved to avoid predators, or protect themselves against them. Fear, flight, deception, and even fighting when there were no other options were how prey behaved. 
Predators like the affini, even if some of her kin did not appreciate the description, did not share the same behavior. Not that those actions and feelings were unavailable to them, but it was never the first instinct. Few affini lived alone, it was simply in their nature to hunt for cute little sophonts to take care of and help bloom. Not all of her people indulged their instincts like her, with a psychical hunt. Some used social courting, many chose bureaucratic entanglement, and some simply waited for their prey to be drawn to them. 
This was why the creature across the street disturbed her so, it did not fit into either category. Their biorhythm indicated no motivations or emotions, but not indifference either. In many ways it reminded her more of a machine, the only thing that seemed to indicate that it was even alive was the slight blips of irregularity in its biorhythm. Why was it here? To hunt her prey? Or just to observe? 
Centaurea decided to leave it alone, her hunt was of a higher priority, and it had shown no hostile intentions so far…If only it would show a sign of any intentions at all they might feel more comfortable about the decision to let it be. She and her people would no doubt be able to help it later when things were more under control. No creature was supposed to exist in that state, that was at least what her instincts told her, and they were seldom wrong. 
Continuing to follow the tracks she eventually came to its end. The massive maze-like human nest of steel and concrete would provide plenty of hiding places for her little prey to hide. Centaurea smiled, this hunt was becoming more interesting at the moment. Her strategy would have to change, and become more methodical and calculated. If her prey hid here to heal and rest it would no doubt have a pack-mate or something similar to help it. Humans were very affectionate creatures and bonded with almost anything, following the social tracks in the area would lead to her prey. 
----------------Centhia, New Bergen, Plastech Cybermedical R&D facility, 16.05.2543, 11:02------------------
opened her eyes, everything was blurry, and her eyes were itching. As she tried to move her arms she discovered that she was still bound to a chair. The memories of what had happened the last days began to remerge, oh fuck! Before panic could set in something, or rather someone moved into her line of sight. 
One of them was the doctor-looking man from…yesterday? What time was it? She remembered someone calling him by name…..doctor Paeni, yeah that was it.  ------ put the memories from the last time she awoke aside for the moment as she looked at the second person. Short, likely in his 50s with large bushy eyebrows, and in much the same attire as the first one…There was something callus in his eyes that made her shiver. 
The short one spoke first “Finally, the subject has woken up. Let us begin, I will handle the procedure, you just ask the questions I have written down.” The older man handed the younger one a clipboard with a piece of paper on it before walking to the right and out of her line of sight. ------ noticed that there was something on her head, some sort of helmet based on the pressure. What were they going to do to her?
Doctor Paeni looked slightly confused at her and then to the right “I just ask the questions? Doctor Malum, I don’t understand what that will accomplish, mind to explain?” What were they going to do to her?! ------ tried to move against the restraints but it was useless.
The voice from Malum was stern and impatient “Just do it and see what happens. After a few repetitions, the result will be far from disappointing, that I promise you.” Paeni sighed quietly and looked down at her, for a brief moment their eyes met, then he looked down at the clipboard. 
There were a few seconds of hesitation “what is your name?”……huh? was that all?
Okay….right, she should answer before they decided to ‘motivate’ her, her throat was dry “my name is ------." Suddenly a brief electric shock shot through her head from the helmet. It was not very painful and was over before she had realized it had happened….not a very effective punishment if her answer had been ‘wrong’. The shock batons at the prison and the forge had been effective at making her respond to her new designation….were they trying the same thing?
“Again.” The simple command was uttered with uncaring precision. 
Paeni looked even more confused “umm…What is your name?” What were they trying to accomplish? 
They had not even given her a replacement “-------” There was another electric shock, she felt a bit dizzy now but more than anything she was annoyed. 
“Again.” Really? 
Why even bother waiting for the question “my name is…” for a moment her mind slipped “….-----” another shock, the intensity of the dizziness increased….what were they trying to do? “What do you want me to sa-“ 
“Again.” Her sore and unused voice was easily trampled underneath the command. 
Paeni was looking nervous now, perhaps even scared “wa…What is your name?'' Was this some sort of psychological trick or test? And why the shocks?
All she could do was answer “my name is….” What? She knew her name, right? It was on the tip of her tongue “ it’s….—” the shock surged through her head one more time…hold on “my name….my name is….” What was her name? She looked up at the surgeon “what is my name?” 
A horrified expression had spread on Paeni’s face “I…wha…your name?...it is-“ The older scientist came into her line of sight once again
“No! no. don’t interrupt the process, can’t you see that it is working?” A self-satisfied grin was plastered on his face, he looked proud. Why couldn’t she remember? She had answered a few moments ago….she felt nauseous. A sudden sound *snap* brought her back to attention “you wanted to know your name?” Was he going to give it back? “Let me see here….right, your name is K3, satisfied?” no…that couldn’t be right…. “Now then, let’s get back to business. What is the name of your parents/caretaker?”……………….
Hours had passed, her mind hurt, everything was wrong. Memories, names, facts about herself, all of them were jumbled into a chaotic mess that she couldn’t untangle. They were doing something to her mind, and nothing she did stopped it from happening. Everything hurt, everything was wrong.
The two scientists were mumbling to each other “are you sure this is not giving him major brain damage?” there was a desperation in the voice. 
The other voice spoke with unfettered arrogance “nonsense, the method is precise and direct. You should feel proud to witness this momentous scientific achievement. Propaganda, subliminal messaging, torture, and manipulation; are all obsolete thanks to this. And those fools thought that they could replace me, ha!” The world was beginning to drift away, she was so tired. 
The voices were all that kept her from sliding into oblivion “and its permanent?” 
“Oh yes, once the connection between neurons has been severed it is gone forever. I am the most proficient biologist in a hundred, no! Five hundred years. Turning humans into something as programmable as a machine has only been my latest achievement. Speaking of, I have another project I am working on, I hope you are competent enough to handle the rest for today. I will be back tomorrow, to make sure you don’t mess up my creation.” There was the hum of a door opening and then it closed. 
Footsteps moved towards her, almost instinctively she recoiled “hey, I am not going to hurt….I am not asking any more questions….are you ok?” She looked up at him, everything was so blurry “..I’m sorry…but you need to listen to me.” There was a sincerity to his voice that she was not sure she believed “I have a plan to help you….at least as much as I can at the moment.”
K3 shook her head, survival was the priority, there was a chance in front of her, she needed to grab it “alright…what do you want me to do?” Her words felt slow and clumsy, but Paeni seemed relieved. 
He tried to give a reassuring smile “good….i am going to pretend to have asked you more questions, as long as you pretend to have forgotten all about it….the damage should be contained somewhat.” What? Was that the best plan? To leave her only half erased? He must have seen her desperation “it’s the best I can do at the moment, try to hold on.” Well….at least it was not the…the memory escaped her….at least she was not dead.
-----------------------Centhia, West New Habsburg, 3rd Shivar Street, 26.06.2554, 20:29--------------------------
K3 woke as her synthesizer surged her awake. The dream or more accurately nightmare of years past sent uncomfortable shivers down her spine. She was alive, she was her, not ‘him’ or ‘it’ or anything else that others had dictated. She was herself, and she would survive.
A brief diagnostic later showed that the surgery had gone well, and all systems were fully operational. The lack of painkillers in her system and the lack of pain indicated that her recovery was over as well…it had taken 5 days, not too bad based on her injuries. Even with the diagnostic K3 went through all her systems to make sure they operated properly.  
Her legs were fine once more, optical augments were fine, hearing was good…hold on, Paeni was talking to someone in the other room….She quickly tuned the augment to max capacity and listened closely. 
Paeni sounded nervous “You are sure you can help her? She needs very delicate treatment..” 
There was another voice, it sounded strange, almost musical in nature. “we can help her, but you do understand that she will have to be domesticated….and based on what you have told us your own independence will be evaluated as well.” She remembered the voice, the affini from the central bureaucracy! How had it found her here?….unless, had he sold her out?…no, he wouldn’t do that, right?
The affini continued to talk “we will do the procedure as soon as she has been secured. Now, where is she?” Procedure……No, not again, never again! K3 got up from the operating table, she had to get out. 
Paeni sounded….relieved? “Thank you so much, she should still be asleep but if you wake her….just don’t hurt her. She is in here.” The door opened and the disgusting relief that had been plastered all across Paeni’s face turned to fear, the affini behind him pulled itself through the far too small door. 
How could he have done this? “I…I trusted you….” How could she have been so naïve? The betrayal hurt in a way she had not felt since…it hurt, why? 
Paeni looked desperate “they can help you, please….” The man was practically begging, K3 would not be fooled by more lies. 
The affini unfurled its vines “He is right, I can help you, but first you need to let me.” Even the corps had been more convincing than that, help her? They just wanted to use her, just like everybody else. The affini looked larger and larger, the door to the living room was blocked and so was the door to the kitchen. She was trapped, there was no way out except….
K3 and the affini moved at the same time, a vine hurled forward as she turned and crashed out of the window. Time moved slowly, the shards of glass reflecting the vine moving to grab around her body. It looked like the affini would be faster, and then gravity took control and she plummeted down to the ground below. 
The air rushed past her as the ground moved upwards with frightening speed. K3 extended her claws as much as possible and after bracing herself plunged them into the concrete of the wall. It hurt! It hurt so much, but as the claws made deep marks in the concrete her fall slowed down. With a brutal pull, she dragged her claws out of the concrete and landed on a walkway, her legs cushioning the fall….Still, the pain almost brought her down to her knees.
There was a sound from above, the affini was making its way down the façade of the building at a terrible speed. The eyes of the affini gleamed with predatory intent, an intent it would not indulge today. K3 allowed the synthesizer to fill her with adrenaline, W3 combat drugs, and a healthy dose of emotional suppressants. 
With all distracting factors removed, she began to run, even without fear she knew fighting the affini was a death sentence. The concrete maze turned into a haze as she dashed through them, using every shortcut and small space, anything to give her more time. Despite her body and augments working at full capacity, the affini was gaining on her. 
It moved like some giant horrifying spider, ignoring obstacles, and moving vertically with far too much ease. The only advantage she had was her size, slipping past small cracks and slim corridors was the only thing keeping her out of the affini’s reach. The maze stopped and she was out onto the main street, with a powerful jump she cleared the building, feeling a vine snap right behind her, and then she landed on the other side. 
K3 looked back, the affini stood still, watching her. The crowd in the street, shouting their pointless obscenities against the affini, had not spotted her. An affini would be much easier to spot, for once the people of Centhia had given her reprieve. Wasting no time, she slipped into the shadows and made as much distance between her and the affini as possible. With her safe house compromised she would need a place to lay low….Despite all the odds she had survived another day. 

K3 has escaped once again, but for how long will it last. See you all next chapter 

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