Centhian domestication files

K3-1: Alienation

by Exhausted_ambition

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #Human_Domestication_Guide #hypnosis #petplay #pov:bottom #scifi #transgender_characters #cw:violence #D/s #dom:internalized_imperialism #drug_play #f/f #f/nb #growth #sub:female
See spoiler tags : #body_modification #CW:dubious_consent

Story specific CW: dubious identity death, the worst capitalism can offer, body modification verging on body horror.
This is my side project as I work on the longer HDG stories. Each story will probably be around 3-5 chapters long. They will vary a lot in both feel and themes, some might be quite brutal while others will be on the softer side. Each story will also have their own CW in the forwards of their first chapter. A basic understanding of the HDG universe will likely be necessary to understand these stories. Most of the stories also tie very loosely with my other story: Negotiations on shaky vines. While I don’t think it is necessary to read it to understand what is going on, I do recommend it.
---------------------Centhia, Far-East New Habsburg, NISSAN forge-E3, 3.05.2543, 20:02---------------------------
The familiar sound of a shock baton and the scream that followed cut through the monotonous hammering of the factory. ------- wiped some sweat from her brow and spared a moment of sympathy with the poor fucker. The sympathy ended as a slight shock from her collar reminded her that the precious 5-minute break was over. If she did not get to her station soon then her scream would be next, the guards were never forgiving with stragglers.
After dabbing the cloth in a far too dirty bucket of water she tied it around her face and nostrils. ------ did not really believe that the wet cloth kept the fumes out, but in conditions such as this, one took what one could get. The walk over to the forge station where she was assigned was over earlier than she would have liked, each step increasing the heat of the air around her until she was sweating precious water while just standing still. 
One of the overseers saw her “Prisoner 5-0-0-4, this is not a vacation, GET A MOVE ON!” ------- nodded and moved towards her station deep within the forge structure, she made sure to look down while passing the overseer platform. two months ago, she would have looked up defiantly, she had learned quickly that was a mistake.
Entering the forge proper she passed her fellow convicts and citizens of hell. ------- was not well versed in mythology, but this must be what hell looked like. The corridors between the gaping mouths of the furnaces were narrow and the metal walls hot enough to melt your boot if you so much as touched it. The metal grid that formed the corridor floor gave a nice view of the central pit of molten metal below that all the furnaces lead to. The heat from the orange-red pit and the walls choked the air, in good company with the toxic fumes that were emitted each time they hauled another slab of unprocessed metal into a furnace.  
Another shock from the collar made her walk faster, passing by ragged prisoners pushing carts filled with ore, those unlucky enough to be assigned to furnace duty, and one fellow who had broken down crying before repeated shock from the collar forced him back to work. 
-------- arrived at her station, 5-0-5-6 looked up and gave her a slight nod. Together they began to haul ore from the depo and onto the carts. It was heavy and back-breaking work, ten hours of this had made her muscles so sore she could hardly feel them. Thinking would only make time pass slower and the chances of mistakes greater, she pressed them down and just focused on the motions. 
Grip, heave, carry, drop, grip, heave, carry, drop, grip, heave, carry, drop, grip, heave, carry, drop. 65 days she had survived here in the factory, 12 hours of work each day, at least they got enough water and synthcubes to survive. ------- knew she would not survive this, from the stories she had heard from the others most did not last longer than half a year, if even that. if you avoided the overseers, never stumbled into the walls, never fell into a furnace…even if you avoided all the mistakes: the toxic gas would get you in the end. 
Grip, heave, carry, drop, grip, heave, car- the weight suddenly doubled as the man on the other side of the ore collapsed onto the ground. The ore fell to the ground with a gut-wrenching sound, luckily not hitting either of them in the process. Before the ore had hit the floor she dashed forward and somehow managed to catch her fellow inmate before he hit the ground. The man coughed violently for a few seconds before looking up at her, resignation, and relief in his eyes. 
She looked over her shoulder “we need a doctor!” her voice sounded desperate. The man raised a trembling hand and put it on her shoulders “it's fine lad, thi-“ more violent coughing “this is good, I’m not leaving here…I know that. Better that it ends now than...” A powerful shock from both their collars interrupted his words.
“What do you think you are doing?! GET BACK TO WORK!” There was the heavy pounding of overseer boots coming from behind her. 
-------- looked up at the masked officer “he needs a doctor…please.” Was she crying?
The faceless man looked towards the body on the ground “fuck…20 minutes before the end of the shift as well…” The guard sounded like he was talking to himself, then he looked down at her “too late for him, not like he can afford it either way. You need to get back to work, just try to ignore the body.” She looked down…he was dead in her arms. 
------- gently lowered the body down onto the ground and looked around dazed. She needed to get back to work or it would get worse, and worse meant death. Trying to lift the ore alone was impossible, how was she supposed to do this? The guard was looking at her! if they thought she couldn’t work then they would put her on furnace duty. ------ desperately tried to drag the chunk towards the cart.
There was a brief noise of static from the guard “yeah this is Julian…..oh?....I understand….I have an inmate here who can’t do much anyway….yeah another workplace incident….I will bring him in.” The mumbling was almost drowned out by the churning of molten metal and the hammering of those below the forge working the metal into ship plating. 
But ------ had heard it, they were going to put her on furnace duty…the guard approached “sir, you need to come with me.” Was she really going to die here? She did not want to die!
Another electric shock brought her back to reality “prisoner 5-0-0-4! you need to come with me. That is an order.” -------- felt her legs move even as the world felt less and less real. They passed by workers on the brink of collapse, all of them looking at her with a mix of pity and envy. 
All she had done was ------------- and now she was going to die. How could this universe be so cold and uncaring?…how could humans be so cold and uncaring? The hellish heat of the forge died away with each step and before she had properly noticed it they had entered an office, it was nice and cool. 
A short and mustache-clad man was sitting behind a desk, he looked up at her with a smile of poorly hidden disdain “hello mr.-------, please….” The man examined her “stand right there.”
She did as asked, why would they bring her here? The man began talking in your standard marketeer way “You have been selected for a very lucky opportunity, one I think you don’t want to miss out on.” His voice was sleazy…an opportunity? For what? 
He gave a short chuckle “I see I got your interest, good. As a prisoner under the care of us at Odin&son security, you have been generously allowed to work here at NISSAN as part of your ‘rehabilitative labor program’.” A nice way of describing slavery in the modern age. It was clear the manager cared little about her input “But now we have gotten a very good offer from Plastech Cybermedical, they have offered to buy your prisoner license…that means you would be their responsibility, not ours.” There was a brief silence…
Oh, he wanted her to talk “okay, what do you want me to do?” If they wanted to sell her labor to someone else, why did they bother to tell her?
The manager frowned a bit “well you see, there are a few legal barriers, so we need you to sign off on it.” A contact was recovered from the desk and pushed towards her end. What could be so bad that the corps needed her consent?
Before she could begin reading the man interrupted “it’s nothing too bad…but if you were to deny the deal then I would have no choice but to send you back to work. And because you have now had a nonstandard 20-minute break I think it would only be fair to start you on the next shift straight away.” 12 more hours? Now? She would die, there was not even a question about it. 
With a devilish smile, the manager handed her a pen….No matter what they did to her it could not be as bad as this, nothing could. She could not end up like that man who had been relieved to die, but if she stayed here she would. Her name was signed upon the paper with a shaking hand.
-----------------Centhia, West New Habsburg, Near Central bureaucracy HQ, 20.06.2554, 10:30-----------------
K3 surged awake as her chemical processor dispensed the right mix for her to awaken. She took quick stock of the situation, she was in the safe room she had acquired and there were no signs of any danger. Her overlay activated, the objective was still in the office as planned, and no unusual activity was detected. 
30 minutes was the exact amount of time she would need. K3 made sure her kinetic handgun, the neo-steel blade in her wrist, all body augments and the systems that ran them were online. 
29 minutes. After the diagnostics, she left out the sewer pipe and moved silently toward the huge building that sat on top of the hill. Reaching it during the dead of the day was suboptimal but the security was too heavy for her to stay there over the night. 
Setting her sensory augments to full she managed to avoid the first five rounds of patrols without any issue. K3 had already planned a path through the park outside the building where the patrols were lightest. Hearing the location of their heartbeats she went undetected by the few bureaucrats that roamed the park and made it to her first challenge, getting access to the building itself. 
20 minutes. This objective had come with floor plans for the building, using the neo-steel blade she cut through the outer layer of the building and entered the air duct right behind the wall. 
This was far from the first time K3 had infiltrated a building of this scale, she was on time and no alert had been given indicated by the stability of overnet activity. Her neural uplink did not interface well with the new systems, but they were for some reason designed gently enough for it not to hinder her efficiency. 
She reached a point where the duct went straight upwards, small metal claws extended from her knuckles and boots. By piercing the thin metal walls around her and climbing upwards she made her way up. The vent was far too small for any large movements, she had planned that this would take time. 
13 minutes. The increasing number of heartbeats indicated that she was closing in on her goal. K3 cut through another piece of the floor underneath a staircase and moved up, ensuring the rubble did not make any noise. She locked the door nearby and fried its authorization mechanism, no one would get through here for a while. 
A warning flashed on her overlay: [Warning: objective to be done in t-10 minutes, neural termination will activate in t-15 minutes]. Like she needed that reminder, not that she would give it a chance to activate, she would survive. 
A heartbeat moved down the stairs, based on the weight of the steps it was armed with. K3 jumped up into the ceiling, feeling the slight burn from her augments. She waited, holding herself there with the metal jags until the heartbeat was right underneath. Falling down a single strike to the neck was all she required to knock the guard unconscious. Now she had to move, if not….
5 minutes. Another slice with her blade and K3 made her way into the ceiling of this floor, the area was filled with wires and dust. Ripping out any of the cables would alert people of her location, careful movement was critical even when the time was so close to running out. She also did not have the floor plans for this specific part, even her unknown informant did not hold that information. 
3 minutes. That was why she had studied the target beforehand, she knew his heartbeat. Everyone had a heartbeat, and each heartbeat was slightly different from all others. It was distant and unclear, but she could hear it, it was almost time.  
2 minutes. The objective was below her, she knew it, it was time. With a singular motion, a circular hole was cut in the metal ceiling. K3 caught the plate and lowered herself down into the large office, the objective was alone, just as planned. 
1 minute. The old bureaucrat was sitting at his desk signing some papers, his back turned to her. Nothing would betray that this man was likely the most powerful human on Centhia’s surface. Who he was, did not really matter, he was the objective, and he was still alive.
10 seconds. K3 took out the kinetic handgun from the compartment in her leg.
9 seconds. Her survival depended on his death, just like all the previous 148 objectives.
8 seconds. The Grand permanent secretary of the Centhian bureaucracy looked up from the papers, still unaware. 
7 seconds. She aimed the gun toward his heart.
6 seconds. Dangerous hesitation…it was him or her.
5 seconds. Her finger pressed on the trigger *BANG* The heartbeat ceased. 
4 seconds. K3 brought out the document she was supposed to leave at the scene
3 seconds. She laid it carefully on the other side of the desk, clearly visible for anyone to see when they entered.
2 seconds. Her left eye twitched as a picture of the scene was taken, it was time to leave. 
1 second. A guard entered the office and for a brief moment their eyes locked, the guard scrambled back “LIQUIDATOR!” Before there was any time to exchange fire she jumped up into the hole and began to move away, now haste was prioritized. 
0 seconds. [upload complete….all objectives completed, neural termination deactivated, find safehouse, stand by for next objective.] Good, now she had to get out of here, then her survival would be secured for another day.  
-----------------Centhia, West New Habsburg, Central bureaucracy HQ, 20.06.2554, 11:03-------------------
Centaurea Zeluan, 8th bloom, finally felt some excitement again as they rushed down the hallway, behind her six human guards were trying their best to keep up. It was not that they did not understand the importance of diligence in these times, the low number of her fellow affini and the staggeringly high number of humans meant that personal fulfillment was not the top priority. Still, she had been guarding this building for over a Terran month and now finally had something to do. 
The building had been infiltrated by someone or something that the humans called a liquidator. Some kind of heavily augmented human assassin. The humans were very afraid of it, at least it was obvious from the biorhythms of the guards that trailed behind them. She dashed around another corner and saw it: it was a bit shorter than the average human, the only form of clothing was ballistic or metal plates that were fitted directly onto its body, and a black smooth helmet covered the majority of its face and head. 
It was already looking towards her when she rounded the corner, like it had known they were there. It began to run away, and a primal sense of glee filled Centaurea. Now that she finally had prey to hunt, she would not be deterred. Her form unfurled as she used every vine in unison to throw herself forward, the human was fast, but she was much faster. 
In just a couple of seconds, she managed to reach and overtake the human, blocking its escape. No matter her wishes there were still rules to follow “surrender little flower, everything is going to be fine.” As she gave the human a chance to surrender the guards that had followed her caught up, leaving her prey surrounded on both sides. 
It did not consider her words, not even for a moment. Instead, its eyes flashed red, human eyes could do that? And then it pulled out a gun. Her vines were in motion in an instant, several needles tipped with class-Z ready to put the prey to sleep surged forward. Her prey extended what seemed to be a tiny blade from her wrist and cut the first vine apart as it closed in, the others she avoided with an impressive amount of agility. 
Centaurea could not stop herself from smiling, it was not fun if the hunt ended too soon. Then it moved its gun to aim towards the other humans, dirt! Moving as fast as an affini could, Centaurea placed herself between the guards and the strange human. Four large blasts from the gun thundered through the hall and they felt four painful pricks on separate parts of her body “that was not very nice, why don’t you put that silly weapon down before you hurt yourself.” For a brief moment, it looked like her prey considered it, then its eyes flashed red once more and it turned and ran with a surprising speed down the now unbarred hallway. With the humans safe the hunt was on once again.
Their prey managed to reach one of the staircases and lock the door behind it. Centaurea reached it a moment later and with several small vines typed in the access codes, the device was completely unresponsive. The little sophont must have fired the device, very clever, not clever enough. Using the full might of her vines the door was knocked off its hinges and fell inwards, her prey had already begun running down the stairs. Letting her form unfurl they let herself fall down and grapple the walls, going faster and faster in the more constricted area, her thorns working as small hocks as she pushed forward.  
She reached the bottom of the staircase a second later than her prey, but instead of running out the door, it dived towards a hole in the floor. The shift in movement caught Centaurea slightly off guard, but they were close enough now to send her vines forward to grapple the human. A vine entangled around their prey’s leg just as it managed to disappear beneath the floor. The human had a very strong grip, but it could not last against her strength. 
They noticed that the leg that their vines were entangled around was getting dangerously warm, then it combusted into flames! Instinctively her vines loosened, and the human disappeared fully into the hole. A muffled groan of pain came from the human, frost, rot! No matter how its leg had managed to catch aflame It was probably critically injured. They sent a few vines down to drag it out, only for a small explosion to go off. Centaurea dragged the meager remains of the vines she had sent down up, and it seemed like her prey was still on the move, but there was no way for her to follow from here.
She would have to report it <Picea, its Centaurea. The human that infiltrated the building managed to escape, I think they are critically injured.> The other side did not take long to respond.
The affini bureaucrat on the other side sounded…afraid <understood, the situation here has turned critical, and an emergency has been issued by the captain.> That did not sound good in the slightest.
They still needed to help that human <Can I pursue the infiltrator? I fear they might need immediate medical attention.> There was a long silence on the other end. 
Then a slight sigh <Sounds like you have found some new prey. Usually, I would recommend you drop it, but we can't have a dangerous sophont like that running around, go ahead. Secure them as fast as possible, they might have important information about who ordered the attack, don’t drag it out.> In a regular situation she might have dragged out the hunt for the suspense and enjoyment. But if the human was injured, she would not allow it to suffer.
 ----------------Centhia, New Bergen, Plastech Cybermedical R&D facility, 15.05.2543, 16:05---------------
----- slowly awoke and regretted it immediately. A throbbing pain slammed against their skull, it was worse like someone was doing construction work in her head. As she got used to the pain she noticed she was not in her cell. ----- was sitting in a chair, tight metal wires tying her arms and legs to it. What was going on? 
As awareness increased the rest of her body came more into focus, and again she regretted it.  almost every part of her body was hurting in a myriad of different ways. Her legs were filled with intense stinging pain, her arms and especially hands were painfully numb, and something was making her eyes and ears itch. On top of all of that, a wave of strong nausea was building up as the headache continued. 
There was a sudden flash of light as a door opened. The light burned! It was so bright! There were footsteps, they were so loud! How could something be that loud?! ----- tried to strain against the restraints but it was hopeless, her body barely responded to her commands.
Suddenly a cool rush surged through her veins and the pain abated.
“So, this is the product?” a voice filled with pride and dignity filled her senses. 
There were people here “yes mam, this is the newest model of our personal defense assistant. Equipped with all the latest and cutting-edge augments that science can offer.” That voice was disgustingly accommodating. 
The prideful voice spoke again “you can drop the pleasantries, is this liquidator ready for use? Fireside has paid handsomely for a new unit, so for your sake, I hope it works.” Liquidator? There was a liquidator here?! Fuck, fuck, fuck. 
Another voice spoke “He is not quite yet ready for use, but the augmentation surgeries are completed. Gen-4 Mechanical legs, vastly increased hearing and sight, neural uplink, retractable claws for climbing and fighting, and a chemical processor able to synthesize an array of combat enhancing hormones and drugs.” The voice was as confident as it was technical in its pronunciation.
------ carefully opened her eyes again, three people were standing in front of her. The prideful voice came from a 60-something woman in an expensive suit. “good, what about the safety measures?” 
A man in what must be his late thirties, clad in a stereotypical white lab coat was the source of the technical voice “The neural termination chip was installed eight hours ago. In the case of him going rogue, the device will release neurotoxin and kill him within 3 seconds.” The man spoke with little enthusiasm this time. 
A large but timid-looking man frowned “What Doctor Paeni is trying to say is that the product’s safety measures are almost in place. It will be ready within the month.” The accommodating man smiled friendly toward the rich woman. 
The woman looked into her eyes, she displayed a slight flinch of fear “It certainly has the eyes….if the augments are completed then what is the holdup?” It looked like the scientist was about to answer but the salesman, he had to be, spoke first. 
Again, the voice was so accommodating it sounded like he wanted to lure the client into a trap “we here at Plastech have your satisfaction as our number one priority. To make sure that the product does not malfunction we will be assuring its mental compliance.” There was a tense silence.
The rich one began to move towards the door, ------ instinctively closed her eyes “I don’t care how you do it. I am satisfied, make sure it arrives on time.” The far too loud sound of the door closing rang in her ears. 
Doctor Paeni was relieved “that went well…could we tone down the dehumanization? He is still a person, no matter what he signed.” 
The accommodation was no longer in the salesman’s voice “the customers don’t like that, focus on the technical and let me do the talking. Doctor Malum will be arriving tomorrow for the neural reconfiguration, trying to learn something….That man is not cheap, corporate would be very happy if you can do the procedure alone for the next product.” The scientist flinched and looked down. 
Had it not been for the painkillers keeping her calm she would have screamed by now. What did they want from her? What was going on with her body? Her mind was beginning to shut down, she tried to resist but sleep found her in the end, at least she was still alive.
Hope you enjoyed this first chapter, i will try to update soon but it will more infrequent than NOSV.
As always remember to eat, sleep, drink water, take your meds and have a wonderful day!

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