Solitude, a Prison of My Own Making

Chapter 2

by EvelynnKha

Tags: #Human_Domestication_Guide #microfiction #scifi #Small_Injury #Memes #No_horny #Swearing

Well would you look at that! I typed a second chapter. Neat! Anyway, my disclaimers for the last ones and most anything I write go for this one as well. CW/Disclaimer for Continued talk about an injury. Anything with a '' surrounding with an underline or bold are inner thoughts of Karla. Thought I'd type that here for this one as well. There are memes in this one as well...sorry not sorry. Enjoy or don't.

Picture it, if you will; You are in a hospital being held in a canopy of vines. Everything is slowing down and you see people rush you into a room. Despite the dizzy sensation, the worst feeling is that the air conditioning in the room is too warm. I mean, honestly. I guess even hyperintelligent floral people can't make hospitals comfortable either. After what feels like five minutes, you are jolted out of your bed only to be told you had a minor injury. 

'I was rushed to the hospital for a fall down the stairs. That's it. I could be farming for shards right now. Atleast I left the autofarm program on for Ancient Scrolls Online. Wait, I'm in a hospital, I should be paying attention.'

"Is she usually like this?" a doctor said.

"I don't know, I just met her recently." Rohlia replied

"I see. Karla? You there?"

"Oh. OH! Yeah I'm here. Hi, what's up?" I said while snapping out of a haze.

"I am fine, little one, but were here for you. It seems you had a bit of a fall. Thankfully, none of your bones are fractured and there is little to no bruising externally, but it seems you have a muscle contusion near the upper leg area. You may need to limit any physical stress on your legs. If you would like, we could easily fix this. I could prescribe you some appropriate xenodrugs."

"Thanks, but no thanks, doc. I'll just... walk it off :)" I said with a wry smile. They seemed not too pleased. 

'Why aren't they saying anything? That was hilarious'
'Maybe you didn't say it loud enough ?"

"Listen, Karla. Don't be frightened, but we are having a therapist who specializes in terran psychology arriving today. They have already agreed to see you. From the information we were given, we decided it best that you receive a small evaluation. We noticed that you aren't eating properly and you seem to be lacking vitamin D which indicates a lack of outside exposure. Put simply, we are concerned that you are shutting yourself off."

'Oh god oh fuck OH GOD OH FUCK. Can we do therapy, Karla? Karla. KARLA. We have to be reallllllly careful now. Don't act scared, they'll know.' 

"Thank you for your concern, but I am fine. If therapy is what it takes to prove it, then I shall go. I think it will be quite enjoyable!" I said, lying. 

I waited for a while. I was told the therapist wouldn't be here until about 3pm. It was at this time that I realized that I slept overnight in the hospital. More importantly, it was now the next day.

'This is weird. I'm not really used to being up this early except for the occasional raid day. Speaking of, I need to get a build ready for this Wednesday. Gilamore is supposed to be weak to solar, so I think I'll equip a class ability focused solar build. Actually, I need to focus on regen and survivability prior to the bosses. I'll only swap to a dps build right before the encounter starts. Due to the weekly bonuses, it would be best to equip a weapon that also does solar. The increased attack speed on my heavy weapon will make this an easy three phase boss. Ok, I think I'm ready for Wednesday.'
'Uhhh. Karla. Wednesday is today.'
'What do you mean, we just watched the forecast that talked about the rain and... oh no. We gotta get home ASAP. Time for scheming.'

"Heyyyyy Rohlia? Can we talk a bit?" I said with a panicked tone.

"Sure! Are you doing okay? Are you dehydrated?"

"No no. I'm fine. Actually I could use a blanket. Particularly a throw blanket for my lower bac- Anyway thats not the point. Thank you for bringing me here, but I gotta go back home now. I forgot to turn off some things."
'This should do the trick. We aren't gonna miss raid day, right?'

"Its alright, little one. We sent someone to make sure that there wasn't anything that could prove to be hazardous, such as a running oven or lamp. There shouldn't be anything that could damage your home, sweetie."

"I'll let the condescension slide for now. Anyway, no. There is something else much more important. I need to get to my PC." I begged.
'Oh god, we are gonna miss raid day.'       

"But the therapist should be here in bit. Don't worry about your PC, we turned that off as wel-Oh it seems your cortisol levels just spiked."

"You did... what now? Rohlia, please tell me I misheard you. You didn't just say you turned my PC off, right?"

       "I did say that. Is there something wrong? Did you forget to save anything you were working on at the time. Oh! Here comes the one who was tasked with turning everything off. That's some critically good timing!"

'That's not how the word ⌈critically⌋ works! Or maybe she's right, this IS a critical situation'

"Hi, there! Do you remember turning off any appliances in particular?" asked Rohlia.

"Most of the lights were already off, but I do remember turning off a PC. It seemed to be running a game and prolonged usage would have led to damage to the CPU."

'Well, I guess its time to use my secret technique. Running'
       "I-I'm going home. You two keep talking to each other." I said walking out of the infirmary wincing as I got used to the pain in my legs.

"Wait, you aren't fit to go home yet! What if you fall on your way? No one will be there to pick you up!"

I walked home nonetheless... or well attempted to. Walking on injured legs is difficult, but for raid day on a weekly reset, I had to see it through. Besides, if I was truly in danger, those meddlesome Ents could catch up to me in no time and stop me in my tracks. The fact that they weren't meant that I wasn't in danger. At least that's what I reasoned. In truth, they just slowly walked behind me and watched me struggle to lift myself. I was halfway down the street when I decided to turn around and check my surroundings which is when I realized. I couldn't believe they found this amusing.

       "Oh, come to watch, have you? Trying to get a laugh out of watching an injured person struggle to walk? Doesn't bother me one bit. Just know that that's kind of fucked up." I muttered to them.

"Nobody is laughing, Karla. We are not amused. If anything, this hurts to watch. You won't reveal why you want to return home before trying to walk there in your current state. Why don't you talk to people? We don't bite."

"Ok. If I tell you, will you atleast think about taking me back home?"

       "Provided its a good enough reason to miss therapy, then perhaps."
'We aren't gonna get to go home.'

"Well. I'm gonna level with you. Today is Wednesday. In one of the many games I play, a weekly reset is happening and my mates need me to sherpa them through a raid." I explained sheepishly. I thought maybe, just maybe, they will let me go home. They might understand. The worst that could happen is they'd say no. Well, I was wrong.

After my explanation, Rohlia and the surrounding doctors all looked at eachother with a touch of confusion and disappointment on their faces. Wordlessly, they picked me up and carried me back to the hospital. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but it seemed urgent. After about five minutes of the two of them chatting in what I can only assume is affini, Rohlia smiled at me. Sometimes, foreshadowing is relatively obvious. 

"I'm NOT moving in with you Rohlia." I stated suddenly.

"Oh, do you understand our language?"

"No, but I've played enough RPG's to guess what that expression meant. I'm still not moving in with you. I like my home and I am not goin- wait no you are NOT moving with me."

"Regardless of what you assumed the conversation was. It has become clear that you do not have your health in high priority. Your capability is up for questioning somewhat, so it may prove beneficial, or even mandatory, to live with someone who can take care of you. Independence has its responsibilities, as I am sure you are aware, and we do not take disregarding of them lightly. Its not all bad though! You would have a friend with you all the time! It would be fun, wouldn't it? You certainly have the rooms and appropriate furniture for it. Not to mention, I have a floret already so I am quite experienced with human care." Rohlia said with a hint of pride.

"I am NOT going to be your floret ever. Even if you move in, I refuse. "
'Always wanted to refuse someone with that line.'
'Now isn't the time, Karla.'

"Alright, fine. I understand. You may be done talking with me, but the therapist mentioned earlier just recently arrived while you were out on your...adventure. You need to be honest and open with them, little one."

"Ok, fine."

After a bit, they let me down and helped me walk towards the office in which the therapist was temporarily residing. On my way, I could feel a beat... a rhythm of sorts. It got louder and more pronounced as I approached the door until it reached a crescendo.

'Why do we hear boss music?'

I hope you enjoyed this. Leave a comment with what you like or don't like. Critiques are always welcome. 

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