Sidetracked CH2

by EvelynnKha

Tags: #Human_Domestication_Guide #Just_a_story #microfiction #scifi

Olivia is an independent sophont who had been looking for an owner for over a year. She finally meets someone who she thinks may be the one to win her hand. With a twist of fate, her life is changed irrevocably.

2ND CHAPTER BB. I had a lot of fun with the first one and some asked me what happened next. So BOOM, here we are! I went with different framing this time and well... I hope you enjoy it I guess? Leave a comment if you did or if you didn't. Just leave a comment in general, it helps me create the happy chemical. 

Sunday, April 8, 2570

It was a dreary day, not a cloud in the sky and the air was poignant with the smell of pollen. Of course, it wasn't the weather that made it dreary, but what was in store
for indecisive Olivia that day. The 15th applicant who would try and woo her for her loyalty as a pet was on their way and would arrive at any minute. Olivia was frightened,
truly frightened. After a trial period lasting longer than most any other to be floret, she agreed to live the comforting life of a pet. Her only condition being that she would
be the one to pick her owner. The agency believed this wouldn't last long, but it has been over a year and Olivia is yet to fully commit themselves. First impressions were all 
too important for her, but she was 'nearing the end of her caretaker's patience'. Of course, this wasn't true; her agency caretakers found her adorable, but she couldn't help
but feel like a burden to them. 

As the clock hit twelve, Olivia began to pace the floors. "This could be the one. Maybe I'll finally be able to restart." she began to think. This euphoria was short lived as
she realized that the opposite could happen as well. "It has been 14 applicants already. What are the odds this one will be any different? What if they only care for petting and
affection? Can I really live with myself if I turn this one down and burden my caretakers even further?" This line of thought was cut short.
With a familiar sliding noise, Olivia turned towards the entrance to find her latest suitor. A towering affini whose bark resembled that of birch; mint green moss hung around
their torso and back leaving behind a small cape of sorts. Accented with yellow eyes and amber shaded floral arrangements, they were utterly entrancing. Olivia lost all thought
for a moment. Her eagerness to finally be comforted led to hastiness. She began rehearsing her lines mentally while witnessing this form of vines contort into a more familiar
shape. As their face amalgamated together, a low humming could be heard before the casanova began to speak.

"Well aren't you just a pretty one! May I have the pleasure of knowing your name? Mine is Aescyl Mihnralia, 3rd bloom. Its an honor."  

It is with this sentence that Olivia melted. She could already imagine her new life; one of pure comfort and luxury. Her needs would be met emotionally and she can finally move
on. In the shadow of these thoughts, another emerged. This was too good to be true for Olivia. She had seen her fair share of potential owners, and all paled in comparison to
this one. Still recovering from her morning dose, she began to cough slightly before preparing to speak. 

"Hi I'm Olivia. Olivia Malho-"
"Your last name is irrelevant, sweet floret. Once you are with me, you will have one befitting of your beauty."

Andddd there it was. All of Olivia's worst fears were confirmed. All the progress she had made with finally accepting what she wants? Shattered in seconds. With a tear, she ran
out the building. All the while contemplating the line of decisions that led her to where she was today.
"Did I lay it on a bit too thick?" Aescyl questioned the caretakers. With a bit of a scowl, or well, the affini equivalent of it, they politely asked the confused applicant to
leave. Afterwards, they hurried towards the direction in which Olivia was headed. However, finding Olivia would be no easy task this time around. There was foot traffic due to
the weather. It was perfect for affini owners to take their florets out for a picnic and apparently most had that idea. Olivia, surrounded by many new faces and tall figures,
ran to the nearest building and attempted to find a nook to cry in.

As opposed to the outside, the inside of this building was very sparse with people and affini alike. It appeared to be a library to Olivia. The familiar scent of paper tomes and
dilapidated wooden shelves lingered in the building. Olivia had finally given up. She agreed that the next person who wants her can have her for all she cares.It wasn't too 
long before Olivia, with streams of tears in her face, eventually ran into something. With a hard thud, the wooden frame of the obstacle knocked Olivia prone as well as the 
napping affini they bumped into.

"IM OKAY, IM OKAY! I was just nap- oh. Hey little one. Are you lost?" 

Even without looking, Olivia knew what she bumped into. That tone could be recognized without hesitation, but it seemed a bit more unsure than usual. She crawled backwards and
refused to face her obstacle. Visibly distressed, the somewhat short affini tried their best to calm her down.

"Its okay, I won't bite. Uhhh. Here, have this book. It has tales written by your kind in the past. I think it takes place in a place called... Greasy?"

This affini seemed much more different than their peers. Gentler in a way that didn't make sense. Harmless almost. Completely befuddled, Olivia looked up to see a figure of moderate height whose skin looked akin to a cherry tree. They were covered by a thick layer of leaves in the shape of
coat. Their eyes seemed to harbor a dull green hue to them. After contemplating the figure before them, Olivia re-heard that sentence in their head. They grabbed the collection
of stories and read a bit. As they continued to skim, the frazzled look on her face faded away. "Did you mean Greece?" whispered Olivia. 

"Oh I am so done for." Thought the affini. "I scared this terran half to death and now she seems to be completely upset with me. Ok calm down, CALM DOWN. Act. Natural."

"Oh stars! Thats how you say that? That makes much more sense. Thanks uhhh... whats your name, mate?". Olivia said her name "Oh, well thanks Olivia. My name is Marima Threush, 2nd Bloom"
said Marima Threush, 2nd Bloom.

Marima soon began to realize this is the longest they have ever spoke with a terran. As anxiety gathered within, they began to sweat a darkish orange sap. "OH GOD THEY ARE GONNA

Olivia couldn't help but chuckle at bit as she realized how much of an absolute geek this person was. The anxieties began to subside in both of them as they shared a slight
laugh. Marima couldn't help but notice that there was an implant on Olivia. Once they put their confidence back together, they spoke. 

"I notice you have an implant. Did you get seperated from your owner?" Marima squeaked out. 
"I... don't really have an owner" Olivia said in response.
"Oh. Thats pretty cool? I have never seen an independent sophont with an implant. Then again, I don't really see many sophonts in my day to day. Or affini. Or people in general."

It wasn't long before her caretakers came, scooped her up, and headed back to agency. "Sorry, she is anxious and sometimes runs away when she gets nervous. She didn't bother you or
anything did she?" asked the caretaker. Marima blinked. It took a second, but they finally registered what the caretakers said. After reassuring the caretakers that she was no trouble, Marima slinked over to the now drowsy Olivia and handed her the book.

"Really hope I get to see you again!" Marima said before blushing and heading back to the library.

"I'm never gonna get to see them again." they both thought.

So i hope you liked it. 


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