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This is my first attempt at writing anything coherent whatsoever. Based on an fanfiction that has since caused an addiction. Based in the HDG universe There is a nurse who has come across a peculiar situation on their way back home and needs advice on what to do.

NOTE: I have never written fanfic before, so please don't expect content akin to a James Cameron film. 
Also, I tried to make this as canon as possible. If it is violating that somehow, please let me know. 
Enjoy if you want.

Oh good, you're finally awake. You had a bit of severe head trauma. I know you hear it a lot, but its always good to wear a helmet when you bike. I'm gonna type up some paperwork,
you just stay put. In the meantime, I have a bit of a story if you want to hear it.

So I was walking back to my hab the other day and saw a peculiar situation. A sophont who was actually living in an adoption agency. Weird, right? They had the implant and everything!

Whats an implant? Whats an Affini? The head trauma must be a bit worse than I thought. Before we run you through more tests, let me explain.

So in 2551, there was the Terran accord. Nothing in particular happened that year... except mankind's second encounter with aliens. The first time, they were a bunch of pushovers. I mean, they won in like 2 seconds. This time though, was very different. 

See there were these things called affini. Extremely tall, made of plant parts, extremely gorgeous and eye catching, and, most importantly, looking to domesticate different species. They saw humans and just-
went yoink. Anyway, they thought terrans were super cute, honestly how do you come to that conclusion, and decided to keep them as pets. All the Terrans were completely fine with this. Which is to say they weren't at all fine with this. They fought back for a bit, but to the surprise of no one, they were no match. 

And now, Modern day. You see affini everywhere; on the road, in the park, in the cinema, everywhere. Besides that, there were a bunch of changes.

1. No more money. No more dollars, nickles, dimes, or currency. Honestly, in my humble opinion, thats a good thing. For a while, a sect of terrans tried to make a new currency using photos so that the affini wouldn't have a clue. That lasted for about 2 weeks before they got a slap on the wrist.

2. Everyone has everything they need. Healthcare? Boom, gotcha covered. Therapy? Also covered. Food? You get three guesses.

3. The terran accord is no more... or well, is SUPPOSED to be no more. There are rebels, of course. Im sure you heard about them. The punishment for rebelling isn't much; just domestication most of the time.

4. OH RIGHT I have to explain the whole domestication thing. 
    So affini are very infatuated with the whole "having terrans as live in pets" thing. terrans are allowed to choose between be domesticated or not (most of the time)
    and the non domesticated are reffered to as sophonts. However, those lucky ones who go on to become pets are called floret and almost all of them have an implant.

Caught up so far? Good.

Oh. Welp, the specialists are here to take care of you. Trust me, you are now in better hands. I'm going to take off these scrubs and head out. I don't want to be late. 

-----2 Hours later--------

Oh. You are already here. Well, I'm glad you decided to come. I'm not very good at impressing affini, so getting advice from one first hand is going to be a huge help. Did I
not explain over the phone? Ok, this time I'll go into further detail about what specifically I need advice on.

There is this sophont living at an adoption agency with an implant and all. Most sophonts usually don't have implants, right? Also, what is one doing living at an adoption agency. Don't y'all usually gobble them up in a heartbeat. Of course I don't mean literally; you don't actually eat your pets... right? Getting sidetracked, back to story. Curious about this sophont, I went inside and asked the receptionist.

The receptionist was absolutely stunning. Very tall with fair, oak skin and pink blossom bushes covering her body. Her vines looked as if they had a personality of their own.
their "face" was akin to the fine craftsmenship behind greek marble work. She's a nice lady with which I have dinner with later this week. Thats what I need help with.

Ok so anyway, I went in. They immediately got out the Floret Transition papers, thinking I was there to become a pet. It took a bit of convincing, but I eventually told them I
was just there to ask some questions. And ho boy, did I get some answers. 

So as it turns out, there is a live in section for the adoption agency. Sometimes, there are those who are on the fence about being a pet or not and try to get a sort of trial
period to test the waters. This usually doesn't last long as the soon to be florets get used to being absolutely comfy all the time rather quickly. However, this... sophont?
Floret? Fuck it, I'll just call them a trial floret. Anyway, this 'Trial Floret' was on the fence for quite some time. Four whole months! After which, they gave in and decided
to live the life of a pet under one condition; THEY would vet who their owner was going to be. 

Now, I'm a pretty picky person, but if there is one thing I know, its that beggars can't be choosers. I'm just hoping they find someone soon, because who knows when the caretakers will just give up and assign them one. 

So yeah, four months of trial period followed by a whole 2 years of in house adoption living. Apparently, she has seen a total of 14 different applicants and denied all of them. I asked why, and they honestly didn't know. I decided to try and ask the floret in training themselves, but going into a pen full of florets lead to them all whining to be pet.

Anyway, what do you think of this hat? You know, for the date. Wait, you want to hear more about this supposed 'floret in training'? You want to meet them as well? Well I personally don't know anymore info
about them, but you are always free to go ask the agency yourself. Also, did you miss the whole point of my story? I need to dress to impress.

Please forgive my formatting, I was making this on a notepad. 


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