Why You Always Wear a Helmet

by DarkBigE

Tags: #noncon #brain_drain #fantasy #scifi #tentacles

Samus slammed her fists on her workbench in frustration as she looked over her currently malfunctioning space suit. A recent bout with space pirates left her suit exposed to cosmic radiation, and while she was unscathed, her armor was not so lucky. Sensors were fried, weapons completely shot; at this point it was essentially a priceless paper weight.

The ship’s alarm rang out through its interior, letting her know that she had arrived at her destination. Luckily her current assignment was a simple search and rescue, so someone as talented as her wouldn’t need her suit. Holstering her Paralyzer, Samus exited her ship into the darkness of the loading bay.

Her time in space had helped her develop her sight in the darkness, but even the galaxy’s best bounty hunter was having difficulty navigating in this place. This was supposed to be some sort of research facility, studying astronomical anomalies and the far reaches of space. Apparently, the station had gone quiet almost immediately after putting out a distress signal. The signal had mentioned that some sort of object had impacted with the facility, but she hadn’t seen any signs of such incident.

Pressing forward, Samus had still not encountered any signs of life, her hands slowly unholstering her weapon as she continued onward. She felt a sudden cold breeze as she skulked, pointing her towards some sort of disturbance in the area. Rounding a corner, she came to a wide-open space, what looked to once be a cafeteria of sorts. The crystalline dome of a ceiling had been partially shattered, the object in question resting near the center of the room.

This giant meteor loomed over the rest of the room, casting an eerie shadow throughout. As impressive as this was, it was far from the strangest thing in the vicinity. Cautiously entering the room, Samus could see who she believed to be the missing scientists standing naked around the rock, their backs to her as they maintained sight on the extraterrestrial traveler. She carefully began stepping towards the captives, each step accompanied by the soft clacking of her heels on the metallic floor. While her honed senses were telling her the room was clear of danger, her gut was screaming at her that something strange was going on.

As she neared one of the nude captives, Samus gently grabbed her shoulder to spin her around. Now facing this woman, Samus definitely knew something was off with her. Her eyes stared through Samus, blank and glassy, as if nothing existed behind them. A faint greenish hue illuminated her irises as her mouth hung agape, a small trickle of drool escaping her lips. Checking her for signs of injury, Samus couldn’t help but blush, as the woman before her was clearly showing signs of increased arousal. Her nipples looked painfully erect, a growing puddle of liquid amassing at her feet, a clear mixture of drool and excitement. This woman hadn’t said anything in the moments of their encounter, nor did she show any signs of embarrassment at her display. In fact, this nude scientist didn’t seem to show any outward emotions at all, aside from the more obvious ones.

Lost in thought, Samus had grown careless which left her off-guard as the woman lunged at her. Her arms snaked around Samus’ lithe form, her hands firmly grasping at her toned glutes. The blush across Samus’ face intensified as their breasts were squeezed together, a mixture of embarrassment, shock, and arousal flooding her mind. This woman was clearly not in her right mind, so Samus could not bring herself to harm this innocent victim. Carefully, she began to work her arms free before…


Any thoughts of escape immediately vacated Samus’ head as her mind was delicately plucked by an eerie green tentacle originating from the meteor. Her mind now absent, Samus could only feel an intense emptiness within her, an emptiness that needed to be filled. This naked woman before her let go, as her arms feel slack to her sides, her now empty eyes glowing an otherworldly green. Samus’ arousal began to grow as her mouth hung open in a mindless stupor. She was empty, so very empty, eagerly awaiting something or someone to fill her.

The image in question can be found here: Megaguardian's work on the hub
And yes, this does involve the brain eating meteor from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.


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