by CicadaSeance

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #f/nb #Human_Domestication_Guide #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #dom:nb #f/f #scifi #training

A Feralist and a Pet-To-Be meet in a Domestication Center… A Human Domestication Guide story.

A sudden inspiration from Ashttu on the discord (Thank you!) that I just had to turn into a quick microfiction. 

CW, this is a somewhat darker HDG story, that definitely leans heavier on the noncon, so reader discretion advised. contains scenes of struggling against mind control.

The voice of the protagonist's inner monologue should be read with the voice of Authority from Disco Elysium, or at least that's how I conceptualized it ;3

Tell her she's an embarrassment to the species.

“I really like what you did with your hair! The way the red fades into the purple is so pretty!” a burst of warmth at the nice thing I said shot directly into my spine, turning my smile all too real as I flirted with the nervous girl sitting next to me. In the back of my neck, the Friendly Thing pulsed happily along with my bliss. The Friendly Thing, that's what I called it these days, all my nasty words toward it long cleaned from my brain. At least I could keep it a little eldritch, a little at arms length from my sense of self in the way I described it, at least for now.

As always, I could feel the instinctual sense the Friendly Thing gave me for where my Owner was, somewhere not far in the cute little domestication center that Xey worked in. And as was becoming usual, I had been left in the Playroom, a place potential florets came to de-stress while they waited for their new owners to pick them up.

Tell her her Owner is going to kill the person that she is, that she should run away now. It doesn't matter if it's true, just say it!

“Hee hee, umm, sorry, I'm pretty dazey. Are you getting an Owner?” I couldn't stop the enthusiasm bursting from my tone at the idea, the Friendly Thing reminding me, yes, it felt so so good to be owned. The girl looked like a deer in headlights, blinking at me, before a sense of self returned to her and she smiled awkwardly.

“Oh! Um, yes! I had this interview a bit ago, and apparently they already found me one. A Mistress, I mean. A-And thank you for what you said about my hair!” she blushed, her cheeks turning the color of her hair tips. Her hair WAS pretty, she had to admit.

Tell her they must have rushed choosing. Tell her it probably won't work out. Tell her that even if it works out, that she'll have a [Friendly Thing] stapled to her neck forever.

“Owner is, um! So great!!” my mouth burbled, my excitement tempered only by my reverential tone as I remembered my owner, the way Xe's eyes can peel open my mind, the way Xer flowers can send liquid bliss coursing through me. In spite of her nervousness, the girl beside me burst into laughter, her tension disarmed the way only a doped up floret can.

“Gosh, it's kinda...crazy that I'm gonna be....like you, soon. I mean, if my Mistress wants me to be I guess...” the girl smiled at me, and slid closer to me on the cushioned floor, a stuffed dragon held tightly to her chest. My body, as if on its own, flopped over to lay my head in her lap. She let out the cutest sound at that.

Tell her how the drugs make your skin burn, tell her about the desperate desire for touch Xer drugs leave you with for days at a time.

“Gosh, um! When you're broken! We should have a J-Date!” my mouth said, my voice dripping with girlish glee, like a schoolgirl confessing to her crush.

“When I'm-! oh!” she said, her face somehow going redder. “Ah, um, sure? Uh, what is a J-Date?”

Loss of the self. Complete degradation. Absolute failure.

“It gives you, like, the snuggle bug!” I chirped happily. My own snuggle bug pulsed gleefully behind my eyes at my obedience. The girl next to me smiled wider, nodding eagerly.

“I...I think I'd like that! Um, how do I get in contact with you, you know...after? I think I might be a little busy for a while...” the girl scratched the back of her neck nervously. I almost managed to laugh bitterly at the sight.

Tell her to leave, now! Tell her if she doesn't walk out, right now, calmly and quietly, she'll be stuck in loving vines forever. Tell her that no comfort, no pleasure, no bliss could be worth this sacrifice. You are unmade, you traded your freedom for-

My Owner walks into the room. Xer soft fluffy maple leaves coupled with xer pale yellow boughs makes xem look like an autumnal tree, and instantly I feel my attention pulled away from the pretty girl next to me to get caught in xer pulsing green eyes.

“Why, little sprout, my blossom can be reached as MapleLeaf on the ship's intranet. Once your Mistress has you set up in your hab and with a tablet, you can get in touch, I'll make sure she reminds you! Now its time to go, lovely, and you too, my pet” she gently helped the girl to her feet beside me, though her predatory eyes never once left my docile and dreamy face, gazing up at her with rapturous love. “Lets go home.”

the Friendly Thing attached to me liked the idea, and I couldn't think of any reason not to, so I climbed up into Xer warm vines as Xey led the girl out and out to an eagerly waiting plant. I was filled with nothing but a sense of rapturous joy at the simple contact, and without waiting I snuggled deeper into her soft vines.

“Now pet, say goodbye to your new 'playmate'” Owner said, the dominance in Xer tone obvious to even the seed beside her, who looked away flushed.

…Tell her you look forward to seeing her again.

“Um! Byebye! See you soon!” I sang to her happily, before nuzzling in for a well deserved nap in my Owner's vines

Thanks again to Ashttu and the HDG discord for a constant font of inspiration and good pet feels.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


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