El Culebrón

Chapter 4: In Which a New Friend is Made

by CicadaSeance

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Baths, Cal had decided, sucked. Oh sure, initially it had been kind of fun to get carried into the strange oasis room by her Care-Taker, and splash around a bit in the water. But once Lyceldra brought out a seeming unending series of soaps, salves, and shampoos, the struggles began. Not that it was much of a struggle at all, after all, Lyce needed to get the poor dear nice and truly clean for the first time in a long time, if not their life, and she would spare absolutely no amount of doting on the creature. As such, Cal spent the majority of bath time wrapped up all tight in Lyceldra's lathering vines, face pink as they soaked in the warm water under pale moonlight. Eventually, lathered smooth and hair as untangled and unmatted as it had ever been, Cal was allowed to float in the water in piece, their hair trailing behind her in the water. From the nearby 'shore' of the pond, Lyceldra sat in a dignified pose, some of her vines still trailing into the water and around the floating ward.

“....this is normal?” Cal mused aloud at the moonlamp above, eyes glimmering with moonlight reflected off the water.

“What do you mean, Petal?” Lyceldra responded softly, her gentle smile visible through the gloom.

Cal splashed the water beneath one of her floating hands as she formulated the thought. “The...food. Lots of water to drink and splash around in. Lots of shade and tunnels to nest. It's....good, I guess.” they finished, before stammering to save face, “for a stupid mushroom nest. It's still soft and weak, like city people nest.” they growled.

Lyceldra's peal of laughter echoed into the false night sky above, and got Cal's heart pounding, though they couldn't tell why. “I'm glad you like your new home, Cal.” The two spend a while more relaxing in a comfortable silence, before Cal splashed to shore, and Lyceldra quickly dried them up, whisking the whining thing into her arms once more.

“Oh hush,” Lyceldra gently chided Cal as they bit grumpily onto her mycelia, “If you're good, I'll take you out to meet a friend today~!”

Cal tilted their head curiously and twisted suddenly, scampering out of Lyceldra's arms and into the tunnel system of the hab, and quickly returned, a gently vibrating black plushie held in their arms. “A friend like Friend...?” they murmur curiously, trying to stay a few steps away from Lyceldra as a playful taunt.

Lyceldra took the bait and then some, vines lunging forward to scoop up Cal and Friend both before either could escape, the vines holding the rumbling black fuzzball to Cal's chest comfortingly. “A friend more like you, little Cal. A friend of mine's floret, to be precise. Think of her like...her Omega.” Lyceldra smiled that way she always did when she talked about pack stuff. “A cute little thing that relies on her Mistress to protect and care for her.”

Cal nodded sagely. Made sense. Still, there were a few red flags... “Is she a dumb human?” Cal asked suspiciously.

“No, my sweet, she's a cute little creature just like you.” Lyceldra's sing-song voice lulled back.

Cal's eyes stayed narrow. “Is she fun to hunt with and play with like 'Celdra?” they ask, “....Does she like to play hide and seek?”

Lyceldra smiled brightly as she pulled some clothing over Cal, “You'll have to ask her yourself, little Petal.”

Cal idly tugged at their clean clothes, a black pair of tight shorts and a gray tank top. Cal was used to clothes that were a bit bigger on them, but they had to admit they kind of liked the well-fitted clothing, and they were glad that Lyceldra had dark clothes for them. Dark clothes were so much easier to sneak in! “...hnnnph. Okayyy.” they eventually grumble. “We can go meet friend.” Cal decided, speaking imperiously. Lyceldra scooped them up and ushered the creature out into the night sky outside.

Cal's eyes boggled as they were carried through the streets, eyes unable to even really comprehend what they were looking at. All around them were plants, the not walking kind and the ones like 'Celdra. Cal hadn't known there was a place in the world that was this green. And why was a ceiling above the sky? A moon hung in the sky like normal, but above it was....a city? Curled over the city that Cal found themselves in, the world itself seemed to spiral in a way very much counter to the horizon Cal had looked at all their life.

The world twisted in on itself in a way that made Cal nauseous, and Lyceldra somehow sensing this moved a thick vine of white mycelia in front of Cal's face. “What? Where?....huh?” Cal mutters, twisting their head around trying to peek pass the vine at the thing that captured their attention and made their brain hurt so.

Lyceldra let out a gentle titter as she spun Cal around, her eyes capturing the creature's and distracting them from their eye-straining investigation. “We are in the Den of my people. One of them, anyway” she explains. “To maximize space, we build all around the habitation ring.” she explains.

Cal furrowed their brow, looking lost in Lyce's eyes as they considered. “....why don't people fall off?” they growled curiously. Lyceldra patted them on the head, and winked.

“Magic~” she said, as the two made there way down the halls of the station. Cal considered this for a moment. They were glad that they got to be on the bottom of the den, they felt like they would be afraid to be stuck to the top. They hoped Lyceldra wasn't bringing them there.

The den of Lyceldra's people was so...clean! And colorful, bright brick paths surrounded by all sorts of colorful flowers. Occasionally, Cal would see something that looked like one of those 'shops' the city people had, that they had so often raided before, but for the most part the land was verdant and spacious, dotted with the occasional den that looked sorta like Lyceldra's. The moonlight reflected off the gently trickling water of a fountain as Lycelra turned into the territory of another den, denoted by a regal wrought iron fence. The garden it circled had an air of nobility a step above the default for the habitation ring, complete with filigree around the various benches and fountains in the small secluded interior.

Lyceldra approached the front door, gently taking the snake-headed knocker in her hand and rapping it against the dark wood. “Rosalia, darling? Little Cal and I are here!” Lyceldra called, a free vine darting down to pet and scritch Cal, who writhed grumpily at the attention.

The door swung inward, to reveal a dark affini, deep green vines verging on black, wound tightly to form the body of the thin affini, taller than the average but waifish to the point of perceived frailty. She wore a black evening gown stretching down and hugging her curves flatteringly, dotted with spiraled rose blooms to match the large singular bloom growing in her 'hair', dark black vines in a natural curl around her shoulders. Cal instantly bristled, put on edge by the affini's appearance. Not only was she a stranger, but she looked like the meanest of the city people back home, the ones with the most good foods and things.

The strange affini smiled and interwove a few vines with Lyceldra's in greeting. “Oh hello, darling! I'm so glad you made it, little Sydney has been just so excited to meet your little Cal. Oh my, and is this the sophont now?” she asked, looming over Cal with a gentle coo. Cal hissed at the affini, and swiped at her with their bare hands, wishing they had managed to take Fang or Claw with them, before burrowing deeply into Lyceldra's vines, the fungal affini's eyes going wide with a soft peep at the sudden closeness. Again her cordycep twitched, sending a pulse through her vines that even Cal felt, and an uncomfortable pang in Lyceldra's chest.

“I guess Cal is feeling a little shy. Shall we head inside, or did you intend to stay in the garden?” Lyceldra asked, covering for the discomfort well.

“Please, please, come in, come in.” Rosalia ushered the two inside the dimly lit hab unit. The unit was about as far from Lyceldra's den as dens could get, Cal mused from their hidey-hole, looking out through the pale vines of their affini. If anything, it kind of looked like that museum Cal broke into once before they realized that there wasn't any good food or treasures, just a bunch of old stuff and statues. Old stuff was right about this new hab unit, but even Cal could recognize the step up in quality from the little museum on Nebon-3. The filigree of the garden continued within, all red tapestry and golden leaf. The hallways of the den were open and clean, unlike the overgrown tunnels of Lyceldra's, and Cal felt thankful that 'Celdra came with her own hiding spot. Paintings, pottery, and other strange objects were displayed in containers throughout the hall as they walked, leaving Cal to oggle at objects they couldn't even begin to parse.

It didn't take long for the two to arrive in a central sitting room, complete with couches and a roaring fireplace. In front of said fireplace, was another person, though this one was much smaller than Rosalia. Still larger than Cal by far, though, and that was primarily taken up by a massive tail where the woman's legs should be. A snake, Cal realized, though her snake half seemed to be made from living plant like an affini, though with only one large thick vine dotted with bioluminescent cells. The girl hissed softly, and curled inward, coiling to face the group. Her human half had olive skin and pale purple hair that looked almost grey, complete with yellow slitted eyes that glow in the gloom of the room. She wore nothing but a tank top, and a pasty over her human sex wheree it intersected with her snake bottom. Against the fire, she struck an imposing figure, and Cal knew them instantly to be a fellow hunter.

“Missstress!” she hissed, drawing the Ss out as her tongue flicked out to taste the air. “And Miss Mycota as well! It's wonderful to see you, ma'am,” the snake greeted with a bow. Hmmm...she didn't act much like a hunter, Cal thought. “But, wait...someone else...ssssomeone...” her tongue flicked again, and her eyes swiveled and narrowed directly onto Cal's through the vines, causing the sophont to squeak and attempt to escape, before tangling themselves up in the vines surrounding them.

Lyceldra laughed and nodded her greeting. “Greetings, miss Sydney, it's great to see you too! And you're perceptive as always, I've brought a new friend!” Lyceldra says, gently drawing out the tangled and panicking creature and unwrapping them, settling them on the plush carpet besides Sydney.

The snake smiled at Cal and caught their eyes with her own. They weren't as good as 'Celdra's eyes, of course, but still they...they...Cal lost their train of thought, blinking owlishly up at the snake. “Hello, new friend. My name is Sydney Damascena, First Floret, what is your name?” she greeted, slithering forward and circling Cal, though she kept a wide berth. Still, this led to her tail circling around Cal in a loose lasso like a hula hoop left on the ground.

“C...Cal.” Cal growled out with a nervous stammer, unable to pull their eyes away from those glowing yellow orbs.

“Cal...” her sibilant voice tried it out, bouncing the single syllable around her mouth like it were a chocolate bonbon. “What a precious name. What brings you into my parlor, Cal?” she asked innocently, as her coils drew closer to the mesmerized sophont.

“Umm...umm...'Celdra said that you were...friend...” Cal mumbles, eyes drifting down like they're moving through molasses as Cal feels scales against their ankles, before drifting back up and finding those pretty yellow lights again. Sydney positively beamed, looking over at her Mistress for permission. Receiving a nod and a smile, Sydney snapped Cal up in her coils, arms wrapping around them too in a big hug.

“I would be absolutely delighted to be your friend, Cal! Thank you for asking!” she praised, as Cal blinked their eyes clear at the sudden grapple.

“A...Ah! Let Cal go!” they growl, though isn't too intimidating all wrapped up in Sydney's coils.

“Aww but you're just so sweet and warm, little Cal! I'm cold blooded after all, I need your warmth! You wouldn't abandon a friend, would you?” she asked, her puppydog eyes making Cal's mind fog when they looked at them.

“F....Fine! But Cal gets to be the hug boss, you have to do what Cal says!” Cal demands, giving a grumpy nip on the bit of tail nearest her mouth.

“Deal~!” Sydney sang, dragging Cal in her coils to the center of the carpet between the two seated affini, and coiled up with Cal in her lap. “Hmm, so, Hug Boss, what should we talk about while I steal your warmth?” she teased, her tongue 'accidentally' flicking across Cal's neck as she tasted the air.

“Ah, mmm...uh...Cal wants to know about Sydney's tail. Tell! Tell!” she demanded!

Behind the pair, the affini conversed. [She's quite demanding, isn't she?] Rosalis mused, a fond smile on her face as the pair snuggled.

[Yes, training has been a hard battle] Lyceldra admitted wryly. [I relish every step we make together, though. I believe Cal will absolutely bloom in my care, assuming they wish it.] Her voice took a slightly nervous tone. Cal was, after all, her ward, and though their relationship was much closer than most wardships tended to be this early into the relationship, Cal was not yet technically Lyceldra's floret, merely a particularly needy ward.

[I wouldn't worry,] Rosalia laughed, [Have you seen how often she's shot glances your way since Sydney wrapped her up? She already looks to you for permission, she just doesn't know it yet. But don't be surprised if they end up a bit of a brat.] The two affini continued to converse, though neither taking their eyes off their beloved creatures as they played.

“WWWWell.” Sydney began dramatically. “A long, long time ago, some very bad humans kept me in a bad place where they did not good stuff to me, so that I could be a better hunter. They made me hunt people who didn't deserve it, until eventually they told me to hunt my Mistress.” she explained, her loving gaze falling on her Mistress, who returned in kind.

“Yes, my darling Sydney was quite the rival. But eventually, she knew that she had to be mine, didn't she?” Rosalia asked with a predatory grin displaying rows of thorns.

Cal could feel the pleasured shivers through the coils of the snake as she nodded. “Yes, Mistress. Eventually, I knew that I could never truly defeat Rosalia, and she would never hurt me. And so, I asked her to save me from the bad people who controlled me, and she did. She replaced all my old prosthetic with affini plant stuff, and I've lived with my Mistress ever since.”

Cal nodded sagely as they considered. “That makes sense. Alpha keeps you safe. But what is a pro-stet-ick?” Cal sounds out, eyebrow raised and head tilted.

“Oh!” the snake smiles, motioning down to her tail. “A prosthetic is like... a replacement body part. When Mistress captured me, she took my mechanical tail, and replaced it with a much nicer planty one.” she explains. Cal's eyes widen.

“You can...you can change body parts...?” they asked in a small voice.

Sydney smiled a little sadly at the reaction, and nodded. “Of course, sweetheart. Ask your affini to help you, and I promise, Miss Mycota will do everything in her power to protect you. Just like my Mistress protects me!”

Cal fell into a quiet at that, deep in thought, though not too deep to continue the snuggles. When their eyes darted to Lyceldra for confirmation, all she saw was a gentle smile which sent their face blushing dark red.

The group continued to play together and shared a meal before it was time for them to say farewell later that evening. Sydney made Cal promise to return soon, and Rosalia even managed to sneak a cheeky pet of Cal's head before they managed to hide back away inside Lyceldra's vines for a snuggle and a nap, as Lyceldra brought them home.

Cal made a new friend, and now has thoughts about body mods! Exciting! What could happen next?


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