Crystal Sky: Origins

by CicadaSeance

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #f/f #genderbender #humiliation #nonconsensual_gender_change #transformation #arguable_identity_death #ColecoVision #dom:female #fantasy #furry #scifi #seriously_this_dude_did_not_want_this #sub:female #urban_fantasy

Zoey’s whole world changed when a rock fell from the sky and beamed her on the head. Coupled with a mysterious VHS tape, Zoey learns how she can make her life a lot easier. Her pompous rich boy roommate Simon, on the other hand, might be in for a rude awakening.

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This is indulgent sapphic transformation porn. get into the smut dumpster with me

It all started when a rock fell from the sky and landed on Zoey's head. It had been a pretty nice day so far, she had finished her morning shift at the hospital, and was heading home for some sleep, the noon sun pounding hot against her head. It wasn't long, however, until she felt a more decisive pounding, as a small yellow rock cracked against her skull, sending the brunette crumpling to the floor. She groaned, motes dancing in her vision and her head pounding, as she peeled her chin away from the sidewalk. Around her, what few people were on the street adjacent to her dingy Queens apartment huddled worriedly.

“Are you okay? Miss?” an older man asked worriedly, reaching an arm down to help lift the girl back to her feet. Zoey blinked her fuzzy vision, trying to get it to clear despite the stars and birds circling her head. A....VHS tape? The little yellow rock that had plowed into her crown (though, on second look, seemed to be more of an opaque crystal than a regular rock) had landed on top of a VHS tape left in the alley. The VHS looked impossible pristine, considering it's locale on a dirty NY street. Without thinking, Zoey grabbed both VHS and crystal, before being hoisted back onto her legs, the shanks quivering beneath her like jelly. “Miss? I asked, are you okay?” the man repeated, trying to catch her attention, and look for concussion.

“Ah, uh, yeah!” Zoey managed to chirp through her pounding headache, her souvenirs of sudden head trauma clutched tightly in her grasp. The handful of onlookers tried their best to usher the girl toward a nearby bench to sit down, but she shook her head. “No, no, it's okay, my house is just a few down” she mentioned, motioning further down the street. The worried man supporting the girl with a shoulder didn't seem to like letting her go, but eventually relinquished, with a promise from Zoey to call an ambulance if she feels nauseous or dizzy. He seemed to notice the objects clutched so desperately in her hands, but didn't remark on them, other than to frown curiously at the rock that had knocked Zoey over.

Zoey rushed to her apartment building, and up the stairs, as fast as her headache would let her, and swung into her apartment. Her roommate Simon didn't react as she passed through the open door and past the living room, though Zoey was used to it by now. Simon was the kind of guy who kept to himself. Simon was a 20something, Zoey knew he came from a wealthy family, but not much more, Simon not willing to share anything about his past with her. Zoey barely knew him at all after 2 years of living together, but he seemed to have an entitled streak, and a bit of an anger issue. As a result, Zoey didn't really like the guy, but he paid his rent on time every month, so she lived with him. Where he got the money without working, Zoey didn't know.

Spiriting passed the lazy redhead, she shut her room door behind her before flopping onto the bed with a groan, letting the VHS and the crystal bounce against the mattress with her, before laying on her stomach to stare at the two against the soft pink bedding beneath. A crystal and a VHS tape, huh? Not a bad trade off for an already fading headache, and a bruise, she thought to herself, but how on earth was she going to watch this tape? She didn't have a VHS player, what was it, the 1980s? Though...she knew someone who might have a dinosaur like that. Simon, her roommate, she knew had a thing for out of date tech, judging from the LaserDisc player she saw him wheel out exactly once to watch Space Jam with, and the ColecoVision that occasionally let out the most obnoxious beeps from Simon's room.

Suddenly sure of what she was doing tonight, Re: The VHS tape, Zoey rolled over onto her back, clutching the pretty yellow crystal to her chest. She just had to pass time until Simon went to his room to do whatever he does in that dingy abyss, so she can dig through his side of the shared closet without reproach. Surely the man wouldn't even miss the VHS player...


I sighed as Zoey walked past me into her room, staring blankly at the TV screen without seeing, to avoid awkwardly looking her direction. I knew my relationship with Zoey was strained since I moved in, but I was in a really bad place at the time. Disowned by my family for sleeping around, I was forced to move from an estate in upstate New York to a dingy two room apartment in the city. With a roommate, it was no wonder I was so ready to jump down someone's throat!...But, well, I shouldn't make excuses. For the first time in a long time, I actually felt....kinda gross about my actions, how I treated her. But it's not like I can just TELL her that! And let her have any say in what I do in MY life? As if!

I sighed, as I felt that familiar guilt well up again, but I pushed it back down as I had done dozens of times in recent months, ever since Zoey started avoiding me full force. I sighed again as I lifted myself from my pity couch, to go play video games or something in my room, though I knew I was probably just going to stare at a wall for an hour thinking in circles, and then go to sleep.

I flopped onto my bed, door shut and locked behind me, as I stare at the ceiling. I was....pissed, at my dad, I remember that most of all. I took a local heiress out to a burger stand after curfew, in my dad's car, without a license. Sure, there were plenty of mistakes, but to just throw me away entirely? What kind of dad does that? I wouldn't let myself think of all the dozens of times before then that I had challenged his authority, I already felt pretty down on myself, no need to start telling myself I deserve it. But so there I was, minor allowance, enough to live off of, but not much else, looking for the cheapest apartment I could.

What luck, then, to find a new place so cheap! A girl on craigslist had posted about her place, about how her old roommate ducked out, and was asking for someone to pick up her half of the lease. Jackpot! A cheap place, Co-Ed, with a girl to live with me? It was a dream come true! But, once we had met, I knew the dream wasn't built to last. Zoey was just so...boring. Compared to the socialites I had been raised among, Zoey seemed to only really care about her nursing job at the hospital. I lashed out, I needled her, I did anything I could to make her feel weak without outright hurting her. I thought that by making Zoey feel small and unimportant, I could better control my new place. It worked, Zoey seemed to stay out my way, but it still cut to my core with guilt, when I let myself think about it too much.

If only there was a way to make up for the way I treated Zoey when we met, but I knew that was a pipe dream. First impressions matter, after all. Or perhaps I just wouldn't let myself actually try.


*Thunk!*, a door closed, and Zoey sat up with a soft smile on her face. Simon was finally out of the living room, time for operation “Steal my Roommates Garbage”, an operation that proved to be so simple, it didn't really warrant naming. As Zoey opened the closet, the specter of media-formats past lay stacked up in the corner, a pillar of beige and tan boxes that likely played any number of weird movies printed onto weird discs or cartridges. Zoey never pretended to be a very techy person, unlike her roommate, but even she could recognize the blocky slot of a VHS player about 2 boxes down into the stack.

Nabbing it quickly and spiriting it back to her room, she hooked up the wires to the back of her computer monitor for a screen, before curiously flicking it on. Yep! It worked, showing the familiar empty blue screen of a VHS player waiting for a tape. Zoey grinned triumphantly, before grabbing the oddly new looking tape. For some reason, she hesitated, feeling an odd pressure on her as the tape drew closer, like the weight of the entire world sat on her shoulders....Zoey shook her head clear of the sensation, before sliding the unmarked tape inside.

The screen flickered, horizontal bars running up the screen, as grainy footage poured into view, of what looked like...a doctor's office? Or maybe a vet? Though, looking closer, seasoned nurse Zoey could see that it was a doctor's office in appearance only, like a TV set, missing a lot of the equipment standard to rooms like that, even back when this footage would have been new. Still, the shoddy set isn't what captured the bulk of Zoey's attention, her jaw dropping slightly. The woman in center focus! That was the first thought to enter Zoey's head, before a flood of thoughts followed. Green skin? Blue hair? Nubby horns pressing from her forehead? A quivering stub of a tail wiggling excitedly behind her? She looked like something out of a fantasy game, some kind of goblin or kobold or something. The green woman seemed short, but developed, like someone had taken a high schooler and given them all the features of their adult self, without any of the height. Draped around her, she was wearing a lab coat that was way too long for her, dragging on the floor behind her somewhat, left unbuttoned around a black T-shirt and some slate boy shorts. Zoey caught herself, forcing her train of thought off the tracks. Ridiculous to assume this girl was some kind of...alien or whatever, it was clearly a makeup impressive one, but just makeup. Still, it was odd that the production team would have so much budget for makeup, and so little for set. She doesn't have much time to mull this new theory over, however, before the bland orchestral opening of the 'show' faded to silence, and the green woman opened her mouth.

“Hi! And welcome to Dr. Kimmi's Noumenon Niche!....god, we should have worked on a better name.” she said, speaking past the camera to whoever was filming this. Her eyes darted back to the camera, however, as she continued, “If you're seeing this, congratulations! You've found a Noumenon crystal that I dropped onto your sliver of existence!” she chirped, her voice high and squeaky to match her short height. Zoey rolled her eyes. Sliver of existence? Her gut told her this was just some campy kids show staring some alien monster named....Dr. Kimmi, was it?

“If you live on a magic rich plane of existence, please press 1 now. If you do not, please, press 2. If you are unsure, please, pause the video and think about it until you are sure, and then press the corresponding number.” Dr. Kimmi explained to Zoey, smiling brightly. Zoey....blinked at the screen in confusion. Mana rich? Press 1 or 2? The VHS was bringing her headache back. What was she supposed to press, and how would that effect the show? It was a VHS tape, not some DVD special features menu. Besides, there weren't any numbers on the screen to click, even if she could. She stared blankly at the screen, those questions and more dancing around her head before Dr. Kimmi cleared her throat. “I'm, uh....I'm waiting?” she mentions softly to the screen. Zoey boggled further, completely at a loss. Did they film dead air, to give kids time to respond, like in Dora the explorer? But respond HOW? The VHS was maddening, and it had only been 5 minutes.

“.....” came a soft mumbling from behind the camera. Whoever was filming Dr. Kimmi was telling her something.

“What?” Dr. Kimmi frowned. “No, no, I'm doing it like that thing you told me, about phones? They have those menus, where the golems tell you to hit certain buttons?”

“....?” the voice continued.

“I don't know!” Dr. Kimmi pouted. “They just need to hit a number! They got numbers near them somewhere, probably, right? You told me EVERYONE has a phone, phones have numbers on them....” she accuses the cameraman with narrowed eyes.

Zoey felt like she was watching a fever dream. Just...hit a button? She could do that, though she felt quite silly as she pulled out her phone. Maybe it wasn't so bad to play along, right? She was bored, and it wasn't like anyone could see her. Mana rich plane? Like...magic, in RPGs? She giggled softly to herself, and decisively hit “2”, finger mushing against the touch-pad of her phone with a buzz of tactile feedback. Nope, no magic here, Zoey confirmed!

“Ah, excellent!” Dr. Kimmi exclaimed with a smile. “See, Becky, she had a phone!” the good doctor said smugly past her camera. Zoey blinked. Had she just...timed her button press perfectly to the end of the response period, or were the people on the screen...reacting to her? No, that was simply ridiculous.

“Okay, uh, option 2, okay....” Dr. Kimmi seemed to pull a stack of papers out of her coat lining, holding it in front of herself, and beginning to read. “Greetings, pitiful human! Congratulations! Your world, which was probably really boring and lame, is going to totally kick ass soon!” the alien chirped. “And it all starts with you!” she looked up from the paper, and awkwardly pointed at the camera like the world's least talented idol girl. Was she reading from the script? This tape was made comically poorly on a technical level, which only made Zoey more nervous. If the production was so bad, why were the visual effects so....real?

“The crystal in your hands is a Noumenon crystal, as I mentioned, and it's one of millions that are currently forming in your atmosphere, thanks to the crystal lattice I spread there. As the crystals clump together, they eventually gain too much mass, outweigh their natural buoyancy, fall out of orbit, and crash into your dirtball of a planet! How exciting!” Dr. Kimmi explains. “If you don't know what an atmosphere, buoyancy, or mass is, please deliver this crystal to the nearest town sage or wise elder, and try not to eat the tape, it is NOT food, and I don't even know how you're watching it.” Dr. Kimmi continues.

“...Okay, with all the dummies out of the room, now we can get to business. The Noumenon Crystal, henceforth called an N-Crys, is the tool we will need to make your life much more interesting.” Dr. Kimmi explained. “It's not the clearest concept to explain in English, but I'll do my best.” she apologized, “Typically when used, it helps those effected become their truest self, rather than the self as told by people's perceptions around them.” the alien does her best to explain. “Mine doesn't do that. Sorry, but this isn't some 'become your inner self' bullshit, so if you're here looking for that, move along. Rather, my personal brand of N-Crys, the kind currently rapidly forming in your atmosphere, ready to drop all over the world, shuffles through all realities, and finds the You that I would personally like the most. It sorts alternate selves by rebellious intent, negative emotions such as anger or sadness, and even things like number of enemies, and finds the most compliant, submissive, and ADORABLE version of that person who you, and me, are certain to like a whole lot better than their prior selves, satisfaction guaranteed. Once that job is done, it causes that person to become that version of themselves in your own dimension, and, what's more, the enchantment on the crystal is retroactive. They not only become this idealized self, they always WERE this self, as far as everyone but you and they are aware.”

Zoey blinked at the crystal in her hands, before gently setting it onto the bed. She, of course, didn't take this weird 'doctor' at her word, but wouldn't hurt to let the crystal be for now...just in case. Dr. Kimmi grinned wider. “Look, I'm gonna level with you, I'm not gonna pretend that this isn't purely selfish. I think your boring rock of a planet sucks, so I wanna change it. You don't have to play along, but...someone will. The rocks will keep falling, tapes will keep appearing, and not everyone is gonna have the chutzpah to resist this kind of power.” She says, as if speaking directly to Zoey. “The world WILL change. Don't you want to be on the wave when it happens, not under it? Don't you know someone that would be so much happier, and make YOU so much happier, if they were...a different Them?” Dr. Kimmi lets that hang for a moment, before continuing. “To use the crystal, hold it in your hand, and smash it against your target like you're pressing it into them. It should be harmless, but, just in case, avoid the eyes, alright? When you're done, please flip to side B. I'll be waiting, Zoey.” Dr. Kimmi signed off, the screen flickering, and turning that no input blue once again.

Zoey's confusion turned to outright panic. Okay, what the fuck? This Dr. Kimmi person knew her name, how in the hell...? She stared at the blue screen for a moment, mind running at a mile a minute, before hitting the eject key, staring at the VHS sticking out of the box like a tongue out of a mouth. Was this real? Was this really real? The world felt like it was crumbling beneath the girl, nothing in her life preparing her from the shattered world view. Monsters and aliens and crystals and magic? So much of the stuff she had written off suddenly felt very real, very present, and very, very scary. She could feel a panic attack welling in her chest, and quickly focused on her breathing. What had Dr. Kimmi said? Be ON the wave, not under it? Zoey's eyes stare at the crystal, as more of Kimmi's words spring readily to her mind. Compliant. Submissive. 'Don't you know someone that would be so much happier...' Zoey suddenly stood, unsure where the motivation flooding her was coming from. The world was crumbling beneath her, but she would stay on top of the wave, she refused to be crushed beneath the weight of history. She picked up the N-Crys again, feeling its weight in her hands. If this 'Dr. Kimmi' was telling the truth...she knew exactly who to use this crystal on, and she knew she had nothing more to lose.


Having laid under my sheets for an hour now, I felt no better. Going from staring at the wall to staring at the ceiling wasn't any sort of upgrade, all it did was make me feel lazy, for going to bed before the sun had even set over that hot NY summer's day. I was just rolling back out of bed to go grab a book or something, when I heard a knock on my door. That was decidedly odd, because either Zoey had decided to give me the time of day, or we had robbers in the house. Either way, I felt enough self-loathing to unlock the bolt on my door, and swung it open.

“Hey, Simon” Zoey said brightly, setting off alarm bells in my mind. She was...happy to talk to me, which, while nice, wasn't something Zoey had ever been before.

“Hey, Zoey...?” I responded, eyebrow raised curiously. The whole situation was suspicious, and it only got me more nervous when I realized Zoey was holding something behind her back. Did she have a...gun or something? Had she finally decided to get rid of her roommate the old fashioned way?

“I just wanted to say...I don't really like you.” Zoey continued, as a creepy grin grew onto her face like the earth splitting up to swallow me. I just stood there, at a loss for words as she continued, my brow furrowing but my tongue far too tied to manage a retort. “You're a pompous, self-important, sexist piece of shit, and you deserve this.” she said, though there was no anger on her voice. It almost sounded like she was trying to convince herself.

“Wait a minute, look, Zoey...” I started, taking a step back from her, into the wall of my bedroom. I was cornered, and unsure if I could physically overpower Zoey, what with her active lifestyle, and my....not active one. “Look, I get it, we don't get along, and I'm sorry, alright? We're just...I think we're just from different worlds. I come from money, and you're just normal, and...” I tried to explain my thoughts, about how we're just incompatible, but my tongue wouldn't move right. A shadow of anger finally passed over her face, cutting through the nervous expression I noted as she entered.

“That's what you think, huh? You're better than me, cuz your blood is blue? GOD, this is exactly how it went when I met you. You haven't changed at all. Goodbye, Simon.” Zoey took one powerful step forward, like the windup to a pitch, her arm blurring towards my chest. My arms moved up to stop her, but too late, I felt something shatter against my clothes. Had Zoey broken a bottle against me? Why didn't it hurt? I raised my fists to fight back, but a sudden wave of wooziness washed over me, my legs threatening to give out beneath me, my arms suddenly too heavy to hold up in fisticuffs.

“What the fuck...did you do to me?” I panted, as my sudden fatigue forced me to sit on my bed, even as my attacker loomed over me. “Am I....Am I going to die...?” I asked Zoey, eyes wide. Inside me, I could feel a squirming sensation, like something was crawling around in my veins, and my vision swam. I could see....things that didn't make sense. Cities in the wrong color, waterfalls flowing upward, a thick forest canopy swarming with people sized monkey things...These visioned passed over my eyes like a VR headset, blocking the view of the real world, looking realistic, but detached, as if they were happening somewhere far away. My head swam more and more, it became hard to stay awake, my mind just wanted to rest as it was bombarded by images, different worlds, different lives.

“You're going to live, Simon.” Zoey promised, looking down at me with a mixture of worry and disgust as I lost control of myself, laying weakly against my sheets, body twitching. That was the last thing I heard before I lost consciousness.


“Hello, and welcome to side B! If you're seeing this, you either just shattered an N-Crys against your foe, or your corrupted heart caused the N-Crys to shatter in your hands, causing you to curse yourself instead. In either case, congratulations! With your contribution, this shitty, shitty rock you call a planet might suck just a little less come tomorrow morning. Right now, your victim should be deep asleep! It's important that you do NOT watch their sleeping body, as temporary fluctuations in reality can cause temporary or permanent blindness to onlookers. Just shut the door and wait until sunrise.”

“As the curse goes to work on the victim, it first targets their mind, finding parts of their past with the most negativity associated with them, and draining the moment of its negative emotions. That's what's happening now. Any fight they've had, any profoundly negative choice they've made, is reversed while still maintaining the lifecourse they're on to avoid any paradoxes. Using simplest terms, you could say we're editing a person's past without changing where they are in the present. In the morning, they will be a better, nicer person, whether they like it or not. This doesn't just change the memory, it changes the world itself to have always been the way they remember it. The only people who will know anything has changed is you and them.”

“Remember, don't be scared come morning! Your victim will certainly look different, and very likely hold a grudge, but don't worry! The N-Crys will have long drained them of any aggression they might have had! They might threaten and bluster, but you're golden, baby!” Dr. Kimmi makes fingerguns at the camera. A muffled giggle can be heard from off frame, before the video cuts to black. The tape ran in the box for a moment more, before it too sputtered to a stop, the screen left on a glowing blue void.


Simon looked down at the printout in her hand. “Wanted! Roomate for Apartment, Queens NY, NY” the craigslist page clutched in Simon's hand told her. She exhaled, and nodded. It was time. This was the first time she had ever been to the city by herself, first time ever going into someone else's house without an escort. In fact, it was Simon's first time a doing a lot of things. The habitually shy, sheltered girl stood there frozen for a moment, unable to work up the courage to take one step forward. Finally, a car honk from somewhere behind her spooked her into action, the girl all but running up to the door, suitcases in tow, and up to her new apartment.

She remembered conversations with her Daddy, how hard she fought to be here, and smiled as she approached the door to her new place. She knew Daddy was just trying to protect her, but despite her 'condition', she couldn't stay locked up inside her whole life! She had to learn, and grow! And so, moving out of her birth home at the age of 18 to live with a normal human in a normal apartment seemed the logical first step to breaking out of her sheltered existence. She had spoken to Zoey over email before the big move, and made her aware of her...'special requirements' as a beastkin, so hopefully there wouldn't be many sticking points. Simon hadn't met many humans before other than Daddy and some staff members at the estate, so she was pretty nervous. Still, before her hand could even knock on the door, it swung open, the tiny Simon having to crane her neck up at the looming Zoey.

“Oh, hey! Simon, right?” Zoey said brightly. Simon said nothing, just fidgeting in the doorway, nervousness keeping her mouth shut tight in front of this intimidating human. Zoey laughed and nodded understandingly. “I get it, cat got your tongue, right?” she jokes, gently pressing a hand into Simon's shoulder and ushering her inside. Simon did her best to stifle a pout at the 'cat' jokes. “Look, seriously, welcome home. I talked to your dad....extensively, I know this is a big move for you. I'm here to support you however I can...”

“....thank you” Simon managed to squeak in her squeaky voice, tail curled up in front of her, hands worrying at it like a security blanket. She had done it! Her first step into human society! And her roommate seemed so nice! With someone like that by her side, maybe living away from home wouldn't be so hard. Maybe Zoey would even help her find her a nice Master or Mistress to keep her safe, and happy, and-


I sat up like my bed was electrified, breathing heavily as I blinked the bleariness out of my eyes. I felt exhausted, completely worn out, and my muscles felt sore and weak. The sun streaming through my pastel curtains diffused through the room, making the bright, feminine décor look golden with morning rays. Dreams, or possibly memories still danced through my sleepy head, as I let out a high-pitched yawn. But that wasn't how it went, was it? I remember being quiet when I moved in, but it was because I thought Zoey was beneath me. I remember being nervous, but that was because I was broke, and kicked out of the house by my....Daddy? And...'human' society, 'human' roommate? I'm human, right? That, I'm certain of, I'm a perfectly normal human girl!...but that doesn't sound right either. What is happening to me? I felt weird, lost, like I had placed something in my mind, and then couldn't find it again, parts missing out of my head. As I idly looked down at myself laying in my oversized bed, I felt shocked!

Though, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why? I looked normal, I was pretty sure. Slim, waifish body, no real curves to speak of, pale, soft skin like I've never seen the sun, white hair...That was all right, I was pretty sure. Presumably, my eyes were still red, though I didn't have a mirror in my bedroom. My long, hairless pink tail and my folded round ears seemed still attached, at least. But still, I felt something was wrong, and...oh my god, I'm supposed to be a boy, right? Why couldn't I remember what I looked like? I burst to my feet out of my bed, and made to charge out of the door, before a bright pink blush burns my cheeks, a weirdly familiar sensation. I can't go out there in my underwear, I needed to get dressed, an alien compulsion that nevertheless I couldn't resist, grabbing the first thing on the rack of my closet: a feminine sundress, white like my hair and extra frilly. Once I was all set, I...gently opened the door, peeking behind it for anything scary before I daintily crept into the living room, doing my best to not wake up Zoey. Okay, that felt wrong too, I had wanted to slam it open, right? Make a fuss? Wake up Zoey and see what she knew about my change? But I couldn't do it, it just seemed so...rude. I couldn't be mean to my girlfriend like that!

...Another sensation of wrongness at the sentiment. Didn't I hate Zoey for making me...something else? She's the reason I am what I am now, she stole whatever I used to be from me, whatever that was. Yet, I couldn't help but feel a fluttery feeling in my tummy as I thought about my wonderful girlfriend. My train of thought was quickly interrupted, however, as I hear her door swing open. “Ah!” I gasp, and quickly scamper to the kitchen. I have to make breakfast quick, Zoey is up early! Zoey was always trying to tell me I didn't have to cook or clean for her, but she works so hard, so I knew she appreciated the break. After all, I didn't work, so it wasn't like I didn't have the time to dote on my beloved girlfriend. I still hoped one day she might agree to become my Mistress like I've dreamt of all my life.

“Tsu? Are you up?...” a pause, and then “Wait, Tsu? Ohoho, that's new....” I heard Zoey chuckle from down the hall. Tsu? That's not my name. I'm Tsu! Tsu Livingston. It felt wrong on my tongue, but I had nothing else. No matter how I probed at my mind, the comfortable place where my name rested in my head sent back Tsu whenever I tried.

“Ah, um, I'm making breakfast, Zoey!” I squeaked back, feeling a swollen feeling in my chest as I waited, though I didn't know for what. Zoey, too, didn't seem to know how to respond, acting only on muscle memory with a cocky grin on her face when she turned the corner into the kitchen. She knew what I was thinking, I knew most certainly. Whatever had happened to me, Zoey was either aware...or had caused it.

“Good girl! I told you you don't have to do that every day...” A swell of sappy, fond emotions flooded me at that. Good Girl. The sentiment had me swimming in endorphins, feeling literally high as I giggled and squirmed, clutching at my girlish body in feminine glee. Zoey said I was Good! It was the greatest compliment I had ever heard, and I remembered hearing it multiple times a day for the last 2 years, a constant Pavlovian reinforcement of my meek, servile behavior. I was fucked.


Zoey sat in a daze at the kitchen table as Tsu brought her an omelet. She hadn't had a hot breakfast in months, and yet she remembered yesterday's scones, and the day before's pancakes. It had worked, the N-Crys had actually changed....Tsu. Zoey felt quite incapable of thinking of her by any other name, despite remembering the man she was. Zoey's confident grin only grew wider at the thought, tucking into her breakfast quickly. She still had to make it to her shift after all!

“Goodbye, Tsu!” she said to the young mouse girl with a smile bright on her face. Tsu tried to spin bashfully after making eye contact with Zoey, but Zoey caught her tail, using it to spin her back and into arm's length, the taller girl grasping her new favorite toy and pulling her into a kiss. Any thought of resistance drained from Tsu's head as she felt those hot lips, the flustered little mouse having to sit down to keep from fainting once the kiss was broken. “I'll see you tonight, okay, sweetheart? We can have some fun...” she offered the flustered girl, memories of Tsu's shyness around her girlfriend's promiscuity bright in her mind. She couldn't wait to see the girl panic and squirm tonight before bed, as Zoey remembered Tsu always did before sharing a bed with Zoey. Still, she remembered Tsu is quite the little nympho deep down, a thought that made Zoey cackle with laughter as she headed out the door.

Tsu was left alone in their shared apartment, still dazed and struggling with her own identity. The mouse clutched her tail to her chest for comfort as she had done a million times before, starting to pace up and down the small hallway leading to the front door.


I thought I must be going crazy, pacing up and down the hallway of my apartment, tail dragging along the ground behind me. Whenever I thought of myself, who I am was ready to spring to my mind. I am Tsu Livingston, adopted daughter of Blake Livingston, my Daddy, who took me in after I was abandoned as a child. I'm a mousegirl beastkin, and so like all beastkin, it means I kinda have a...thing, for humans. They're so sexy and confident, it's really hard to tell them 'no', which meant Daddy had to try extra hard to keep me safe when he was raising me. Beastkin like me are hot commodities in kidnapping rings. Luckily, though, when I got old enough, Daddy finally let me move in with a (extremely well-vetted) human named Zoey! While I was shy at first, Zoey was just so nice to me, I fell in love, and now we're dating.

All of that stuff felt fundamentally true, and yet I couldn't help but feel...wrong, about all of it. It was like someone had erased the text document containing the Story of my Life, and replaced it with something else. I could read it, and tell you it's wrong, but I couldn't tell you what was there before. Idly, I began to tidy up around the house, sweeping, dusting, sorting and straightening. It felt comforting, like mantra, doing the same familiar action again and again. But of course it did! Mice like me are instinctively tidy; A messy room is just another source of stress for me, and I couldn't stand it. Eventually, though, once the dishes were done, and the house was clean, and dinner was put in the oven to bake, I finally got the chance to sit down, only about an hour before the time Zoey usually got home, a time I had memorized, but didn't remember memorizing.

I was distracted from my relaxation, however, by a new problem. A peach colored blush sprung to my cheeks, as my hands moved up to self-consciously cup my barely-there breasts, as my pronounced incisors bit into my lower lip needily. I was....horny. The word was hard to even think out loud, a burning shyness making sure that I could be pent up as possible, but still too embarrassed to act on it. It was torture, but it was a familiar torture, one I remembered dealing with since puberty. As usual, I did my best to quell the squirmy, melting sensation inside me over my clothes, some gentle pinching of my sensitive pink nipples, some light grinding against the side of a table, not that I actively thought of them as sexual acts for fear of being too embarrassed to keep going and find relief, but nothing seemed to work. As my face turned redder, I finally put my hands under my sundress, and creeped them up into my panties. Inches from the goal, however, I panicked and pulled them away. As I sat and squirmed on the chair, I whined through my teeth. When would Zoey be home to help me? She always makes me feel good, and she doesn't judge me too much that I'm just a...a horny beastkin.


An hour passed, and Tsu kept squirming on the couch, hands playing with her A-cups through her dress desperately, as the mouse ground her thighs together weakly. A click from the front door had Tsu's ears perk up, and then the sound of a twisting doorknob had her scrambling to the entryway, wanting to be there to greet Zoey, heart swelling with excitement, though her thighs still idly ground together as she stood there, fixing her hair and primping as best she could. She lifted her tail, curling it behind her in a little spiral as if to put herself on display, as the door finally swung open.

“Tsu! I'm Ho- Oh! Hey Tsu! Greeting me at the door again, huh? You're gonna make me blush! Good girl!” Zoey said, her smile only widening as she sees the mouse's reaction to those two special words. The little mouse's eyes were wide as dinner plates, a dopey smile on her face as she visibly squirmed and writhed in front of Zoey, her already unbearable arousal mixing with the praise to make the girl feel dazed, tingly, and extra horny. “....C'mon, sweetheart...” Zoey said softly, as she reached a gentle hand down to gently lift the smaller mouse.

“Ah...?” Tsu managed to gasp, brow furrowed in dazed confusion as she glances up at Zoey, the strong human carrying her. “Ah! R-Right, Zoey is back! Um, I made dinner, and I cleaned up,” she trailed off as Zoey said nothing to her, just a bright smile on her face as she laid the mouse down onto the couch, the human straddling Tsu and grinning down at her.

“Sounds like you've been good all day, and you need a reward...” Zoey said with a giggle. Tsu's face turned pink at that, her hands shooting to her crotch, holding the dress down as if she was afraid the wind might blow it up and reveal her little drippy secret.

“N-No, no! You must be tired, Zoey! You worked all day...let me get you some dinner, and you can tell me what happened at work...” Tsu offered, though Zoey's eyes were magnetic, holding Tsu's dinnerplate eyes no matter how she tried to look away.

“My pretty little mouse is all pent up, and she needs Zoey's help.” Zoey retorted, as her hands slid down the Mouse's body. Tsu let out a soft squeak of pleasure at the compliment, before her shoulders relaxed, all the tension leaving the mouse's body under Zoey's hands. Those teasing hands ran along the gentle curve of the mouse's modest chest, making sure to gently cup their swell with her soft digits. “Ah~” Zoey purred. “I think you might still be growing, little mouse...” she teased softly, a bright blush appearing on Tsu's face. She wasn't allowed a response, however, before the hands slip down the mouse's tummy and beneath her skirts, whatever pouty retort about Tsu's chest lost on her lips as she let out another resounding squeak.

Tsu's thighs snapped shut tightly as Zoey's hands approached her vagina, the mouse's hot blush radiating hot enough to warm Zoey's face as she leaned in to whisper. “Open up, little mouse, I want to make you feel good...” Zoey said tenderly, fingertips gently sweeping along Tsu's thighs, oh so softly urging them open. Tsu complied readily, the mouse still held so hypnotically in Zoey's gaze. Her thighs threatened to clench again as she felt the tips of Zoey's soft, warm fingers against her dewey, hairless sex, but the sensations cause the little mouse to lose all control of her muscles, unable to even try to clam up again as Zoey keeps softly, subtly stroking the mouse's sex.

Tsu cried out in bliss as the heat building up inside her finally found an outlet at the hands of her powerful, sexy, human girlfriend. The little mouse didn't care anymore about how odd and unfitting her memories felt inside her, she knew that nothing that felt this good could ever be fake. Her sex fluttered and pulsed as she felt those fingers finally enter her, the beastkin squeaking and panting with desire. “Yesh! Ah! S-Sho good...” she slurred as her hips twitched against nothing, Zoey's expert hands making sure to stay gentle with her beloved little rodent. She remembered the day before, how much she had hated who Tsu was, and how willing she was to replace him with a better model, but now, with 2 years of wonderful memories with a sweet, lovable girlfriend slash roomate, she couldn't imagine EVER hating Tsu.

Tsu gasped softly as she came, the mouse having a quiet orgasm, her body quaking and shuddering as she did her best to stay quiet, polite, and tidy as a mousegirl should. As she panted to try and catch her breath after holding it for so long during her afterglow to keep from moaning, she gazed up at Zoey lovingly, all thoughts of who she used to be gone from her head. “Umm...Zoey...?” she said, as the endorphins and lovey-dovey feelings filling the girl gave her a spike of courage that she'd never felt before, or likely would again, perhaps the final act of the person Tsu used to be. “Would you Mistress?” the mouse asked in a tiny voice, staring up at the brunette straddling her.

“Anything for my little mouse.” Zoey said back without a second thought, pulling the mouse in for one more kiss.


High above the world, a glittering band of sparkling yellow dust spiraled around the blue marble below. Small yellow rock crystals could be seen floating among the belt of dust suddenly circling this little planet called earth, a ring around a normally ringless planet. Occasionally, a rock seemed to grow too big, getting too heavy, and falling like rain from a cloud, alighting in the atmosphere below, but not burning away. The stones seemed to start slow, just a couple, then more, and more, eventually becoming a torrent of missiles falling to the planet as the dust of the band seemed to magnetize and drop, clumping together to grow bigger, and bigger, before dropping from the band. Hundreds, thousands, millions of rocks fell the world over, before the band grew silent again, much thinner after dropping it's payload on the unsuspecting planet below. From above, the world seemed so peaceful, unaware of the chaotic influence that had only just gotten started messing with their boring, shitty, shitty rock of a planet.


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