How to Domesticate an Unruly Fish

Chapter 2 - The Priest

by Bananeurysm

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #addiction #bondage #brainwashing #dom:imperialism #dom:internalized_imperialism #fantasy #Human_Domestication_Guide #hypno #medical_play #petplay #scifi

here is chapter 2! as always comments and criticism is always welcome, thank you for reading ! :)

edit: rewrite of chapter 2, there is going to be more intrigue abound as i characterize lorelai further

The final touch of Lorelai's ensemble is a crown made of solid deep platinum, with a rough orange gem resting in it that pulses with a soft orange light that makes the greenish-black metal gleam a sickening hue. Inside the gem rested the soul of a wizard who escaped this reality and into the dream realm. The deep platinum crown was the ultimate symbol of power in Opportunity

Lorelai left her mansion without fanfare, diving into a pool which led to a tunnel that exited the airtight building. The city of Opportunity was unique in that it allowed for sea dwellers and surfacers alike to coexist, much like they did already in the port cities of Quent and Port Peril, however the roles were reversed here. Instead of surface dwellers being the largest demographic, it was sea dwellers on account of most of the city being underwater.

The underwater streets around her mansion were bustling with morning activity. Everyone had a place to be, and every place had someone to be in it. Merfolk drove hippocampuses carrying bags of wares towards the market district, while sahuagin soldiers patrolled the streets for crime. Sahuagin were fishlike humanoids that towered over most, with the shortest adults being seven feet tall. Their brutal sharklike appearance matched their personalities usually, with most being quite ruthless. Excellent soldiers, Lorelai thought to herself.

As she admired the patrols of soldiers, she was narrowly missed by a courier doing his daily mail run. The courier was a grindylow, a creature that was sharklike goblin from the waist up and octopus from the waist down. Seeing who he almost ran into, he quickly bowed, speaking quickly, "Augh! Marquise Lorelai, so so sorry, Eel didn't see you! Please forgive Eel, he doesn't have time to do errands. So so many stops to make, so little breaks…"

Lorelai rubbed her chin thoughtfully. Had this grindylow earned her wrath? No, she thought, at least not enough to punish him. She didn't have time to, she was on a tight schedule. If she wanted to collect her scroll from the High priest, she would need no distractions, not even ones as simple and fun as punishing this lowlife. "Yer forgiven this time, because I don't have time to punish ya." 

Lorelai's mercy made the grindylow's red eyes light up, and he quickly swam away before she changed her mind. Lorelai rolled her own eyes and continued on her way to the Temple of Besmara, the Goddess of Piracy.

The temple was made out of the wreck of a Chelish warship, marked by graffiti insulting the devil-worshiping nation that invaded just over 5 years ago. It was a small building, as Besmaran priests were more superstitious than religious. It stood out against the grand architecture that made up the rest of the city. A jolly roger was hung up above the entrance, gently flapping in the ocean currents. The sound of laughter, singing, and drunken brawling could be heard inside. 

Lorelai entered the building, and her arrival was met with silence. She looked around coolly, before clearing her throat and speaking up. "Well don't stop the partyin' on my account, it sounded like y'all were havin' a good time!" A cacophony of cheering erupted from the crowd of mostly aquatic patrons, and the revelry resumed. Lorelai navigated the crowd with practiced expertise, looking for the familiar black silk robe of her High Priest.

She located him at a table, regaling a group of mostly surface-dwelling pirates with a tall tale involving a sea serpent, a holy prostitute of Calistria, and a raft made of sea turtles. He was a boisterous and large triton, a fishlike humanoid with dark blue scales similar to Lorelai's, but instead of a tailfin he had two finned legs. His face was marked with a beard made of barnacles and he had a mouth of sharp, ugly, yellow teeth. He drank from a sealed container with a straw full of what definitely was some sort of potent alcohol, and continued his story.

"So then after he killed the sea serpent, you'll never guess what happened. Go on, guess!" he goaded the table full of surface dwellers, most of which were using magic items or spells to survive underneath the waves.

Before any of them had time to answer, Lorelai spoke up. "And then he rode his sea turtle raft to Port Peril where he bedded every single whore in the city without any of 'em askin' him to pay. Kilgis I need ya in private, sorry to ruin y'all's story." She actually was sorry, though her apology was very insincere sounding.

The triton, Kilgis, turned away from the party, the golden jewelry he was draped with jangling as he did. "Ah, Marquise Lorelai! You honor me by finishing my tale! You should tell one next, maybe about your exploits as first mate of The Revenge." 

"No time, this is serious. I need to see you now." Extra emphasis on the now. She pulled out her watch and tapped it impatiently, and then swam to the back of the temple where prying ears would have a harder time hearing what she had to say. Kilgis followed with an annoyed huff, apologizing to the table as he left.

"Just what in Besmara's name do you think you're doing? I'm trying to work here," he said in a hushed voice, barely audible over the sounds of the temple.

"Can it Kilgis, this is more important than yer work." She looked around suspiciously, feeling like she was being watched, before gesturing for her priest to come closer. She whispered in his ear, "There's a new spymaster, were you aware a this?" 

He looked at her with a shocked expression, barnacle covered mouth agape. "No, I-" he stammered. "This better not be a lie, I know how you are, Lorelai."

She shook her head. Contrary to his belief, this was not a scheme to turn his advisors against each other. "What's worse is she's blackmailin' me. Cracked one'a my cyphers."

"And just what happened to Raksyk? I saw him just the other night, we went out for drinks together!" He was shouting, which Lorelai disapproved of. She gestured for him to tone down his voice.

"Keep quiet, you think I want people hearin' this? I don't know what happened to Raksyk, I'm findin' out tonight. That's why I came here," she whispered. "I need a scroll to make sure she tells the truth tonight."

"Is that all? Here." He digs into his bag of holding, pulling out a rolled up piece of paper, a scroll of zone of truth. Perfect. Lorelai grabs it and stuffs it into her own bag of holding for future use.

"Thanks. I'll letcha get back to yer 'sermons'," She snickered as she mentioned his stories, and began swimming out of the temple. 


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